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Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Vietnam veteran (and member of Veterans for Peace) Mike Hastie from Oregon makes the statement to police last night in New York City.

Nineteen military veterans and their allies were arrested at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in the city for refusing to leave the park at the 10 pm closing time. October 7 date marked 12 years of invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and the arrestees were reading the names of the dead from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam, as well as from the drone wars in Pakistan and other countries. The aims of the action, organized by Veterans For Peace members, were fourfold:

  • Calling for an end to the 12-year war in Afghanistan.
  • Calling for an end to all U.S. wars of aggression.
  • Remembering all those who have fallen and been wounded by war.
  • Standing up for our right, duty and sworn oath, to defend the Constitution and to assemble and organize
See the full story here 


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