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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Killing Qaddafi

Washington is the judge, jury and executioner.  Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Honduras, Venezuela, now Brazil....the list is endless.  Mr. Big takes what he wants.  Killing is incidental.

Killary Clinton has signed up for the next round - taking over from Obama who gave the corporate oligarchy virtually everything that George W. Bush had given the ruling elite.  Except Obama offered one key additional thing -  he could demobilize much of the left while ensuring more foreign intervention and growing austerity budgets at home were possible without a big fight.  Killary's job will be similar - keep the women, unions and the rest of the liberals quiet as the rich take down the final stubborn layers of social progress.

Killery will also keep the 'Smart power' game rolling - regime change and endless war with a 'Democratic Party' face.  (Why does the world hate us so much you ask?)

Killery boasted on national TV after the murder of Qaddafi: "We came, we saw, he died!"

One more 'evil dictator' taken down - American exceptionalism at work.  Forget that Libya has the largest supply of oil on the African continent and shares major water resources with surrounding nations.  Mr. Big was just itching to get his hands on all the loot.

The secret is the propaganda campaign - the victim must first be demonized and then tried before the jury of the American people via corporate controlled media - the circus sideshow.  Once that is done the sailing is smooth.  Next up Moscow and Beijing.

It's called 'control and domination' through maximized chaos.....

truthout has a good story on Killery and her connection to the Libya take down called Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary Clinton's Emails .  Here is just one bit:

US-NATO intervention was allegedly undertaken on humanitarian grounds, after reports of mass atrocities; but human rights organizations questioned the claims after finding a lack of evidence. Today, however, verifiable atrocities are occurring. As Dan Kovalik wrote in the Huffington Post, "the human rights situation in Libya is a disaster, as 'thousands of detainees [including children] languish in prisons without proper judicial review,' and 'kidnappings and targeted killings are rampant'."

Before 2011, Libya had achieved economic independence, with its own water, its own food, its own oil, its own money, and its own state-owned bank. It had arisen under Qaddafi from one of the poorest of countries to the richest in Africa. Education and medical treatment were free; having a home was considered a human right; and Libyans participated in an original system of local democracy. The country boasted the world's largest irrigation system, the Great Man-made River project, which brought water from the desert to the cities and coastal areas; and Qaddafi was embarking on a program to spread this model throughout Africa.


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