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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sen. Angus King Displays His Arrogance

Sen. Angus King (Ind-Maine) tells Secretary of War Ashton Carter that the US should do more to "move [Assad] off the stage" in Syria.  Later on in the video the so-called 'moderate' senator urges Carter to do more to combat ISIS in the social media battle and urges him to bring the issue up for further discussion in the "councils of war".

It just drives me nuts to see American political hacks talking about removing the leaders of other nations as if they were talking about changing football coaches.  The arrogance is mind blowing.

These cats talk about holding elections so that the Syrian people can get the kind of country 'they deserve'.  And just what kind of government would they have?  You got it - a corporate dominated one - a puppet state.

This is the kind of democracy that the US is promoting - nothing but a series of corporate coup d'etats.


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