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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Can't Decide

Obama and Xi
over climate change
G20 confab
in Beijing
'curb' emissions
during next 20 years
too little
too late

Here in Maine
the mother
is in convulsions
one day warm
next day cold
more rain
thrown off
natural path

the usual way
no longer usual
expect the

Local paper reports
planners meeting
to make
as the river rises

Build taller buildings
put them on stilts
make downtown
even more attractive

think of it
the new Venice
on the Kennebeck

all about
how someone
can make
more $$$$$

Not a friggin
mumbling word
asking the community
to come together
discuss social
and environmental
on everything

there is no $$$$$
in that idea
real democracy
rule by the people
those days are dead
and gone

November can't decide
which way it should go

local elite
property owners
have decided

climate change is coming
how can we make money?


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