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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Anti-war People's Forum in NYC




Saturday, November 19th, The People’s Forum (New York City).

The moment is now to inaugurate a new, multi-national, grassroots movement to advocate for the end to the current war in Ukraine. The stakes are too real and the dangers too great for the peoples of the word to remain on the sidelines. 

Anti-war forces in the United States and across the world may have different analyses of Russia, Ukraine, and this tragic war, but we can unite around one thing: there is no road to peace if US government policy remains to obstruct negotiations and send endless weapons into the war zone. 

We, people of conscience, are coming together to demand that there be a radical shift in the direction of US military and foreign policy. NATO expansion must end. Money must be spent on education, healthcare, and housing, not the war machine. 

We demand peace, not war. Join us! 

Speakers include: Jeremy Corbyn, UK Member of Parliament Jill Stein, Former Green Party Presidential Nominee Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research Brian Becker (particularly important speech), ANSWER Coalition Eugene Puryear, Breakthrough News Claudia de la Cruz, The People’s Forum Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK …and more! 

This event is co-sponsored by The People’s Forum and the ANSWER Coalition.

Japan's role as U.S. agent in Asia-Pacific


Rachel Clark lives in upstate New York and is a professional Japanese language interpreter, translator, as well as a peace activist and coordinator of many Veterans For Peace delegations and speaking tours to Japan.   

In this interview with Global Network coordinator Bruce Gagnon they discuss the following: 

  • The impacts on Okinawa and Jeju Island, South Korea of expanding US bases in the region.
  • What was the goal of the Obama administration's 'pivot' of US military forces into the Asia-Pacific.
  • What role does Japan play as the US agent in the region?
  • How has Article 9 of the Japanese constitution (that calls for a pacifist nation) been amended to serve US interests?
  • Why are NATO warships now porting in Japan? Is NATO expanding its 'mission' into the Asia-Pacific?
  • How does the corporate media narrative impact the people and nations of the region?

Friday, November 18, 2022

South Korea rolls back ambiguity on US-China rivalry


President Yoon Suk-yeol and first lady Kim Keon-hee of South Korea pose for a photo with President Joe Biden of the US on Nov. 12 following a gala banquet for leaders of ASEAN Plus Three nations hosted by Cambodia.


Here we go -- literal copy-and-paste of US policy


By Kiji Noh

South Korea’s Indo-Pacific strategy, which was unveiled by President Yoon Suk-yeol during his summit with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Phnom Penh last week, amounts to a public declaration that Korea will stand with the US in its hegemonic and strategic rivalry with China.

What Yoon has dubbed “Korea’s Indo-Pacific strategy” resembles the US’ Indo-Pacific strategy in more than name only. The US’ strategy is designed to surround and contain China.

In contrast, the Yoon administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy is noticeably tilted toward the US.

On November 13, Yoon said, “Key values such as regional freedom, human rights and the rule of law must be respected, and attempts to forcibly change the status quo must not be tolerated. The South China Sea needs to be a sea of peace and prosperity, a sea where the rules-based maritime order is protected. The freedoms of navigation and flight must be guaranteed according to the principles of international law, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and parties must refrain from behavior that would heighten tensions.”

With this overt reference to the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, Yoon was clearly demonstrating a critical attitude toward China. Emphasizing the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea and opposing attempts to change the status quo by force are narratives that are used by the US and Japan when criticizing China.

See more on this story here

Terror blowback in Italy



 Italian police bust Azov-tied Nazi cell planning terror attacks 

The arrest of Italian neo-Nazis affiliated with the Ukrainian Azov Battalion highlights the terrifying potential for blowback from the Ukraine proxy war

Italian police announced a series of raids against the neo-Nazi Order of Hagal organization. Accused of stockpiling weapons and planning terror attacks, the group has established operational ties to the Ukrainian Azov Battalion.

Five members of an Italian neo-Nazi organization known as the “Order of Hagal” were arrested on November 15th while an additional member remains wanted by authorities. He happened to be in Ukraine, fighting Russian forces alongside the Azov Battalion, which has been formally integrated into the Ukrainian military.

The “Hagal” members are accused of plotting terrorist attacks on civilian and police targets. A sixth member of the Hagal group, now considered a fugitive, is in Ukraine and embedded with the Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi paramilitary group that has been incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard.

Members of the Order of Hagal reportedly maintained “direct and frequent” contacts over Telegram with not just the Azov Battalion, but also the neo-Nazi Ukrainian military formations Right Sector and Centuria, “probably in the view of possible recruitment into the ranks of these fighting groups,” according to Italian media.

The police investigation was launched in 2019 and has included extensive computer searches and wiretapping; tactics which have revealed members of the group’s intent on carrying out violent acts in Italy. 

But Ukraine is not the only country to have been visited by members of the Order of Hagal; “some members” also traveled to Israel to train in Krav Maga and the use of long and short weapons,” according to police officials. In fact, they were even given diplomas for completing the training.

See the rest of this GrayZone story here

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Robert Parry: A great journalist who tried to alert the public


By Mary Beth Sullivan (Social worker, Brunswick, Maine) 

I just finished a book called American Dispatches: A Robert Parry Reader which I highly recommend. 

I think it was in 1987 when I first heard Noam Chomsky speak. I was working in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the time. A friend invited me to a foreign policy lecture Chomsky was giving at MIT, where he was a professor of linguistics. The lecture focused on US policy in El Salvador and Nicaragua. He shared information that turned upside down all that I had been reading and learning from the news I was consuming.

I was a huge fan of Ted Koppel and ABC's Nightline at the time, and I remember leaving the lecture thinking 'Damn! If I can't trust Ted Koppel, who can I trust? Now what do I do?' 

Chomsky had sown an internal discord that was discombobulating, and left me feeling unmoored for quite a long time. I was compelled to find alternative sources of information.

It wasn't until the US orchestrated a coup in Ukraine in 2014 that I discovered Robert Parry's on-line news source Consortium News, Although it is not my only news source, it is an important one as I strive to understand the chaos that has been unleashed in Ukraine. 

Parry's book brought me back into the history of our time, some of which I was wide awake for, some of which I only partially understood. It's an important chronicle. The time spent looking back informs the present day in sad and profound ways.  

I hope others will learn as much as I did! 

~ Here's a link to an article about the Parry book, which is excerpted below. 

A new compilation of Robert Parry’s writings, American Dispatches: A Robert Parry Reader, provides an illuminating history of the late 20th and early 21st centuries – a troubling recent past that Parry meticulously chronicles through in-depth research and compelling storytelling. The book, just published by iUniverse, documents how the deterioration of the U.S. media’s commitment to providing an honest accounting of current events has enabled corruption and wrongdoing at the highest levels of government.

Among the many hard-hitting stories that can be found in the reader:

  •     Mafia influence in state and local governments
  •     The full story of the Reagan administration’s illegal use of arms sales to Iran to fund the Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980s
  •     How the U.S. government looked the other way as drug traffickers imported cocaine into the United States
  •     The government’s development of sophisticated propaganda techniques to influence American public opinion
  •     How the U.S. enabled and covered up war crimes, atrocities, and genocide in Central America
  •     The development of crippling – and morally questionable – economic sanctions as a go-to policy option in achieving geopolitical objectives
  •     The politicization of intelligence and abuses of power by the CIA
  •     What’s known and not known about the Reagan campaign’s interference with President Carter’s efforts to free U.S. hostages held in Iran in 1980
  •     How the U.S. supported an unconstitutional regime change in Ukraine in 2014, leading to eight years of civil war and today’s conflict with Russia
  •     The use of official lies and distortions by the government and media to sell endless military interventions to the American people

Latest excellent commentary on the war



Andrew Napolitano interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor about the following:

  • The truth about the wayward Ukrainian missile that hit inside Poland
  • Polish troops now fighting against Russia while wearing Ukrainian uniforms
  • Pentagon Chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley's tendency to lie while occasionally uttering a few truthful words
  • What do the Pentagon generals fear most?
  • Was the Russian withdrawal from Kherson a loss or a strategic move?
  • Where is the war going next?

These two guys are my favorite commentators these days on this US-NATO war on Russia. 

See more about Ukraine's military fiasco here

Nothing but lies


We've been taught
to believe
the media, 
the church,
the Pentagon,
Wall Street,
Hollywood celebs,
and a hell of alot
The lies are endless
and become more
every damn day.

We all know it.

Why then do some
so-called 'peace activists'
still daily send emails 
loaded with mainstream media 
DW, Daily Mail, FOX,
Washington Post,
all peddling bullshit.
Composed of course
by the CIA,
with a bit of a flair,
added by Hollywood.
You want to change 
the world?
Stop ingesting
and sharing
this corporate 
media garbage. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Polish President Duda: 'Ukrainian missile hit us'


Polish President Andrzej Duda says there is “no evidence” that the projectile was fired by Russia


A missile that allegedly killed two people in Poland on Tuesday was most likely launched by Ukrainian air defense forces, Polish president, Andrzej Duda, has announced.

Russia’s defense ministry previously said its analysis of photos from the site showed that the projectile was from a S-300 air defense system used by Kiev.

Most likely, a missile made by Russia in the 1970s has fallen on Polish territory. We have no evidence that it was launched by Russia,” Duda told reporters.

There is a high probability that it was a Ukrainian air defense missile,” he added.

Duda said it was an “unfortunate accident” rather than a deliberate attack on Polish soil. He suggested that the missile had struck Poland when Ukrainian forces were trying to intercept Russian attacks.


Like this British rag, most of the western media jumped the gun on this story blaming Russia. Do you think they will issue an apology to Moscow? Likely not. Why would any self-respecting 'peacenik' believe these western corporate media outlets? But sadly many of them swallow every BS line these rags print.


The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that it fired a barrage of missiles at Ukrainian command centers and energy infrastructure sites on Tuesday, but said the targets were no closer than 35km (21.7 miles) from the Ukrainian-Polish border.

The ministry also said, according to photos published by the media, the missile that hit Polish territory was from an S-300 air defense system used by Ukraine.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Warsaw would not call for urgent consultations under Article 4 of the NATO Treaty, which are reserved for concerns over individual members’ territorial integrity and sovereignty.

~ Reprinted in part from RT


Update: Ukrainian soldiers play role of happy Kherson residents for foreign media - See SouthFront

STRATCOM Admiral Richard: 'Ukraine is a Warm Up for Fighting China'



 Why the Head of America’s Nuclear Forces Just Warned of an Imminent ‘Very Long’ War


The head of the U.S. Strategic Command [STRATCOM] Admiral Charles A. Richard has warned that a great power war “is coming,” claiming that the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War in which U.S. personnel and equipment have played a central role is a “warm up.” The Department of Defence published the admiral’s remarks that were made at the Naval Submarine League’s 2022 Annual Symposium & Industry Update’s Awards Luncheon, where he stressed: “This Ukraine crisis that we’re in right now, this is just the warmup,” Richard said. “The big one is coming. And it isn’t going to be very long before we’re going to get tested in ways that we haven’t been tested in a long time.” Richard highlighted China specifically as the adversary of the next conflict, stating:

“We have to do some rapid, fundamental change in the way we approach the defence of this nation… As I assess our level of deterrence against China, the ship is slowly sinking. It is sinking slowly, but it is sinking, as fundamentally they (China) are putting capability in the field faster than we are. As those curves keep going, it isn’t going to matter how good our (operating plan) is or how good our commanders are, or how good our horses are — we're not going to have enough of them. And that is a very near-term problem.”

Admiral Richard’s statement comes as the future of funding for the Strategic Command’s key assets remains uncertain, with its sole ICBM class in service the Minuteman III being by far the oldest and most obsolete in the world and potentially being retired without replacement to avoid the expense of doing so. The American bomber fleet, too, is seeing its two newer models the B-1B and B-2 retired in the near future with the former having already begun to be decommissioned due to extremely low availability rates, while their successor the B-21 faces delays and is considered unlikely to be supplied in the numbers currently hoped for. 

China’s armed forces overtook the United States in spending on defence acquisitions in 2020, and the country is fast modernising its strategic forces with a much more diverse and sophisticated ICBM arsenal, a range of new bomber classes, and a H-20 program to rival the B-21 which may well enter service first and could potentially outperform it.


China’s upcoming ballistic missile submarines, using magnetic drives among other revolutionary technologies, are expected to be by far the stealthiest in the world. China has also beaten the U.S. by several years to actively field missiles with hypersonic glide vehicles, which can be integrated across its nuclear triad. Thus the Strategic Command chief’s warning may well have been intended to highlight issues the American strategic arsenal is facing, its importance in a potential new conflict with China, and as a result the need for more funding. Overstating the urgency of a need for funding and potential imminence of war remains a practice far from uncommon in the U.S. military leadership.

Regarding how a new Sino-U.S. great power war could break out, Admiral Richard stated that a war in the Taiwan Strait as the likely cause. Although the United States and all other UN member states recognise Taiwan as part of China, the Chinese Civil War which technically remains ongoing means that the island 130km off the Chinese mainland is under a separate but unrecognised Western aligned authority claiming to rule China - the Republic of China (RoC). Both the RoC government in Taipei and the People’s Republic of China based in Beijing claim to be the sole rulers of the Chinese nation. 

Although the former has no recognition at the United Nations and a status comparable to a non-state actor, it has continued to receive significant quantities of military equipment and support from the Western world to sustain its separation. The Taiwan Strait thus remains a major hotspot, although the balance of power in the area has continued to very quickly shift to favour the Chinese mainland as the capabilities of RoC forces and nearby American assets have fast become more limited by comparison.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Big money crimes


Did you ever wonder what happened to all those billions of tax dollars sent to Ukraine? Did you ever wonder why anyone was trusting the elites in Washington as they gave 'the most corrupt country in Europe' all that money? 
Today it turns out that these were the appropriate questions. 
Over $40 million$ of the tens of billions of dollars going to Ukraine were actually laundered back to the US to corrupt Democrats and their agents by using FTX cryptocurrency as the vehicle of exchange.
Now the money is gone and FTX is bankrupt.
We can only hope that Congress will have the guts to investigate and prosecute those involved in these illegal money laundering schemes.
FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried was the second biggest donor to the Democrats this past election cycle - just after George Soros. 

He screwed many of his investors.


France: Who is really our enemy?



 You are under contrôle: French elites privately fear the US and new research explains why Intelligence services worry about American economic warfare more than terrorism or the prospect of confrontation with Russia or China 


By Felix Livshitz (RT)

New research published by France’s Ecole de Guerre Economique has revealed some extraordinary findings about who and what the French intelligence services fear most when it comes to threats to the country’s economy.

The findings are based on extensive research and interviews with French intelligence experts, including representatives of spy agencies, and so reflect the positions and thinking of specialists in the under-researched field of economic warfare. Their collective view is very clear - 97 percent consider the US to be the foreign power that “most threatens” the “economic interests” of Paris.

Who is your true enemy?

The research was conducted to answer the question, “what will become of France in an increasingly exacerbated context of economic war?”. This query has become increasingly urgent for the EU as Western sanctions on Moscow’s exports, in particular energy, have had a catastrophic effect on European countries, but have not had the predicted effect Russia. Nor have they hurt the US, the country pushing most aggressively for these measures.

Yet, the question is not being asked in other EU capitals. It is precisely the continent-wide failure, or unwillingness at least, to consider the “negative repercussions on the daily lives” of European citizens that inspired the Ecole de Guerre Economique report.

As the report’s lead author Christian Harbulot explains, ever since the end of World War II, France has “lived in a state of the unspoken,” as have other European countries.

At the conclusion of that conflict, “manifest fear” among French elites of the Communist Party taking power in France “strongly incited a part of the political class to place our security in the hands of the US, in particular by calling for the establishment of permanent military bases in France.”

“It goes without saying that everything has its price. The compensation for this aid from across the Atlantic was to make us enter into a state of global dependence - monetary, financial, technological - with regard to the US,” Harbulot says. And aside from 1958 - 1965 when General Charles de Gaulle attempted to increase the autonomy of Paris from Washington and NATO, French leaders have “fallen into line.”

This acceptance means aside from rare public scandals such as the sale of French assets to US companies, or Australia canceling its purchase of French-made submarines in favor of a controversial deal with the US and UK (AUKUS), there is little recognition - let alone discussion - in the mainstream as to how Washington exerts a significant degree of control over France’s economy, and therefore politics.

As a result, politicians and the public alike struggle to identify “who their enemy” truly is. “In spheres of power” across Europe, Harbulot says, “it is customary to keep this kind of problem silent,” and economic warfare remains an “underground confrontation which precedes, accompanies and then takes over from classic military conflicts.”

This in turn means any debate about “hostility or harmfulness” in Europe’s relations with Washington misses the underlying point that “the US seeks to ensure its supremacy over the world, without displaying itself as a traditional empire.”

The EU might have a trade surplus of 150 billion euros with the US, but the latter would never willingly allow this economic advantage to translate to “strategic autonomy” from it. And this gain is achieved against the constant backdrop of - and more than offset by - “strong geopolitical and military pressure” from the US at all times.



I spy with my Five Eyes

Harbulot believes the “state of the unspoken” to be even more pronounced in Germany, as Berlin “seeks to establish a new form of supremacy within Europe” based on its dependency on the US.

As France “is not in a phase of power building but rather in a search to preserve its power” - a “very different” state of affairs - this should mean the French can more easily recognize and admit to toxic dependency on Washington, and see it as a problem that must be resolved.

It is certainly hard to imagine such an illuminating and honest report being produced by a Berlin-based academic institute, despite the country being the most badly affected by anti-Russian sanctions. Some analysts have spoken of a possible deindustrialization of Germany, as its inability to power energy-intensive economic sectors has destroyed its 30-year-long trade surplus - maybe forever.

But aside from France’s “dependency” on Washington being different to that of Germany, Paris has other reasons for cultivating a “culture of economic combat,” and keeping very close track of the “foreign interests” that are harming the country’s economy and companies.

A US National Security Agency spying order sent to other members of the Five Eyes global spying network - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK - released by WikiLeaks, shows that since at least 2002 Washington has issued its English-speaking allies annual “information need” requests, seeking any and all information they can dig up on the economic activities of French companies, the economic and trade policies of France’s government, and the views of Paris on the yearly G8 and G20 summits.

Whatever is unearthed is shared with key US economic decision-makers and departments, including the Federal Reserve and Treasury, as well as intelligence agencies, such as the CIA. Another classified WikiLeaks release shows that the latter – between November 2011 and July 2012 – employed spies from across the Five Eyes (OREA) to infiltrate and monitor the campaigns of parties and candidates in France’s presidential election.


Washington was particularly worried about a Socialist Party victory, and so sought information on a variety of topics, “to prepare key US policymakers for the post-election French political landscape and the potential impact on US-France relations.” Of particular interest was “the presidential candidates' views on the French economy, what current economic policies…they see as not working, and what policies…they promote to help boost France's economic growth prospects[.]”

The CIA was also very interested in the “views and characterization” of the US on the part of presidential candidates, and any efforts by them and the parties they represented to “reach out to leaders of other countries,” including some of the states that form the Five Eyes network itself.

Naturally, those members would be unaware that their friends in Washington, and other Five Eyes capitals, would be spying on them while they spied on France.

It was clearly not for nothing that veteran US grand strategist and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once remarked, “to be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

Scott Ritter: America’s Hubris is Stunning and a Threat to World Peace


Commentary by Finian Cunningham

In a wide-ranging interview with Finian Cunningham, former US military intelligence analyst Scott Ritter calls out a complex of American-made problems threatening world peace.

The Ukraine war is just one symptom of a bigger disease. The war in Ukraine began with the 2014 US-backed coup d’état in Kiev and the weaponizing by the United States and NATO of an anti-Russian regime over eight years.

“Absurd disconnect” in US foreign policy, “extraordinary provocations” toward Russia, the “scam” of nuclear weapons and US military defense doctrine, and the “stunning hubris” of American national myth-making propaganda invoking a “God-given right to control the world”. This is the scope of US problems that threaten world peace.

Former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter served as a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq during the 1990s following the First Gulf War. He controversially challenged the official US and British narrative back then claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Those claims were later exposed as lies and fabrications but they were used to launch the Second Gulf War in 2003. A criminal war with massive repercussions that still haunts today.

In this interview, Ritter calls out the absurdity of the United States voicing concerns about the danger of nuclear conflict with Russia while at the same time fueling a war in Ukraine on Russia’s doorstep.

“One has to question who is the power seeking to turn this into a nuclear conflict. Because I don’t think it’s Russia.”

He says the US has abandoned diplomacy and respect for other nations. “We view Russia as a defeated enemy from the Cold War… we want to dictate to Russia” and others.

Ritter compares the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and the present tensions and dangers between the United States and Russia. He says it’s like comparing a knife fight with a machine-gun battle in the present. “We had a handful of nukes back then which would have destroyed cities. We now have nation-destroying nuclear arsenals that would end the planet”.

Ritter says the US leadership no longer fears or respects Russia as the John F Kennedy administration and previous administrations did. The “stunning hubris” in Washington makes the danger of war spinning out of control.

He also calls out the policy of ambiguity about under what circumstances the US would use nuclear weapons as a form of “terroristic” behavior. Unlike Russia or China, the US deliberately refuses to adopt a sole-use purpose for defense and deterrence. This preemptive-use option is a form of blackmail on the rest of the world. Ultimately, the logic being used is: “Do what we say or we’ll nuke you.”

Ritter says a major structural problem is the money-making scam of the US nuclear and military-industrial complex where American politicians are bought and paid for to lobby for military profits; and therefore never adopt a more sane, peace-making and democratic policy in the interests of the majority of American citizens. If the United States were to align its policy with that of Russia and China, that is, to adopt a sole-use purpose of defense then that would transform international relations, lower tensions and make eventual disarmament possible. But ironically the United States is a hostage of its own nuclear blackmail against the world. It can’t adopt a more sane, peaceful policy because of the propaganda narrative of depicting the world as full of enemies and because of the vested interests of the military-industrial complex and its politicians in Washington.

Ritter warns that America has to shed its supremacist thinking in the same way it has struggled for generations to overcome systematic racist attitudes. “Until we stop viewing ourselves as the 'exceptional people' and start viewing ourselves as just another person, there isn’t going to be peace and harmony in the world.”

Monday, November 14, 2022

NATO running war on Russia

Click on image for better view



Hackers Leaked Secret Documents Of NATO Intelligence In Ukraine


The anonymous team of hackers known as  “Joker DPR”, which has recently hacked military command and control programs used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), including the advanced US DELTA program, claimed another cyber victory over the Ukrainian and NATO military.

On November 11, they leaked secret documents of NATO commanders to the AFU and US, Canadian, British forces. The documents include the daily data on the location and manoeuvres of Russian forces and military equipment in different regions, including in Russia and in Crimea back in summer.

You can read the full document HERE

The publication of the secret documents was hackers’ response to the ongoing attempts of the Kiev regime to deny the fact that their military coordination and command programs were hacked. The hackers provided the secret NATO documents with the following message:

“While the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine denies that the DELTA command and control program was hacked by my hackers, and the liar Butusov (Ukrainian journalist) claims that we gained access to the program for only 13 minutes, I will continue to publish documents, obtained thanks to this beautiful and very convenient software.

I have repeatedly claimed that not only Ukrainian clowns will suffer, but also everyone who helps them in other countries. Here are several hundred very secret American documents with the coordinates of military facilities and other targets for the Armed Forces, which were provided to them by very cunning NATO generals. The most interesting thing is that there are objects that are located even in the “old territories” of the Russian Federation. This was once already mentioned by my loyal followers from the hacker group Beregini, and now there is visual evidence.

I am not against war and bloodshed, even for that. But I don’t like when some of the Ukrainian clowns and their foreign patrons consider themselves the smartest.”

The newly leaked documents are another evidence that the NATO military is already at war against Russia in Ukraine.  

The US command and control program DELTA is considered to one of the best such programs in the world. The chief administrator of this program in Ukraine was Vadim Novikov.

On November 1, the head of the press service of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov confirmed that the DPR military got access to the enemy software.

To be clear, this is a program for command and control in which all data on friendly and enemy troops is provided and is regularly updated, including by the information from intelligence sources. Very useful. The fact that our special services got access to it suggests that we now know everything about the enemy and we know everything that the enemy knows about our forces and means and their deployment, ” Bezsonov said.

The fact that the advanced US military program has been hacked is hard to dispute. However, it may be supposed that as the victory was publicly declared, the US military have managed to fix the problem at least partially. It is unclear for how long the Russian military got access to the enemy data and whether it still has it. Kiev and Washington are yet to comment on the issue.

In August, hackers from the Russian group KillNet announced that the website of the US military industrial corporation Lockheed Martin was hacked. The corporation is involved in the production of HIMARS MLRS supplied to Ukraine. Hackers also managed to gain access to the personal data of candidates for a job at Lockheed Martin.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday song