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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Yang Yoon-Mo was released yesterday at midnight after 435 days in prison on Jeju Island.  His crime?  Non-violently resisting the Navy base construction by blocking construction vehicles.  This was his fourth jail sentence.

About 100 people from all over Korea came to welcome him as he came out of jail.  In the photo above Father Moon greets Yang in the traditional way with tofu as he walks out of the prison compound.

Gangjeong villagers are now in their seventh year of resistance to the Navy base that will port US aircraft carriers, submarines, and destroyers outfitted with 'missile defense' systems.  Jeju Island sits at the mouth of the Yellow Sea through which China imports 80% of their oil on ships.  The US is attempting to be able to "control" China by developing the ability to choke off their ability to import resources for their huge economy.  It's like putting a loaded gun to China's head.

The Gangjeong village has been living in harmony in their bountiful natural setting for more than 450 years.  Plans call for virtually the entire village to be sacked in order for the Navy base to be built.  Warships made at Bath Iron Works here in Maine would be ported at the Jeju base.  There also appears to be plans to build an airbase on Jeju as well.


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