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Friday, September 30, 2011


Gangjeong villagers and supporters in Jeju City today
Father Moon arrested again at Navy base construction gate
Father Moon filming as Jesuit Br. Pak is arrested at Navy base gate

There are now ten Gangjeong villagers and supporters in jail on Jeju Island. Included in this group are three priests (including the infamous Father Moon) who were arrested yesterday while protesting outside the Navy base construction gate. The mayor of Gangjeong village, Kang Dong-Kyun, still sits in jail. You can see more information about those currently in jail here

Yesterday more than 200 villagers and supporters went to Jeju City to do three steps, one bow in order to protest Navy base construction. You can see some incredible photos of this here

Last week a big meeting was held in New York City at NYU featuring Jeju Island artist Koh Gil-chun and Gloria Steinem. It looks like there was a good turnout for the event and the meeting made the news back in South Korea. You can see some photos here

When he was in Boston Koh met with Noam Chomsky and below you can see a short video of comments by the famous MIT professor.


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