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Monday, August 02, 2010


'Attrition by enforcement' is the name of the game in Arizona. The goal is to dissuade undocumented immigration by making life unbearable for the undocumented already living in Arizona. Desert tent jails and arbitrary checkpoints are two of the tactics used to strike fear into the undocumented with the goal of deterring others from coming.

Ecuadorian filmmaker Oscar León, who has been covering this issue from Arizona for the past three years, points out that the undocumented can't possibly be separated from the documented Latino population without a police state, and Arizona has been developing it's own version long before the controversial SB1070 law was on the map.

Analysis: The corporations move jobs overseas by the millions and Americans are angry. The corporate controlled media and political system direct the anger toward Mexicans and other immigrants as if they were the cause of this economic collapse. Racism is used to fuel the anger and resentment of the white working class who are losing their jobs. Sadly they willingly take the bait....a race war is being created in order for the ruling class to escape from responsibility for the economic mess they have created. People have a moral obligation to not allow themselves to be pitted against others in this way. How is this different from Hitler turning the Germans against the Jews? Wake up people.


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

There was an attempt made a century ago to separate union workers out on ethnic lines, using Company Provocateurs and whispering campaigns.
It was too obvious to work, or so it seems.
There are still organizing notes from the IWW and AFL-CIO unions on how to deal with those problem provocateurs.
At the time the major conflicts exploited were of course "black-white" protestant-catholic, and the Immigrants being thrown around as Corporate Cannon Fodder were mostly Irish and Italian.

The hatemongers will of course disagree that this is what they're pulling in Arizona. And Texas. And Colorado.

They will of course be lying. And words equivalent to "crazy" will be thrown in.

One thing that the Corporatists didn't anticipate when they moved the Jobs overseas, to what they hope are people stupid enough or desperate enough to e used like that, is they had to send trained workers to train the workers in the other countries. You KNOW that some spoiled-ass rich boy like Don Blankenship whose primary job is to hold his chair down and keep it from floating off into space, isn't going to know enough about the Real Work to teach somebody else about it.

So the workers they send to train their replacements, resentful, perhaps? More educated than the Corporatists would wish, educated enough to read the propaganda and well enough to read between the lines, hmmm...
Union workers, perhaps,

Add in enough corporate hubris to stoke the fires... and the question becomes, will the general insurrections come before or after our own economic political entity is declared officially dead?

8/4/10, 12:59 AM  

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