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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Watching the UK & Germany

Jeremy Corbyn on the hot seat by mainstream media outlet in England.  Tony Blair's crew inside the Labour Party are at war with Corbyn over control.  Just like here in the US we see Hillary's crew kicking the shit out of the Sanders folks.

The corporate oligarchy has virtually every institution in the US infiltrated - money and influence.  We can't reform our way out of the corrupt evil system that worships what the Native Americans called the Green Frog Skin - the $$$$.  The money system interrupts our spiritual connection with our Mother Earth and one another.  We have to move quickly toward a whole new way of living.  Each of us should begin with a cleaning out of our colonized minds.

I try to watch UK politics closely - there is a waving pattern between Washington and London.  Things have a tendency to happen here or there first with the other then following - the political agenda thus becomes clearer.

I lived in Leicester, England for three years as a boy.  I was heavily influenced by British culture.  Pieces of my heart remain there. The same with Germany - I lived there twice growing up in an Air Force family.

By following German politics closely I've learned that the Nazis didn't really lose the war.  The U.S. just made them junior partners, similar to what happened with Japan after the end of WW II.  David Talbott, in his book The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government, writes:

"During the war [Maj. Gen.] Reinhard Gehlen had served as Hitler's intelligence chief on the eastern front. His Foreign Armies East (Fremde Heere Ost) apparatus relentlessly probed for weaknesses in the Soviet defenses as the Nazi juggernaut made its eastward thrust.  Gehlen's FHO also pinpointed the location of Jews, Communists, and other enemies of the Reich in the 'bloodlands' overrun by Hitler's forces, so they could be rounded up and executed by the Einsatzgruppen death squads.  Most of the intelligence gathered by Gehlen's men was extracted from the enormous population of Soviet prisoners of war - which eventually totaled four million - that fell under Nazi control.  Gehlen's exalted reputation as an intelligence wizard, which won him the Fuhrer's admiration and his major general's rank, derived from his organization's widespread use of torture."

To make it quick and simple, Maj. Gen. Gehlen made a deal with Allen Dulles (then running the precursor of the CIA called the OSS) that if he and his team were spared trial at Nuremberg he'd turn over his 'rat line' of fascist operatives throughout Europe and would work for the US.  Gehlen was brought to the US and put through loyalty tests and eventually sent back to the newly created West Germany where he was put in charge of intelligence in the post war 'free' Germany.

Gehlen's post-war operatives across Europe where used to disrupt and destroy left-wing attempts to win electoral victories in European countries (Operation Gladio).  His death squads were used to target the Algerian independence movement. Gehlen and Dulles worked overtime to destabilize the Soviet eastern bloc taking great pleasure in making Stalin hyper-paranoid thus getting him to overreact and launch brutal internal crackdowns on innocent Soviet citizens.

Now that the American imperial project is crashing and burning the real history of the 'Cold War' has begun to emerge and the blinders of deception are steadily falling from the public's eyes.  What comes next is unknown but until the American people learn the real story behind this 'Hollywood democracy' little can change for the better.   


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