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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Latest GN newsletter now online


Inside the new Space Alert!

The latest edition of our Global Network newsletter, Space Alert, is now finished and at the printer.

  •     Cover story by Koohan Paik-Mander is a must read.
  •     We have a two-page spread in this issue about the explosion of space ports being built around the world in environmentally sensitive areas.
  •     Stories about coming super-power conflict over bases on the Moon and the pathway to get there.
  •     'Colonies on Mars' envisioned by the aerospace industry. One way ticket to the red planet is only $300,000 (that is at today's prices so make your reservation ASAP!).
  •     A special 'In Memoriam: J. Narayana Rao Presente' to remember one of our greatest GN leaders from India who passed away in June due to Covid.
  •     And our usual section called 'the funnies'.... you gotta laugh sometimes.
  •     You can order bulk copies of the newsletter - just send a donation to help cover print/mailing costs.
  •     You will find the full color version online here

Implications of 5G sat launches


SEPTEMBER 18 + 19 2021


Plus the video did not mention the military applications of 5G - increased speeds for 'better surveillance, tracking, targeting and robotic operations'.




Friday, September 17, 2021

Aussie quandary : Don't say it out loud!


Say the name....say it!


But why? 

Because Washington told Canberra it had to buy submarines from the UK. 

How long will the Australian people allow their government to remain a US lap dog like London?

Break this damn noose of co-dependent behavior!

The law giving the US President the license to kill


The Art of War

By Manlio Dinucci (il manifesto,Italy)

On September 18, 2001, a week after September 11, the US Congress unanimously approved Public Law 107-40 which stated: “The President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations or persons that he determines planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by  such nations, organizations or persons.” 

The Act, which gave Republican President George W. Bush full war powers, was drafted by Democratic Senator Joe Biden, chairman of the Foreign Relations Commission.

President Bush was thus authorized by Congress, in the name of the "war on terror", to use military force not only against organizations or people but entire nations, whose guilt was decreed by the President himself, who passed the sentence without trial nor the possibility of appeal and ordered immediate execution by means of war. 

The only ones who have long called for the cancellation of this law are two senators, Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Christopher Young, but their attempt has so far been unsuccessful. The Law of September 18, 2001, still in force, was used after Republican President Bush by the Democrat Barack Obama, the Republican Donald Trump and the Democrat Biden (former Vice-president in the Obama Administration). 

It is estimated that it has been used by presidential order to "legitimize" in the last twenty years military operations carried out by the US armed forces in 19 countries around the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Cameroon, Niger.

Three weeks after the passing of the law, President Bush ordered to attack and invade Afghanistan, officially to hunt down Bin Laden protected by the Taliban; three months later, he ordered the opening of the Guantanamo prison camp, where alleged terrorists from various parts of the world were secretly deported and tortured; a year and a half later - prompted by a bipartisan resolution of 77 senators, promoted by Joe Biden - President Bush ordered to attack and invade Iraq with the accusation (later proved false) that it possessed weapons of mass destruction. 

The order was to use the knuckle duster to crush the resistance: this was confirmed by the images of the tortures in Abu Ghraib prison, which came to light in 2004.

Always on the basis of the 2001 law which authorized him to "use all necessary and appropriate force", President Obama, ten years later, authorized the CIA to carry out covert operations in Libya in preparation for the NATO war that would demolish the Libyan State. 


According to the same "legal" procedure - the New York Times documented on May 29, 2012 - during the Obama administration the "kill list" was established, updated weekly, including people from all over the world secretly sentenced to death with the accusation of terrorism, who were eliminated for the most part with drone-killers after the President’s approval. The same procedure was followed in January 2020 by President Trump, who ordered the elimination of the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, killed by a US drone at Baghdad airport. 

Similar attacks by the US drones have been "legally" authorized in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

Based on the authorization of President Biden, the most recent drone-killer attack was the one that hit a car suspected of carrying an ISIS bomb on August 29 in Kabul. An investigation by the New York Times (September 10) found that the car (followed for a long time by the drone pilot sitting thousands of kilometers away) was not carrying explosives but water tanks. A "Hellfire" missile was fired at this car in a densely populated neighborhood, killing ten civilians including seven children.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Operation Cyclone: Arrogance in action in Afghanistan


Going Underground invited John Pilger to discusses the US support for the Afghan Mujahideen, which would become the Taliban, in its war against the communist PDPA government and the Soviet Union.

Operation Cyclone was a CIA and MI6 invention to overthrow the PDPA.

This was done despite the US government acknowledging in one of its own reports that support for the jihadists would likely mean the irreversible end of progressive reforms implemented, such as women's rights, rights to education and the end of the empowerment of the poorer classes of Afghan society. 

All the hot-wailing from Washington (and the BBC) these days about the poor women in Kabul is pure bullshit.

New voices: Connecting Military and Climate


Luke Sekera-Flanders (Fryeburg, Maine) at the Blue Angels Air Show protest in Brunswick on September 4. 

He served as the rally Emcee and spoke about our current climate crisis. 

Luke connected the dots between Climate and the Pentagon. 

We were quite proud of this young man.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

How DOD is taking it’s Mission to Space


By Walter Pincus

While others this past weekend have been looking back to 9/11, U.S. Space Command is looking forward to the next domain of warfare — in the heavens — to be directed from a Space Electromagnetic Operating Base somewhere in the United States.

Space Command’s Systems Command, Enterprise Corps and Special Programs Directorate, located at Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif., are looking for potential contractors to run an ambitious, five-year program that will, by 2027, design, develop, deliver and operate a Space Electromagnetic Warfare facility whose primary purpose would be to jam or destroy enemy satellite and land-based communications in time of war.

It all was described in a request for information published September 1, for possible contractors to provide their potential capabilities and interest in taking on the job.

The U.S. may not have done well here on earth against the Taliban in Afghanistan, but Space Command is moving to stay ahead of its big-power competitors in using the electromagnetic spectrum for use as a weapon against potential adversary satellites in space.

As the Congressional Research Service (CRS) recently described it, “The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of wavelengths or frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. It includes radio waves, microwaves, visible light, X-rays, and gamma rays.”

The majority of military communications capabilities use radio waves and microwaves. Infrared and ultraviolet spectrums can disseminate large volumes of data, including video, over long distances – for example, intelligence collection and distribution. The military can also use lasers offensively, to dazzle satellite sensors, destroy drones, and for other purposes, according to the CRS.

Electronic warfare is not new – it was extensively used in World War II and its uses have been growing ever since.

CRS described it this way: “Missiles in general, and anti-air munitions in particular, use either infrared or radar for terminal guidance (i.e., guiding a missile once it has been launched) to targets. Electronic jammers are used to deny an adversary access to the spectrum. These jammers are primarily used in the radio and microwave frequencies (and sometimes paired together), preventing communications (both terrestrially and space-based) as well as radar coverage. Militaries have also begun using lasers to disable intelligence collection sensors, destroy small unmanned aerial systems (aka ‘drones’), and communicate with satellites.”


Back in 1977, I covered a House hearing when Dr. George Ullrich, then-Deputy Director of Defense Special Weapons Agency, described resumption of atmospheric nuclear testing in 1962 following a three-year testing moratorium. One test, called Starfish Prime, was a 1.4 megaton, high-altitude detonation. It took place over Johnston Island in the South Pacific at an altitude of about 250 miles – the largest nuclear test ever conducted in outer space.

Ullrich testified that the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effects of the Starfish explosion surprisingly knocked out the telephone service and street lights on Hawaiian Islands, which were 800 miles east of the detonation. Years later, Ullrich wrote that another surprise outcome had been that months after the 1962 detonation, an AT&T satellite transmitting television signals from space died prematurely followed by the early failure of other satellites.

Ullrich closed on a note more relevant to today. “High-altitude EMP does not distinguish between military and civilian systems. Unhardened infrastructure systems, such as commercial power grids, telecommunication networks, as we have discussed before, remain vulnerable to widespread outages and upsets due to high-altitude EMP. While DOD (Defense Department) hardens their assets it deems vital, no comparable civilian programs exist. Thus, the detonation of one or a few high-altitude nuclear weapons could result in serious problems for the entire U.S. civil and commercial infrastructure.”

There are also non-nuclear, EMP weapons that produce pulses of energy that create a powerful electromagnetic field capable of short-circuiting a wide range of electronic equipment, particularly computers, satellites, radios, radar receivers and even civilian traffic lights.


Key to the proposed Space Electromagnetic Operating Base is L3Harris’ next generation CCS (Counter Communications System) electronic warfare system known as Meadowlands, that can reversibly deny adversaries’ satellite communications. In March 2020, Space Force declared initial operational capability of Meadowlands as “the first offensive weapon system in the United States Space Force.” Currently a road-mobile system, an additional $30 million was added to the program in this fiscal year (2021) to “design forward garrison systems…Accelerate development of new mission techniques to meet advancing threat and integrate techniques into the CCS program of record.”

Defense Daily reported last month that in May, Space Force put out a bid for production of an additional 26 Meadowlands systems with production to go on through fiscal 2025.

The first task listed for the proposed, new Space Electromagnetic Operating Base is to provide a “Space EW (Electromagnetic Warfare) Common Operating Picture” that displays relevant space electromagnetic warfare information via the remote modular terminals (RMTs) of the Meadowland program. Another task will be mission planning to include providing “executable tactical instructions, planning weapon-target pairings, & enabling automated control of multiple SEW assets by a single operator.”

The proposal called for the Space EW common picture to depict the current adversary’s Space Order of Battle (SOB), the current state of space electromagnetic warfare tasking, and real-time status of operations.  The information displayed will come from “real time intelligence, C2, and operational units.  The information from intelligence will include SOB and Battle Damage Assessment (BDA). Command and control (C2) will provide its information to SEWOL [Space Electromagnetic Warfare Operating Location] via secure communications. Operational units will provide systems status, electromagnetic support (ES) reporting, Electromagnetic Attack (EA) strike assessment, and remote assets situational awareness (SA).”

The eventual contractor “will integrate the Meadowlands and RMT Remote Operations capability into the facility’s eventual architecture,” according to the proposal. The architecture of the proposed space warfare operating base “will be scalable and flexible to allow incorporation of future SEW [space electromagnetic warfare] systems. Future SEW systems could have substantially different interfaces from the RMT and Meadowlands systems without a baseline interface, and the development of the COI [common operating interface] will help streamline integration of future systems,” according to the proposal.

While Space Command is focused on an initial location in the continental U.S., the proposal said, “It will then expand to include multiple geographically dispersed operating locations…[which] will be able to control a scalable number of assets. In addition, they can be used interchangeably and/or collaboratively to provide high resiliency and operational flexibility.”

Three weeks ago, on August 24, Army Gen. James Dickinson, U.S. Space Command commander, declared the nation’s 11th combatant command achieved initial operational capability (IOC). “We are a very different command today at IOC then we were at stand-up in 2019 — having matured and grown into a war fighting force, prepared to address threats from competition to conflict in space, while also protecting and defending our interests in this vast and complex domain.”

This is just the beginning.

~ Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Walter Pincus is a contributing senior national security columnist for The Cipher Brief. He spent forty years at The Washington Post, writing on topics from nuclear weapons to politics.  He is the author of Blown to Hell: America’s Deadly Betrayal of the Marshall Islanders (releasing in November 2021)  He also won an Emmy in 1981 and the 2010 Arthur Ross Award from the American Academy for Diplomacy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Washington plays good cop-bad cop



Conservative journalist Tucker Carlson breaks down South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham's Afghanistan resume.

In this case Carlson (intentionally or not) shows how political hacks from both parties justify and promote endless war. 

The clip in the video has Sen. Graham sitting next to a self-righteous Obama while declaring his support for a 35,000 troops surge in Afghanistan soon after the new president came into office. It is a moment to remember.

Carlson doesn't say this - but I will - the game in Washington is largely political theater. They play good cop-bad cop and usually disagree on social issues like abortion, school prayer, Covid masks or not, and the like.

But when it comes to the big money - $1 trillion a year for endless war - you see the two parties miraculously reaching 'bi-partisan consensus'. 

It's virtually the same with domestic economic policy - both parties stick together. They won't even allow a vote on Medicare for All, they let the rich hide from paying their fair share in taxes, Dems and Repubs hand-out massive corporate welfare, and they talk big about dealing with climate crisis but then do little to punish the corporate polluters or recognize the problem from the Pentagon's huge carbon bootprint.

In the end, to quote the great comedian (and social critic) George Carlin, 'It's a rigged game'. 

I like to think of Congress (and the White House) as a Hollywood TV series that you'd find on Netflix. The Dems and Repubs have their scripts and talking points. They know their job is to divide the public against itself in order to protect corporate oligarchic power. They get paid to carry out that mission and have been doing a damn good job of it for a long time - all the while maintaining the illusion that we have 'Democracy' in America.

For me the way out of this dark tunnel is to acknowledge the truth. Sort of like AA's 12-step program. They begin each meeting with, 'Hello, my name is so-and-so and I am an alcoholic'.

The American people need to learn to say, 'Hello, I'm an American and our nation is addicted to deceit, endless war, control and domination at home and abroad, and the feeling that we are the greatest nation in the history of planet Earth. We are not'.

Cough, cough..... 


Bennett's Responsibility



By Adam Keller

Prime Minister Bennett
Explicitly announced
That "There will be
No political process
With the Palestinians".

In other words,
He informed the Palestinians
That they have no hope whatsoever
To get free
Of the Israeli occupation
Through negotiations.
Any road to liberty
By non-violent means  
Was completely closed off.

The six Palestinian prisoners
Who staged a daring prison break,
Are admired by their people
As freedom fighters,
While Israel regards them
As dangerous terrorists.
They may provide the spark
Setting off a great conflagration

The full responsibility
For all developments
From this point onwards
Lies firmly with Naftali Bennett.

Gush Shalom Statement - Sept. 13, 2021
Contact: Adam Keller +972-54-2340749

Monday, September 13, 2021

History lesson: A policy coup in foreign affairs


General Wesley Clark commanded Operation Allied Force during the Kosovo War under his term as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000.

Clark joined the 2004 race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination as a candidate in 2003, but withdrew from the primary race after winning the Oklahoma state primary. He eventually endorsed and campaigned for the eventual Democratic nominee, John Kerry. (He had hoped the American people still loved to have generals become president. Didn't work out for him.)

He tells the story about learning of a secret Pentagon plan to go to war with Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Lebanon, and Somalia in order to take control of former Soviet client states while Washington was still king of the hill.

How is that plan working out so far?

Many of the same interests are still in charge of things in Washington's mahogany-walled offices.

Will Washington continue on its suicidal path to rule the world or will the public (with all the other big issues facing us like climate crisis, Covid crisis, and coming economic collapse) come alive and shut the war machine down. We sure could use $1 trillion a year, presently wasted on the Pentagon, for other much needed purposes.


The US military pivot into the Indo-Pacific is costly, dangerous and destabilizing

Currently it does not look like there will be any significant adjustments by the ruling corporate elites.

Instead of pulling back from their quest for global control and domination they are going after China and Russia with a vengeance. 

If the US-NATO can't handle Afghanistan after 20 years how in the hell do they think they can whip China and Russia in what would likely turn into a nuclear war?

The Space Command is soon to announce the deployment of their first 'weapon in space'. It is likely to be some kind of directed-energy weapon they contend could 'neutralize' Chinese and Russian military satellites giving the Pentagon a leg-up in its plan to pull of a 'successful first-strike attack'. 

Can we use the word evil to describe these crazy ideas?

I know the American people are tired of all the bad news. They want hope, happiness and to believe they will win the lottery and all their troubles will be over.

But living in the real world tells us different.


Respecting the humanity in the other person....



Popular comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan has railed against critics who slammed him for taking the anti-parasite drug Ivermectin to treat Covid. 

Shouldn't an individual, in consultation with their doctor, be allowed to make decisions about their own health?

Come to find out the creators of Ivermectin won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. There are growing stories about successful use of the drug as one treatment in a larger regime of medications for Covid patients. See this article.

Ivermectin is currently used by about 23% of the world's population to treat Covid.  These nations below are currently using the drug (either widely or in a limited way). 

Argentina, Bangladesh, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, Thailand, USA, Ukraine, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. 

To view more about each of these nations use of the drug see here.

But the use of the drug is still being lambasted by the corporate-dominated media in the US.

One thing many of these countries share is extreme poverty which might account for their use of Ivermectin.

One doctor writes, "Ivermectin costs about $2 per dose. It is safer than Tylenol or most vitamins, says Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC Alliance, a group of expert physicians promoting access and information through a nonprofit organization. Dr. Kory and Mr. Lorigo have teamed up to help other hospitalized patients gain access to the life-saving drug."

Like Russell Brand says about himself in the video, I am not a medical professional and am not prescribing any drug to fight an obvious Covid crisis that is raging out of control. But like Brand, I also strongly believe that we should be allowed to discuss this huge issue without fear of persecution, shaming, or backlash. 

We supposedly live in a democracy. The citizens are supposed to be allowed to have free speech and freedom of thought and action.

One must wonder why big pharma, and the media they regularly advertise their drugs on, is so determined to shut down any honest discussion about treatment plans for Covid other than expensive vaccines that are made by these same corporations.

One of my friends in Maine currently has a case of Covid. He'd like to take Ivermectin, and any other drug prescribed by a medical professional that might help him now, rather than just waiting at home until he can't breath anymore and then having to lay in a hospital bed. 

Isn't the medical profession supposed to try to 'prevent illness' from getting worse? Do no harm?

It seems like a no-brainer to me. But I've been around long enough to know that money talks - especially in the USA.

Who benefits when we demonize one another?

Who benefits when healthy debate - especially among medical professionals - is shut down?

Who benefits when the media becomes an active agent in suppressing freedom of speech?

I'd like to get the answers to these fundamental questions.

Thanks to Russell Brand for raising these human concerns.


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday song