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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


While I was away to Sweden our dog Homer was killed by a car in the street in front of our house.

We only had Homer for one year but he and I became very close.  He was a coon hound and his sniffer worked overtime.  He took us all on walks - dragged us actually.

He had an amazing internal clock....he knew his eating times and was good at reminding us.  About 2:00 pm everyday he would begin working me hard to get away from the computer and take him for a walk.  I owe him alot for helping improve my mental health.

We got Home-dee from the dog pound.  They said he had been on death row in Jacksonville, Florida.  We gave him a good year of love and affection.

For a Florida dog he learned to love tromping in the snow.

He was the only dog I ever saw that did not lick.  He would sniff your face though.  He loved to be brushed and would get very playful.... one of the few times that he really let out his emotions.

Homer gave us so much joy.  I miss him.


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