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Friday, February 21, 2014


In Venezuela the CIA is funding and directing protests against that government - a government the US corporate oligarchy has long wanted to take down.  It's about the oil in Venezuela.  Not all protests are truly on the mark.  Some protests, like in Venezuela, are doing the work of the corporate elite.  It helps us to know the back-story.

The Democracy Now video just below about Ukraine tells a similar tale about the street protests there.  It might look like the Occupy movement in one sense - but in the real world a significant part of the street violence is coming from long-standing fascist forces inside Ukraine that historically sided with Hitler during his attempts to invade the former Soviet Union.

So take a look at the bigger picture for a moment.  NATO military expansion, right up to the border of Russia, along with "missile defense" deployments encircling the Russian Federation, all serve to seriously destabilize the region.  There can be no doubt that corporate dominated governments in the US and Germany are trying to overthrow the Ukrainian government. (They each have their favorite candidate to be the 'new leader' in the Ukraine.  That internal conflict between the US and Europe led to the now famous "Fuck the European Union" comment by Victoria Nuland, Assistant US Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.)   How would you expect Russia to respond?

This is the Obama project.  Make a serious run to hand Ukraine, Georgia, Venezuela, Libya, Syria and Iran over to the global corporate oligarchy.  It's quite a list.  Obama's task is aided by the fact that legions of liberal Democrats are either afraid or reluctant to oppose his reckless foreign policy.  If George W. Bush was still on the throne those Dems would be in the streets pulling their hair out of their heads.  Many Democrats have proven to be unreliable allies of the peace movement. It's very tragic.

The already severely overburdened peace movement in the US now has an even bigger challenge.  In addition to our work on drones, missile defense, the Asia-Pacific 'pivot', Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, ........ we now have to look up and see the possibility of war between the US and Russia..... and likely civil war in Venezuela. 

I've long heard that the US wants to break Russia into pieces - Balkanize them - like was done by Clinton to Yugoslavia and like has essentially been done to Iraq.  By breaking Russia into pieces, by fomenting chaos inside and along the borders of Russia, the corporate oligarchy makes their play for control of Russian natural gas (they have the world's biggest supply) and large stocks of oil. Look at the map and see how much of the thawing Arctic Ocean Russia borders. The western oil corporations want to drill there too.

This is how world wars get started!  If you back Russia and China into a corner sooner or later they will have to respond. This is just what the military industrial complex wants.  Imagine the profits….. and where would the money come from for a new Cold War with Russia?  Yeah that's right - call it the 'final solution' that ends once and for all social progress back home here in the US of A. 

Time to awaken from the 'American dream world'.


Blogger Aardvark said...

Very astute analysis of the situation in Ukraine. It is always about money, isn't it?

2/21/14, 5:10 PM  

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