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Friday, November 09, 2012


I heard many activists across the country say they wanted to vote for Jill Stein from the Green Party but they were afraid Romney would win.  The media hyped the "close" horse race so many in the end caved in and voted with their fears which in most states turned out to be unwarranted.
Nationally, Jill Stein and the Greens earned 396,684 votes, or 0.3% of the total. This is much better than 2008, when the Green ticket won 161,603 votes nationwide.

Here are percentages by state, for places where Stein appeared on the ballot:


Maine 1.3
Alaska 1.0
Oregon 1.0
Arkansas 0.9
Dist of Columbia 0.8
Hawaii 0.7
Idaho 0.7
West Virginia 0.7
California 0.6
Illinois 0.6
Maryland 0.6
Massachusetts 0.6
New York 0.6
Rhode Island 0.5
Delaware 0.5
Michigan 0.5
Washington 0.5
Kentucky 0.4
Louisiana 0.4
Minnesota 0.4
North Dakota 0.4
Pennsylvania 0.4
Utah 0.4
Arizona 0.3
Colorado 0.3
New Jersey 0.3
New Mexico 0.3
Ohio 0.3
South Carolina 0.3
Tennessee 0.3
Texas 0.3
Alabama 0.2
Iowa 0.2
Virginia 0.2
Wisconsin 0.2
Florida 0.1
Mississippi 0.1

[These numbers may change slightly, as states finish reporting absentee, overseas, and provisional ballots; but final numbers will be close.]


Blogger by said...

Thanks for reporting on this. I had looked for the info but not found it. Proud of Maine in the lead!

11/12/12, 8:46 AM  

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