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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

US-NATO Ukraine War News

The Kiev puppet regime of the US-NATO has re-launched their offensive on the eastern part of Ukraine where the self-defense forces have held on despite constant shelling of their cities and towns.  Many civilians have been killed by Kiev shelling in recent days.

The battle for what is left of the Donesk airport appears to have been won by the eastern self-defense forces.  The Kiev junta has sent in waves of ill-trained conscripts to try to retake the airport but they faced death and capture.  One of those captured at the airport was the Right Sector Neo-Nazi commander Oleg Mikhailovich Mikats.

In desperation the Kiev regime is drafting another 50,000 conscripts who will be quickly 'trained' and thrown like cannon fodder into the civil war.  Recent reports have been that many of their soldiers are refusing to join the battle which has made it necessary for another call-up of unwilling men.  See this short video below of one recently captured Kiev draftee who indicates his unwillingness to keep fighting. At the end of the clip see one of the self-defense forces leaders describing an unknown military shell they captured - would not be surprised at all that the US is providing Kiev with depleted uranium shells.  That would be a war crime since they produce radioactive debris.

The US-NATO military machine are doing their best to rescue the collapsing Kiev project.  RT reports that Washington is sending in more Pentagon troops to advise and direct the Kiev forces - likely fearing they will lose without active US support.

“This week, a delegation from the US Army Command, headed by Commander of US Army Europe, Lt. Gen [Frederick Ben] Hodges, will arrive in Ukraine,” Vladislav Seleznyov, spokesman for Ukraine’s General Staff of Armed Forces, said at a media briefing in Kiev on Monday. 

There are also growing reports that various European economies are being heavily impacted by the US-NATO sanctions on Russia.  Many business leaders across Europe want the sanctions lifted but the EU governments appear to be under the control of the US and unable to make independent decisions about their own policies.

The new Republican controlled Congress in Washington is going to be eager to push further war moves toward Russia.  There can be no doubt that the US is playing with fire and the global community needs to speak out now before this proxy war gets even hotter.


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