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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Peter Woodruff and I have had a weekly radio show on WBOR at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine for the past six years.  Peter works at Bath Iron Works and is a loyal union man.  We've had past union leaders on the show.  We talk politics, play commentaries, and put on good music connected to our theme that night.  Peter has been the stalwart spending hours each week finding new music and timely commentaries for us to share with our midcoast audience.  How many listeners?  Know one knows.  I used to ask folks to raise their hands high if they were listening so we could count them......

But its done now.  WBOR has come out with a new policy that all DJ's need to get a security clearance.  We are both refusing to take the "background checks" and ran that fact up the line of authority at the college.  Don't expect much sympathy since its a college decision to corporatize their security operation in the first place.

The company that would do the background checks is called HireRight.  The name speaks for itself.  Here is what the company offers their clients in today's "security market":

  • Superior in-country and global coverage
  • Customizable solutions to screen anyone in your organization, from the mailroom to the boardroom
  • The power to order, manage and view background checks via the Web or a pre-integrated solution
  • The most accurate and current information available
  • Quality searches processed in the fastest time possible
  • Unwavering commitment to legal compliance
  • All information passed through rigorous quality controls

Peter and I are slowing down a bit and have lots on our plate.  We'll miss the radio show but the larger issue screams out to me.  They are of course creating global databases with large amounts of profile information - and it is now reaching further into our communities and militarizing them. Even WBOR radio is now a state security entity.  The corporate state does intend to engulf the people with military operations and will use that apparatus to weed out those who don't cooperate with the program.  If you fail the test you'll be cast into the weeds to fend for yourself.  Hard times are coming.

Peter and I will keep finding new, even more effective ways, to reach the people.  We are going down swinging at the baseball.  The odds are that now and then you can hit the top of the fence during your lifetime.  It's worth trying but only if you keep the sacred prayer in your heart.

Hoka hey!


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