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Saturday, September 17, 2022

The west - dazed and confused



Take a look at who is predominantly on the drugs.....

History lesson: CIA & Ukraine Nazis killed Soviet citizens from 1945-1951


Director of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service explains how the CIA used the Banderites against the USSR

By Essence of Time

[Ukrainian Nazi] Banderites sabotage-recon groups backed by the CIA killed about 35,000 Soviet citizens, including village teachers and doctors, as part of Operation Icon and Operation Cartel from 1945 to 1951, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergei Naryshkin wrote in his article, “75 Candles on the CIA Cake,” which was published on September 14 in National Defense magazine.

The CIA participated in the formation of Germany’s first intelligence agency, the Gehlen Organization, which relied on Nazi German agents in the USSR and Eastern Europe. This organization also recruited Nazi collaborators, including Banderites, with whom it conducted “up to a dozen programs and operations designed to conduct intelligence and undermine the military, economic and moral and psychological potential of the Soviet Union.”

According to Naryshkin, in November 1950 Frank Wisner, chief of the CIA Office of Policy Coordination, reported to his superiors that from the end of World War II to 1951, the members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) (organization banned in Russia) and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) (organization banned in Russia) killed about 35 thousand Soviet citizens, including Communist Party members, that is, representatives of the rural intelligentsia, including doctors and teachers.

The head of the Foreign Intelligence Service recalled that during the entire Cold War, emigrant organizations of Ukrainian neo-Nazis operated under the cover of Western intelligence agencies. The CIA controlled the so-called Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (UGVR), headed by former Bandera security chief Nikolay Lebed, and British MI6 controlled the OUN (organization banned in Russia), headed by Yaroslav Stetsko.

The two groups of neo-Nazis were in conflict with each other, but the conflict was not due to ideological differences, but quarrels “over the money of their masters,” the SVR head says.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

Friday, September 16, 2022

Half of Americans think U.S. will lose superpower status



    The very fact so many Americans think the US is turning into a dictatorship and that a civil war is a likely scenario speaks volumes of the unflattering state of the much-touted “American democracy“.

By Drago Bosnic (Independent geopolitical and military analyst)

For over three decades, the United States of America has been chest-thumping about being the world’s “sole remaining superpower“. Some in the US establishment have even claimed that the US has become the world’s first “hyperpower“. And indeed, in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet dismantlement, the US-led political West seemed unbeatable, unilaterally starting wars across the globe, all under various pretexts such as “humanitarianism“ and the much-touted “War on Terror“. The US and NATO used both of these excuses to invade dozens of other countries, be it former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc. The US military seemed unstoppable and able to overcome any opponent, oftentimes by using air power only, with minimal ground engagements, at least until it got bogged down, which in itself was very useful for the ever-profit-hungry Military Industrial Complex.

Although many in the US establishment seemed convinced this will be a perpetual state of affairs, luckily for the world, the last decade proved the power of the belligerent thalassocracy is waning. While the Pentagon could count on hundreds of thousands of battle-ready soldiers during most of the 1990s and early 2000s, in recent years, there has been a significant drop in young Americans’ interest to go die or get maimed for life in one of America’s many pointless invasions and general aggression against the world. Even though the Pentagon found other ways to continue with its imperialist belligerence, primarily through an exponential increase in the use of unmanned combat systems around the globe, indiscriminately targeting civilians under the ever-convenient pretext of the “War on Terror“, most Americans have become aware of the fact that the US power (albeit still significant) is fading away faster than anyone would’ve expected just a decade ago.


A new poll conducted by the YouGov/Economist is the latest proof of this public opinion shift. The project polled Americans about the probability of various “dire political scenarios“ and found that 50% of the US population considers that America will lose its global superpower status within a decade. The poll also found that nearly half (47%) of Americans think that a “total economic collapse“ is inevitable.

    “Among 15 potential future scenarios involving instability or political violence, the one that most Americans consider likely in the next decade is that the U.S. ceases to be a global superpower (50% say this), followed by a total collapse of the U.S. economy (47%). Each of the 15 dire scenarios is considered somewhat or very likely in the next decade by at least 20% of Americans. […] 37% of Americans say [a civil war] is at least somewhat likely to occur,“ the YouGov poll found.

The most surprising aspect of the poll must be the staggering nearly 40% of US citizens who consider civil war “at least somewhat likely.“ With a population of approximately 330 million people and being among the world’s most armed nations, such a prospect seems rather terrifying. However, it’s hardly surprising, especially given the sheer level of polarization of the US society, regardless if it’s based on race, religion, sex/gender, identity, ideology or any other parameter which the parties and various interest groups in the US are trying to exploit and use for political, financial and power gain.

    “[…] After an end to the U.S.’s global-superpower status and economic collapse, the next scenario is that the U.S. will cease to be a democracy (39%). Democrats believe the U.S. will become a fascist dictatorship (31%), while Republicans think it will be a communist one (21%). Two-thirds of Republicans (65%) believe that total economic collapse is at least somewhat likely, compared to only 38% of Democrats. Around half of Republicans (48%) say it’s likely that the government will confiscate citizens’ firearms; only 17% of Democrats say this. Republicans are also more likely than Democrats to believe there will be a total breakdown of law and order (49% vs. 31%),“ according to the poll.

Although it’s expected to see a larger number of Republicans being more pessimistic about the country’s future under a Democrat president and government, the percentage of Democrats who aren’t particularly optimistic is quite telling. It’s more than clear that many DNC voters themselves are unsatisfied with the policies of the current US government.

    “[…] Republicans and Democrats believe the U.S. will cease to be a democracy in the next decade. Democrats are slightly more likely to say the U.S. will be a fascist dictatorship (37% vs. 32%). Republicans, on the other hand, are three times as likely to say it will be a communist dictatorship (31% vs. 13%). In terms of the possibility of a civil war, Republicans are likelier to believe there will be one between members of each party (45% vs. 35%) or between people from red and blue states (36% vs. 30%). Democrats are slightly more likely to believe there will be a war between the poor and rich (37% vs. 25%) or between cities and rural areas (23% vs. 20%). Democrats and Republicans are equally likely (31%) to expect a civil war between racial groups,“ the poll concluded.

Although the opinions vary significantly based on the ideological/party background, the very fact so many Americans think the US is turning into a dictatorship and that a civil war is a likely scenario speaks volumes of the unflattering state of the much-touted “American democracy“ which has often been used as yet another pretext for America’s war against the world.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Protests growing across Europe



Peace with Russia, Freedom, Self-Determination in Austria (above) and Germany (below). 

See many more protest videos all across Germany in recent days here


Ukraine offensive killing Russian-ethnic civilians



     The objective would be to carry out a false flag operation to move global public opinion against Russia.

By Lucas Leiroz (Researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.) 


Once again it appears that Ukrainian forces and their allied mercenary troops are deliberately generating civilian casualties in their occupied regions. According to local sources, pro-Ukrainian forces reportedly shot at civilians in the Kharkov region. The purpose of such a crime would supposedly be to create a false flag to blame the Russians – something similar to what happened earlier in Bucha. If such reports are confirmed, this will be yet another example of criminal conduct on the part of Kiev agents.

The head of Kharkov’s civil-military administration recently told TV Rossiya-24 that pro-Ukrainian mercenaries had fired on civilians during the so-called “counter-offensive” in the last few days. In addition to killing and wounding innocents, the agents would also be filming the tragedy with the aim of spreading the videos and images on the internet claiming that the Russians would be responsible. In addition, not only murders would be being practiced by pro-Kiev mercenaries, but the cruelest possible acts of torture would also be taking place, according to local administration.

Vitaly Ganchev, head of the administration, said: “The situation is complicated and still alarming due to the fact that those people who were able to get out, say terrible things about what is now happening in Kupyansk and Veliky Burluk. It seems that mercenaries are driving around and shooting people, and all this is being filmed (…) I take it they need to clean up these towns and pretend that it were in fact Russian troops, that they tortured people, [and that is why] corpses [are] lying in the streets”.

There is still no official confirmation from other sources about these possible crimes, but images and videos are already circulating on the internet showing civilians being attacked by pro-Kiev fighters. The Russian government has not yet commented on the case, but apparently investigations are taking place. Considering the recent history of crimes committed by Zelesnky’s forces, it is very possible that this actually happened, as apparently attacking civilians is part of their praxis.

The presence of foreign mercenaries is also a fact that has been quite notorious on social media, with videos showing soldiers speaking in several different languages, mainly English. According to intelligence data reported to the Russian media agency Tass, about 2000 mercenaries took part in the confrontations in Kharkov, most of them American, British and Polish citizens, as well as from other NATO countries.

Interestingly, pro-Ukraine groups have already begun to spread misinformation about alleged massacres of civilians by Russian forces. For example, the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Information Portal published an article on 13 September titled “Bodies of more civilians murdered by the Russians found in liberated Kharkiv oblast village”. In the text, Russian soldiers are accused of having murdered civilians in the Kharkov region, but the evidence presented seems weak and unsubstantiated, sounding like mere unfounded claims.

In the same vein, CBS News had already published an article the day before entitled “Liberated Ukraine residents rejoice as Russian troops ‘running away’ from key city of Kharkiv”. Unsupported accusations are also made in this text, where the author alleges that Ukrainian civilians lived “more than half a year of hell”. Allegedly, Russian conduct towards civilians would have been rude and anti-humanitarian, with the Ukrainian “counteroffensive” being a kind of “rescue” of the citizens.

However, this narrative seems totally inconsistent with reality when we consider that 5,000 people, including civilians, were evacuated from Kharkov precisely to the Russian Federation. In all territories from which Russian troops retreat, allegations of “crimes committed by Moscow’s forces” arise immediately after the arrival of Ukrainian agents. Western media insist on the narrative that while Russians are in such areas civilians are “oppressed” and cannot report the aggressions they have suffered, but the reality is that the areas occupied by Russians are the closest to pacification. Apparently, terror and chaos are brought to these regions precisely by the arrival of Ukrainian forces.

In fact, Kiev, assisted by Western intelligence, has bet heavily on the tactic of producing false flag operations. The tragedy of Bucha and the bombings on ZNPP were the most emblematic cases, but now there are reports that something in this way is being tried in Kharkov and Izym after the “counteroffensive”. The praxis is the same: killing civilians and transferring bodies from other regions to form a “set of massacre” in front of the cameras. Thus, by releasing these images and videos on the internet, it is hoped to convince western public opinion that Russia is “cruel” and needs to be defeated. With this, Western governments gain more strength to approve packages of measures and continue NATO’s aggression against Russia and the Ukrainian people.

It remains to be seen whether Western public opinion will continue to be so easily deceived.

Brain relief to the EU



Is it too late for these airdrops?

Time will surely tell - cold nights ahead - but brains in the EU already appear to be frozen solid.....

Thanks to Reminiscence of the Future...

Russians building new housing in Mariupol


 Mariupol – The first families receive the keys to their newly built flats

By Christelle Néant (Donbass Insider)

Following the battle of Marioupol, many houses and flats were totally destroyed, leaving many families homeless. As soon as the fighting was over and the city was cleaned up, the construction of new housing was launched as a matter of urgency in order to rehouse as many of Marioupol’s inhabitants as possible before the onset of winter.

On 9 September 2022, we were in Mariupol to witness the handover of the first flats to their new owners. Several families, whose homes were completely destroyed, were chosen to receive these first flats.

Among them, the Smola family: Sergei, Evgenia, and their three daughters Serafina, Sofia and Ksenia. Their emotion is more than palpable and they all say they cannot believe that all this is real.

See the video report with French subtitles here

It must be said that this new housing estate was built in record time: 80 days all inclusive (including interior finishing). The employees of the Russian military construction company in charge of the construction of this new micro-district worked around the clock during these 80 days to finish in time.

And the result is far from sloppy. The style is pure but the buildings are as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. Nothing to do with the famous “panelka” type buildings built by the USSR. And between the buildings is a huge courtyard with a park with a slide and games for children, and sports facilities worthy of a fitness club.

These first three buildings contain more than 270 flats, and they will be joined in a few weeks by others, bringing the total to 1,011 flats, donated free of charge to the inhabitants of Mariupol who are without housing. More buildings will be built later, bringing the total to 22 buildings in this micro-district alone. The new settlement will also have several schools, sports fields, a fire station, and a polyclinic.

Priority will be given to families whose homes are completely beyond repair, and 30% of the housing is reserved equally (10% per category) for medical workers, education workers, and families of soldiers and policemen.

All the people interviewed on the spot hope that the whole of Mariupol will be rebuilt on this model. And looking at the result, one can only imagine what a beautiful city it would become after such a reconstruction. Even more beautiful than before February 2022. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Latest interview now available



I was interviewed by Regis Tremblay yesterday about the US-NATO war on Russia. Usually I'd post the video right here on the blog but Regis has been kicked off YouTube and his entire catalog of many years of video production have been wiped out. All past videos gone in a flash. 

He also lost his several thousand subscribers so now has to start all over again rebuilding his audience.

Such is the state of 'freedom of speech' across the west these days.

This blog only allows videos from YouTube to be posted here. Because he did this video on BitChute I can't post it. 

So if interested in seeing the interview on  BitChute you must go here and for Rumble go here

Regis, originally from Maine, moved to Crimea a couple years ago. He appears to be quite happy there.


Water, life and bondage


Jackson, Mississippi has a 2022 population of 149,739


Teachers are striking in some communities across the nation. School budgets are being defunded in many places. The federal government (which is waging an expensive war on Russia right now) has been dumping many social and infrastructure responsibilities onto local municipalities for years. They are overwhelmed.

Case in point is Jackson, Mississippi where citizens can't drink the water after a big flood overran their already challenged local water system. The Mississippi state legislature and governor have done little to nothing to help the predominately black city population. Biden has mostly called on the state to step up and promised some yet unknown level of federal assistance.

In other communities across the nation there are serious water problems. Flint, Michigan is another famous case. 

What I worry about is that the collapsing of public municipal water systems is soon to become so dramatic across the nation that we will be told that the government(s) can't afford to deal with it. We will be told that the only way for us to have viable drinking water systems is to privatize them and let the big corporations pay to fix the systems. 

While this might seem attractive to some taxpayers, in the end it will be a fatal trap to put our life-support water systems in the hands of Mr. Big. It is then that we would have just sold ourselves into permanent bondage.

The same can be said for our local education systems, sewer systems, roads, public transit, electric grids and more. 

Don't forget how Maggie Thatcher in the UK years ago sold off a beautiful national rail system to private interests and now it is a disaster. The corporations who took over UK rail don't want to invest back into the system for maintenance, staffing,  etc.

This is all part of what many are calling 'The Great Reset' which is a bankster program to take the whole global economy down to its knees (where they can then squeeze every last penny out of the public), thin the global population, and take down any governments (like Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and many others) who refuse to be controlled by the Washington-London-Brussels corporate crime syndicates. 

In his recent speech at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin reported that only 3% of the Ukrainian grain that was recently shipped from the Black Sea went to the African continent. The rest went to the EU. (Only 2 ships out of 87 were sent to 'the starving'.) Putin reminded the audience that this has been the same strategy coming from Europe for the last several hundred years.

It's sad to see so many people hanging onto the belief that replacing one of Mr. Big's controlled politicians with another will change, or even reform, things for the better. Those days are over in the capitalist run economies. 

Remember what Ralph Nader said years ago about why he began to run for president. For many years he was a very successful reformist consumer rights activist in Washington. He was able to get the Democrats in Congress to support reform legislation. But he decided to run for president in order to sound the alarm that even the Democrats had been taken over by the corporate agenda and that real reform was no longer really possible in our government.

Time for new thinking has come.


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

John Pilger: One of the great journalists



Australian journalist, author and documentary filmmaker John Pilger has dedicated his life to the pursuit of truth and shining a light on inconvenient facts that often contradict the mainstream media narrative. 

In this episode of Talking Post, Pilger sits down with SCMP chief news editor Yonden Lhatoo to discuss the war in Ukraine, the West versus China and the plight of jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Diana Johnstone: The Specter of Germany is Rising


 Olaf Scholz, federal chancellor of Germany, meets Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine, in Kiev, Feb. 14, 2022.

To meet the imaginary Russian threat to Western Europe, Germany will lead an expanded, militarized EU.

By Diana Johnstone
Special to Consortium News

The European Union is girding for a long war against Russia that appears clearly contrary to European economic interests and social stability. A war that is apparently irrational – as many are – has deep emotional roots and claims ideological justification. Such wars are hard to end because they extend outside the range of rationality.

For decades after the Soviet Union entered Berlin and decisively defeated the Third Reich, Soviet leaders worried about the threat of “German revanchism.” Since World War II could be seen as German revenge for being deprived of victory in World War I, couldn’t aggressive German Drang nach Osten be revived, especially if it enjoyed Anglo-American support? There had always been a minority in U.S. and U.K. power circles that would have liked to complete Hitler’s war against the Soviet Union.

It was not the desire to spread communism, but the need for a buffer zone to stand in the way of such dangers that was the primary motivation for the ongoing Soviet political and military clampdown on the tier of countries from Poland to Bulgaria that the Red Army had wrested from Nazi occupation.

This concern waned considerably in the early 1980s as a young German generation took to the streets in peace demonstrations against the stationing of nuclear “Euromissiles” which could increase the risk of nuclear war on German soil. The movement created the image of a new peaceful Germany. I believe that Mikhail Gorbachev took this transformation seriously.

On June 15, 1989, Gorbachev came to Bonn, which was then the modest capital of a deceptively modest West Germany. Apparently delighted with the warm and friendly welcome, Gorbachev stopped to shake hands with people along the way in that peaceful university town that had been the scene of large peace demonstrations.

I was there and experienced his unusually warm, firm handshake and eager smile. I have no doubt that Gorbachev sincerely believed in a “common European home” where East and West Europe could live happily side by side united by some sort of democratic socialism.

Gorbachev died at age 91 two weeks ago, on Aug. 30. His dream of Russia and Germany living happily in their “common European home” had soon been fatally undermined by the Clinton administration’s go-ahead to eastward expansion of NATO. But the day before Gorbachev’s death, leading German politicians in Prague wiped out any hope of such a happy end by proclaiming their leadership of a Europe dedicated to combating the Russian enemy.

These were politicians from the very parties – the SPD (Social Democratic Party) and the Greens – that took the lead in the 1980s peace movement.

German Europe Must Expand Eastward

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is a colorless SPD politician, but his Aug. 29 speech in Prague was inflammatory in its implications. Scholz called for an expanded, militarized European Union under German leadership. He claimed that the Russian operation in Ukraine raised the question of “where the dividing line will be in the future between this free Europe and a neo-imperial autocracy.” We cannot simply watch, he said, “as free countries are wiped off the map and disappear behind walls or iron curtains.”

(Note: the conflict in Ukraine is clearly the unfinished business of the collapse of the Soviet Union, aggravated by malicious outside provocation. As in the Cold War, Moscow’s defensive reactions are interpreted as harbingers of Russian invasion of Europe, and thus a pretext for arms buildups.)

To meet this imaginary threat, Germany will lead an expanded, militarized EU. First, Scholz told his European audience in the Czech capital, “I am committed to the enlargement of the European Union to include the states of the Western Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova and, in the long term, Georgia”. Worrying about Russia moving the dividing line West is a bit odd while planning to incorporate three former Soviet States, one of which (Georgia) is geographically and culturally very remote from Europe but on Russia’s doorstep.

Read the rest of this very important article here   

Diana Johnstone was press secretary of the Green Group in the European Parliament from 1989 to 1996. In her latest book, Circle in the Darkness: Memoirs of a World Watcher (Clarity Press, 2020), she recounts key episodes in the transformation of the German Green Party from a peace to a war party. Her other books include Fools’ Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Delusions (Pluto/Monthly Review) and in co-authorship with her father, Paul H. Johnstone, From MAD to Madness: Inside Pentagon Nuclear War Planning (Clarity Press).

Monday, September 12, 2022

Ukraine offensive? Listen to the accents....



The so-called 'heroic' Ukrainian offensive is being led by NATO forces (about 1/3 of the 9,000 soldiers in the Ukraine offensive are from NATO nations) with US-NATO heavy weapons. There is no doubt this is a US-UK-NATO run war on Russia. All of their operational surveillance and targeting information is coming from the Pentagon's space warfare system.

SouthFront reports:

According to some reports, NATO instructors lead the battle near Krasny Liman. According to radio intercept and data obtained from communication with prisoners, at least several groups of NATO officers are deployed in the Ivanovka and Nikolaevka regions near Slavyansk. They reportedly include [Americans], Poles and Englishmen. The former supervise and fully direct the crews on the M-777 artillery systems, while the British are responsible for the use of high-precision MLRS.

The AFU [Armed Forces Ukraine] and NATO are expected to continue their attempts to storm the town of Krasny Liman in order to create a bridgehead on the left coast of the Oskol river and develop their offensive towards Kremennaya.

To the west of Lisichansk, the AFU reportedly approached the village of Belogorovka located on the road leading to the city. In the case of a successful Ukrainian attack, Ukrainian forces may threaten Russian defences in the northern Donbass.  

Just a reminder that Russia's military budget in 2022 is less than $66 billion. Compare that to the US-UK-NATO collective military budgets - well over $1.5 trillion.

There is no doubt that the Russian people know who they are fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The operative question is just how far will US-UK-NATO take this war to force regime change in Moscow and the break-up of Russia into smaller nations? 

Apartheid in Israel widens




While Palestinians are forced off of buses for being Arab, apartheid Israel is now requiring foreigners to officially notify the regime if they fall in love with a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank.
If they marry, they must leave Palestine for a 6-month "cooling-off period."

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sunday song