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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Inauguration Press Conference: Representatives from the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) and Joint Congressional Committee on Inauguration Ceremonies (JCCIC) brief the media on military support of the upcoming presidential inauguration in Washington, DC.

It appears the oligarchy might be a bit worried about the American people around inauguration time.  The left - and the right - all have issues with our new president.

The first general in the video above introduces his "battle buddy" when he finishes his statement.

The fact that any elements in the military see the inauguration as a "battle" gets under my skin.  It's the training - every situation has to be feared thus "go at them full bore".

The first general also talks about his team "orchestrating" the inauguration and said they make decisions about who gets into the parade.  So Veterans For Peace will not be invited. It's a sign how we've got used to Pentagon control by the fact that most people will assume it is right and natural to have the Army control the entire inauguration.  What about the DC police?  They handle huge events in DC all the time.  I heard one of these guys say they were going to assign military forces to work as DC police - sort of like being in disguise.

What about civilian control of the government?  A fading concept.

It would appear to me that the military industrial complex is running the inaugural show.  Most folks will think I am overreacting here.  To me it's another reminder what the Indians so wisely said when it came to understanding what the U.S. Army was up to as it related to the people.  "Put your ear to the railroad tracks and hear the train coming," they used to warn.

The Army in their case put them all onto reservations.  In our case they are getting ready in Washington to escalate the already wicked attacks on social progress.  As the American people begin to rise up the military will lead the counter-attack.  They've had alot of practice in this nation's history - both here at home and around the world.

I've long asked friends - what makes you think that these folks won't some day kill us the way they've done it to others for a couple of hundred years all over the world?

One of the generals in the news conference summed it up well when he said, "We are trying to show the whole world what a peaceful transfer of power looks like."  What they really mean is they want to remind the whole world who is really in charge inside the USA.

The oligarchy has some sense of humor.


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