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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Here is a vivid example of the anti-Russian propaganda being taught by the US-EU backed regime in Kiev that came to power with the help of Nazi elements in Ukraine.

Doing this to children is cruel but likely effective in planting the seeds of hatred of Russia.  Very sad.

This woman is Irina Farion from the ultra-nationalist camp in Kiev.


Blogger erich said...

After the May 2014 massacre in Odessa, with 38 dead after a building was set on fire), she wrote on her personal Web page: "Bravo, Odessa. (...) Let the demons burn in hell."

8/14/14, 8:13 AM  
Blogger erich said...

grr to hasty. Re # of deaths the Saker has written:

"On 02 May there was a football match in Odessa on the south coast of Ukraine. We all know what happened in Odessa with the massacre of the anti Kiev demonstrators, unarmed demonstrators, in and around the Labor Union Building in Odessa as they were beaten, shot and burned to death. What you don't know is the true number of dead that day and evening. 297 anti Kiev demonstrators AND innocents died that day. Over 50 were in hospital. Some of those who jumped from the entrance hall stairway at the fourth and fifth floor levels were beaten to death as they lay on the ground. Others were made to crawl away, severely injured, and were kicked and beaten as they crawled to the pile of wounded.

To this day not a single western government that I am aware of has expressed the slightest sympathy or condolences for any of the wounded or dead in Odessa.

8/14/14, 8:43 AM  

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