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I'll be taking an 'unpaid leave of absence' from my job at the Global Network from December 15-March 15, 2020 in order to help my friend Lisa Savage on her campaign for the US Senate in Maine. She's running as a Maine Green Independent Party member and needs to gather 2,000 petition signatures of registered Greens during that period. I'll be back to GN after March 15.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Ukraine's President Poroshenko violates his own ceasefire by continuing to shell people living in the eastern part of the country.  Then as he signs the Ukraine-EU trade deal he says that people in all parts of the country support the controversial plan to turn his country over to the international IMF-World Bank cartel.  Did he forget that his army is shelling folks in the east who don't support the plan?

Everything is perception management.... Kiev calls for a ceasefire and then shells their own citizens in the east and blames them for defending themselves when 'Right Sector' fascists attack them.  Then he tells the western media that the whole country supports turning the Ukrainian economy over to corporate interests. 

Into Ukraine will come Monsanto with their GMO crops, in will come the western oil corporations, in will come the US military industrial complex, and in will come NATO bases and 'missile defense' systems right on Russia's border.

The US-NATO are calling the shots in this on-going drama but the people reading or watching mainstream media outlets won't really know what is going on at all.  Those managed media outlets are doing the spin work of the very corporations now turning Ukraine into a corporate client state.


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