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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Saturday, March 20, 2021

What's in America's mind?


                Jimmy Carter's former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski speaks in 2009 in Washington. He discovered Obama while teaching at Columbia University. Since Brzezinski was also likely CIA he was on the look out for young, bright, ambitious young people of color who appeared to be malleable. He found such a person in Obama and he was made president.  People of color will become the majority population very soon in the US and Wall Street understands they need candidates of color who will do the bidding for the elites.  Thus Obama, Harris, and a whole host of approved politicians of color are now being allowed to come carry water for the Deep State.


For Leviathan, it’s so cold in Alaska

Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi will seek to make shark's fin soup out of Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan at the Anchorage summit

by Pepe Escobar

Leviathan seems to be positioning itself for a geopolitical Kill Bill rampage – yet brandishing a rusty samurai high-carbon-steel sword.

Predictably, US deep state masters have not factored in that they could eventually be neutralized by a geopolitical Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

In a searing, concise essay, Alastair Crooke pointed to the heart of the matter. These are the two key insights – including a nifty Orwellian allusion:

1. “Once control over the justifying myth of America was lost, the mask was off.”

2. “The US thinks to lead the maritime and rimland powers in imposing a searing psychological, technological and economic defeat on the Russia-China-Iran alliance. In the past, the outcome might have been predictable. This time Eurasia may very well stand solid against a weakened Oceania (and a faint-hearted Europe).”

And that brings us to two interconnected summits: the Quad and the China-US 2+2 in Alaska.

The virtual Quad last Friday came and went like a drifting cloud. When you had India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying the Quad is “a force for global good,” no wonder rows of eyebrows across the Global South were raised.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi remarked last year that the Quad was part of a drive to create an “Asian NATO.”

It is. But the hegemon, lording over India, Japan and Australia, mustn’t spell it out. Thus the vague rhetoric about “free and open Indo-Pacific,” “democratic values,” “territorial integrity” – all code to characterize containment of China, especially in the South China Sea.  

The exceptionalist wet dream – routinely expressed in US Thinktankland – is to position an array of missiles in the first island chain, pointing towards China like a weaponized porcupine. Beijing is very much aware of it.  

Apart from a meek joint statement, the Quad promised to deliver 1 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines throughout the “Indo-Pacific” by the end of 2022.

The vaccine would be produced by India and financed by the US and Japan, with the logistics of distribution coming from Australia.

That was predictably billed as “countering China’s influence in the region.” Too little, too late. The bottom line is: The hegemon is furious because China’s vaccine diplomacy is a huge success – not only across Asia but all across the Global South.

This ain’t no ‘strategic dialogue’

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken is a mere apparatchik who was an enthusiastic cheerleader for shock and awe against Iraq 18 years ago, in 2003. At the time he was staff director for the Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, then chaired by Senator Joe Biden.

Now Blinken is running US foreign policy for a senile cardboard entity who mutters, live, on camera, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Nance” – as in Nancy Pelosi; and who characterizes the Russian president as “a killer,” “without a soul,” who will “pay a price.”   

Paraphrasing Pulp Fiction: “Diplomacy’s dead, baby. Diplomacy’s dead.”

With that in mind, there’s little doubt that the formidable Yang Jiechi, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, side by side with Foreign Minister Wang Yi, will make shark’s fin soup out of their interlocutors Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan at the 2+2 summit in Anchorage, Alaska.

Only two days before the start of the Two Sessions in Beijing, Blinken proclaimed that China is the “biggest geopolitical challenge of the 21st century.”   

According to Blinken, China is the “only country with the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to seriously challenge the stable and open international system – all the rules, values and relationships that make the world work the way we want it to, because it ultimately serves the interests and reflects the values of the American people.”

So Blinken tacitly admits what really matters is how the world works “the way we want it to” – “we” being the hegemon, which made those rules in the first place. And those rules serve the interests and reflect the values of the American people. As in: It’s our way or the highway.  

Blinken could be excused because he’s just a wide-eyed novice on the big stage. But it gets way more embarrassing.

Here’s his foreign policy in a nutshell (“his” because the hologram at the White House needs 24/7 instructions in his earpiece to even know what time it is):

Sanctions, sanctions everywhere; Cold War 2.0 against Russia and “killer” Putin; China guilty of “genocide” in Xinjiang; a notorious apartheid state getting a free pass to do anything; Iran must blink first or there’s no return to the JCPOA; Random Guaido recognized as President of Venezuela, with regime change still the priority.

There’s a curious kabuki in play here. Following the proverbial revolving door logic in DC, before literally crossing the street to have full access to the White House, Blinken was a founding partner of WestExec Advisors, whose main line of business is to offer “geopolitical and policy expertise” to American multinationals, the overwhelming majority of which are interested in – where else – China.  

So Alaska might point to some measure of trade-off on trade. The problem, though, seems insurmountable. Beijing does not want to eschew the profitable American market, while for Washington expansion of Chinese technology across the West is anathema.

Blinken himself pre-empted Alaska, saying this is no “strategic dialogue.” So we’re back to bolstering the Indo-Pacific racket; recriminations about the “loss of freedom” in Hong Kong – whose role of US/UK Fifth Column is now definitely over; Tibet; and the “invasion” of Taiwan, now on spin overdrive, with the Pentagon stating it is “probable” before 2027.    

“Strategic dialogue” it ain’t.

A junkie on a bum trip

Wang Yi, at a press conference linked to the 13th National People’s Congress and the announcement of the next Five-Year Plan, said: “We will set an example of strategic mutual trust, by firmly supporting each other in upholding core and major interests, jointly opposing ‘color revolution’ and countering disinformation, and safeguarding national sovereignty and political security.”

That’s a sharp contrast with the post-truth “highly likely” school of spin privileged by (failed) Russiagate peddlers and assorted Sinophobes.   

Top Chinese scholar Wang Jisi, who used to be close to the late Ezra Vogel, author of arguably the best Deng Xiaoping biography in English, has introduced an extra measure of sanity, recalling Vogel’s emphasis on the necessity of US and East Asia understanding each other’s culture.

According to Wang Jisi, “In my own experiences, I find one difference between the two countries most illuminating. We in China like the idea of “seeking common ground while reserving our differences.” We state that the common interests between our two countries far exceed our differences. We define common ground by a set of principles like mutual respect and cooperation. Americans, in contrast, tend to focus on hard issues like tensions over Taiwan and the South China Sea. It looks that the Chinese want to set up principles before trying to solve specific problems, but the Americans are eager to deal with problems before they are ready to improve the relationship.”


The real problem is that the hegemon seems congenitally incapable of trying to understand the Other. It always harks back to that notorious formulation by Zbigniew Brzezinski, with trademark imperial arrogance, in his 1997 magnum opus The Grand Chessboard:

“To put it in a terminology that harkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected and to keep the barbarians from coming together.”

Dr Zbig was referring, of course, to Eurasia. “Security dependence among vassals” applied mostly to Germany and Japan, key hubs in the Rimland.  “Tributaries pliant and protected” applied mostly to the Middle East.

And crucially, “keep the barbarians from coming together” applied to Russia, China and Iran. That was Pax Americana in a nutshell. And that’s what’s totally unraveling now.

Hence the Kill Bill logic. It goes back a long way. Less than two months after the collapse of the USSR, the 1992 Defense Planning Guidance preached total global dominance and, following Dr Zbig, the absolute imperative of preventing the emergence of any future peer competitor.

Especially Russia, defined as “the only power in the world with the capacity of destroying the United States.”

Then, in 2002, at the start of the “axis of evil” era, came the full spectrum dominance doctrine as the bedrock of the US National Security Strategy. Domination, domination everywhere: terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, cosmic, psychological, biological, cyber-technological.

And, not by accident, the Indo-Pacific strategy – which guides the Quad – is all about “how to maintain US strategic primacy.”

This mindset is what enables US Think Tankland to formulate risible “analyses” in which the only “win” for the US imperatively requires a failed Chinese “regime.”

After all, Leviathan is congenitally incapable of accepting a “win-win”; it only runs on “zero-sum,” based on divide and rule.   

And that’s what’s leading the Russia-China strategic partnership to progressively establish a wide-ranging, comprehensive security environment, spanning everything from high-tech weaponry to banking and finance, energy supplies and the flow of information.  

To evoke yet another pop culture gem, a discombobulated Leviathan now is like Caroline, the junkie depicted in Lou Reed’s Berlin:

But she’s not afraid to die / All of her friends call her Alaska / When she takes speed / They laugh and ask her / What is in her mind / What is in her mind / She put her fist through the window pane / It was such a / funny feeling / It’s so cold / in Alaska.


Friday, March 19, 2021

China & Russia respond after Washington pompously lectures them


The US argues for a 'rules-based international order'. That is a real joke.  What rules does the US want?

How about the 2003 'shock and awe' invasion and long occupation of Iraq that was clearly a violation of international law?  Or maybe the 2011 US effort (still underway) to overthrow the elected government in Syria.

Or how about the 2008 US orchestrated coup in Ukraine? Or the attempted recent coup in Venezuela? Then there is Libya and the US-NATO destruction of Yugoslavia.  Vietnam, could go on for days making such a list.

It is clear that China and Russia are over it - they are not going to let Washington's 'exceptional hypocrisy' go by without responding.

It's about time....


Solidarity message for California Space X protest



Solidarity message for Space X (Elon Musk) protest

It is a great honor to share words of solidarity with those assembled today in protest of the dangerous and deadly efforts by Elon Musk to contaminate the heavens and Earth with thousands of satellites for 5G. Congratulations to all for speaking out in this crucial moment.

The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space was created in 1992 to protect space from a new arms race and from the rush by the nuclear industry to position nuclear power on the planetary bodies. Our members around the world proudly stand with you today.

In order for Musk, and other greedy power mongers, to launch the massive numbers of satellites for their new 5G Empire, they need more spaceports.  And thus our members are working around the planet to oppose the construction of these new launch facilities. 

The more launches that happen the greater the impacts will be on the Earth’s ozone layer – thus making an already bad climate crisis even worse. Putting tens of thousands of new satellites in Earth orbit will also dramatically worsen the already huge problem of space junk.

We too have deep concerns about Musk’s arrogant plans to ‘Nuke Mars’ and ‘Occupy Mars’ and to explode 10,000 nuclear bombs over the dusty red planet in order to turn it green.  Talk about insanity!

And finally Space X has signed contracts to launch satellites for the Pentagon’s new ‘Space Force’ which means he is directly helping to further militarize space.  War in space is the last thing we need!

Most in the public know little about these issues.  We look forward to working with each of you in the future to shut down 5G operations and to Keep Space for Peace!

Best wishes always,

Bruce K. Gagnon  

This message was read at the rally today in southern California outside the HQ of Elom Musk's SpaceX

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Short film by Bill Park



A taste of Florida and space politics in this original short film by artist and late friend Bill Park.

He wrote and directed the production and put an advert in the Central Florida Actors newsletter seeking volunteers to act and shoot this film.  Folks signed up and he made this great piece about a woman invited to a Global Network peace in space protest. 

She faces multiple obstacles.....

For many years Bill was hired by the American Bar Association to design the cover of their prestigious monthly magazine. 

In his early years Bill often got his cartoons into The New Yorker magazine but by the 1990's many of these mainstream opportunities for his art work dried up. He then turned to the creation of a syndicated cartoon series called 'Off the leash' which ran for a few years but his increasingly political views on issues caught up with him and that project faded as well.  

It was sometime in the early 2000's that Bill told me, "You are the only one using any of my art anymore." I of course told him that I would always be ready to use anything he sent me.  

Often times if I had a particular need for an image we'd talk about a design idea and then we'd go back and forth until we were both happy with it.

Bill was the consummate pro.

God, am I ever going to miss this in peace dear friend.


Zoom event: The U.S. plan to control and dominate space


Bruce Gagnon (Global Network) makes a visual presentation on Zoom about the US plan to control and dominate space.  

The event was organized by five peace groups in Maine.

Intro by Rosie Paul from PeaceWorks. 

Event organized by Martha Spiess from Peace Action Maine.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

One of the best is gone.....



Will (Bill) Park has died.  He grew up in beautiful, rural, conservative and racist central Florida.  Bill was a Presbyterian but sort of gave up on religion.  He was a great artist and loved to talk politics - and knew his way around the issues quite well.  

I loved him like an older brother - that I never had - I grew up with 5 sisters. We became close in the early 1980's and he began coming to local peace events in Orlando.  Bill illustrated much of my work since then and his vision still lasts today, as relevant as ever.

His wife Evie called me today to pass on the sad news.  They were married 59 years - Bill (as I most liked to call him) loved his family so much.

We'd meet at various local BBQ joints in the greater Orlando area for a lunch quite regularly.  Living in that reactionary region gave us much to talk about during the days of the Cold War and US's military expansion into space.  Bill made many great images about space issues. We were roommates on a trip to Cuba together that I organized while working at the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice.

So here are a few of my favorites to remember a great human being. 

Bill Park Presente!

Love you brother,


(Click on any of the graphics for a better view)



5G Satellite Protest Rally March 19 at SpaceX in California


A number of Safe Technology, Pro-Health and Environmental organizations have come together to plan a national protest rally at the headquarters of SpaceX in Hawthorne, CA on Friday, March 19th, 2021. This event will “kick off” the next 5G Global Protest Day, scheduled for the following day, March 20th.

Protestors are calling for an immediate halt to SpaceX and other 5G satellite approvals due to inadequate assessment of the impacts of launching tens of thousands of satellites into the earth’s atmosphere.

5G is currently being rolled out around the world at breakneck speed. An “all things connected” world will wirelessly connect every “thing”, “event”, and place on the planet to the internet. To do so will entail a huge increase in radio frequency exposure, energy consumption, environmental degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing, use, and disposal of trillions of IoT “things”, devices and accompanying infrastructure. More and more people are questioning the harms to health, wildlife, climate, human rights, privacy and cyber security.

SpaceX and other companies are deploying thousands of low orbit satellites (potentially 100,000 or more) and complementary earth base stations, none of which have been tested for environmental safety. Dangers include depletion of the ozone layer, pollution from rocket launches and from “dead” satellites burning up in the atmosphere, radiation levels that exceed even the FCC and ICNIRP’s antiquated maximum exposure limits, permanent compromise of the night sky, space debris accumulation and likely satellite collisions, interference with astronomical research and weather forecasting, effects on wildlife and humans, and 5G is not cost effective, and is just not needed.

Unfortunately, SpaceX is not the only company launching satellites. One Web, Telesat, Amazon, Facebook and Lynk all have plans to join the global 5G race. Many other countries also have their own satellite programs.

Wired technology such as fiber or coaxial cable is safer, faster and far more reliable and cyber secure than wireless. Wired connections should be used for the vast majority of all internet and telecommunications technology, reserving wireless for emergency use, and recognizing that the cultivated demand for always-on wireless data harvesting, under the guise of connectivity, is unnecessary, unsustainable and a breach of privacy.

Collaborating organizations include Stop 5G International, the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, Environmental Health Trust, Americans for Responsible Technology, Children’s Health Defense, Moms Across America, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, and 5G Free California

For questions contact David Goldberg, 5G Colorado Action at

For more information, visit
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

US-Britain-France accused of lies about Syria



By Aaron Maté

Prominent signatories and five former OPCW officials are calling on the chemical watchdog to address the cover-up of its chemical weapons investigation in the Syrian city of Douma, and to hear out the dissenting scientists whose findings were censored.

Five former officials from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons have joined a group of prominent signatories to urge the OPCW to address the controversy surrounding its investigation of an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria in April 2018.

Leaks from inside the OPCW show that key scientific findings that cast doubt on claims of Syrian government guilt were censored, and that the original investigators were removed from the probe. Since the cover-up became public, the OPCW has shunned accountability and publicly attacked the two whistleblowers who challenged it from inside.

The “Statement of Concern” is signed by five former OPCW officials, including the organization’s founding leader, José Bustani, and others including Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Tulsi Gabbard, John Pilger, Lord West of Spithead, as well two former senior UN officials, Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck.

“The issue at hand threatens to severely damage the reputation and credibility of the OPCW and undermine its vital role in the pursuit of international peace and security,” the statement says. “It is simply not tenable for a scientific organization such as the OPCW to refuse to respond openly to the criticisms and concerns of its own scientists whilst being associated with attempts to discredit and smear those scientists.”  

For more on Syria see this article:  The U.S. Role in Plundering Syria’s Oil: Depriving the Syrians of the Wealth of Their Own Country

Brand on space privatization


Billionaires wealth has grown by a trillion dollars in the pandemic, and as the majority of the ideas about tomorrow are now conceived by a tiny minority of ultra-wealthy individuals and private-sector companies - are tech billionaires colonizing our future?

Elites are taking over!

Monday, March 15, 2021

Space Force webinar with Bruce Gagnon


Topic: The Space Force: Who cares about an arms race in Space? 
Speaker: Bruce Gagnon (Global Network) 
Time: Mar 17, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 
Sponsored by PeaceWorks, Peace Action Maine, Maine Veterans for Peace, WILPF-Maine and Maine Natural Guard.

Mr. Big is looking for total control



Dr. Vandana Shiva sat in a press conference to discuss the topics of climate change being the cause of refugees and terrorism. 

She also references the Bill Gates jargon being fed through the media and how we can protect ourselves from their language and answer back with ours.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

More workers support conversion of BIW


  • Thirteen of us were at Bath Iron Works yesterday for the weekly Lenten season vigil. Maureen Ostensen, one of the key organizers, shared during the closing circle a story about a young worker who took one of her flyers as he was leaving the shipyard.  He said, "You know I really appreciate that you are here.  I'd rather be building something different but need this job.  Others inside feel the same way."  Maureen told him that we respect him as well and understand his need for work.  She reminded him that we are doing these vigils as a way to challenge the company and the community to do more to convert BIW from building destroyers to making products that help us deal with climate crisis. (Photos above taken by retired BIW worker Peter Woodruff)
  • One of the places that Bath-built Aegis destroyers have been increasingly sent in recent months is into the Black Sea.  The US is continually sending warships, fighter planes, and bombers right up to the Russian borders. Couple that with US-NATO moves to get the Ukrainian military to do more provocative shelling of their own citizens living in the Donbass (eastern Ukraine) right along the Russian border. Many fear that a full US-NATO directed assault could happen any day. This will put Moscow in a tough position - do they defend the people just on the other side of the border? It must be remembered that Joe Biden (during the Obama administration) was in charge of the 2014 US directed coup that installed a neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.  Since then it has been a non-stop war against their own Russian speaking population in Ukraine. Read more about the past & current situation here.
  • I will be doing a webinar Zoom talk on March 17 (Wednesday) at 1:00 pm EST.  I will speak about the new Space Force and other current space issues.  You can register for it here.


Today (Sunday) at 7:00 EST




A Day of Education, Testimonials & Action

Approximate Time - 4:00 PM PST (7:00 EST)

Chris Venn,            “The Housing Crisis, Land Accumulation and Cold War Ideology”              
Carley Towne,         “The Co$t of U.S. Militarism in The U.S. Cold War to Today”            
Bruce Gagnon,                 "Weaponizing Space in The U.S. Cold War to Today"                      
David Vine,                    “There Was Nothing “COLD” about The Cold War”                     
Kathy Kelly,           “War Resistance in the 1980’s as Foundation for 1991 Iraq War Resistance”   
David Swanson,                "Combatting The Lies of The U.S. Cold War Today"                    
Jeff Cohen,                   “U.S. News Media: The Enduring Cold War Legacy                
Ed Rampell,           “HUAC, The Hollywood Blacklist and McCarthyism: Cold War Cancel Culture”    
Peter McLaren,       “The U.S. Cold War against Liberation Theology and the Ascendance of the Religious Right”                

Get the Zoom code by registering here: 

I think it’s a great idea! Ideologically, it's right on.”
–Oliver Stone on the Cold War Truth Commission 

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