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Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Photos from Jeju Island

With some of the folks after my talk on last night in Gangjeong village.  Fighting! (Click on the photos for a better view)

Tea party

My adopted Korean sister Mi Kyoung (in green) leads us in meditation by the sea.

With Sung-Hee, Brother Song and Yang Yoon-Mo after my talk at village peace center. Song and Yang spent considerable time in jail for non-violent civil resistance to base construction.

At the Navy base destruction gate in Gangjeong - police pushing us away so trucks can pass.

With the MBC radio crew after the interview on their station.
Great Jeju artist Gilchun whose moving work is featured in the April 3 massacre museum on Jeju Island.
Singing with my sister.  She is a joy and brings out the best in everyone. Her mom was a sea diving woman. See Mt. Halla in the background.
After dinner with some of Gangjeong village leaders

I got to Narita, Japan airport early this morning.  Last night we were told by United Airlines that we'd fly out at noon today.  After standing in line for 90 minutes the booking agent said that flight was cancelled too.  So now I have a seven hour wait to get a flight to San Francisco and from there to Boston.  Once I reach Boston I get a bus for the two-hour ride to Maine.  Then MB picks me up and drives us 45 minutes back home.  So I still have another long day ahead of me.  I am more than grumpy now.  I apologized to the booking agent for being so grumpy but in fact I had to push hard to get an aisle seat for that long flight to San Francisco.  First I was told there wasn't one available and after some insistence one mysteriously became available!

Since I have nothing to do for the next bunch of hours I thought I'd post some random photos from the past few days that I had not yet put on the blog.

Thanks to all of you who are spreading the word about the absolutely absurd and evil Navy plan to demand $20 million (USD) from the Gangjeong village.  Thanks to those of you who have called the South Korean embassy in Washington as well.  Every little gesture at the very least lets that corrupt corporate government in Seoul (run by the likes of Samsung... how could anyone buy a product from them?) know that we still have the good sense to rattle our chains!  It's really about maintaining our own dignity by doing something positive in response to the evil.


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