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Thursday, January 12, 2012


An eye-opening video clip that made it online Wednesday may cause a scandal on par with what erupted with the Abu Ghraib photographs of 2004. Now US Marines have been caught on film - urinating on dead Taliban.

A 40-second excerpt of the clip has managed to make its web to the Web and in it viewers can watch four US Marines on patrol in Afghanistan allegedly urinating on the corpses of deceased Afghan men. It is unclear of the victims’ identities in this incident, but according to a note included with the uploaded file, the US servicemen were members of the Marine Scout Sniper Team 4 and the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The group was dispatched to the northern Helmand Province in Afghanistan during the summer of 2011.

This should win over some more hearts and the Taliban side. We are one sick country. End the war now!


Blogger by said...

As disgusting as this is, it will serve to get people's attention. Just this week a report that U.S. was torturing detainees in Bagram prison met with a tepid response. Because of the lurid nature of this war crime, more truth may enter the national conversation re: what our troops and tax $$ are doing all over the world.

1/12/12, 4:22 PM  

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