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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Saturday, December 06, 2008


TEST FAILS: The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency (MDA) ran a ground-based interceptor test yesterday that they claimed was a "smashing success." The media widely reported this.
Today, with less publicity, it was revealed that the $150 million test that was supposed to demonstrate the technology of having a bullet-hit-a-bullet in deep space had failed to deploy the decoy system that was the core reason for the entire test. The dummy missile, launched from Kodiak Island in Alaska, was supposed to be accompanied by "countermeasures" that would then be identified by the hit-to-kill vehicle that was launched from Vandenberg AFB in California. Bases at Fort Greeley in Alaska and in Colorado Springs, Colorado were also heavily involved in the failed test.

This "success-failure" of the test will only increase pressure on Obama when it comes time for him to make decisions about the future of the "missile defense" program. During his debate with John McCain on September 26 Obama said, "And we are spending billions of dollars on missile defense. And I actually believe that we need missile defense, because of Iran and North Korea and the potential for them to obtain or to launch nuclear weapons."

My reaction to Obama's words - insincerity and manipulation. He knows Iran and North Korea are not threats to the U.S. and he knows that "missile defense" is really being used to surround Russia and China so that the U.S. can develop first-strike capability.

Obama's pick for Secretary of War Robert Gates has a piece in Foreign Affairs (January/February 2009) that lays out more of his thinking. Some tidbits include: "To truly achieve victory as Clausewitz defined it -- to attain a political objective -- the United States needs a military whose ability to kick down the door is matched by its ability to clean up the mess and even rebuild the house afterward...... The United States cannot take its current dominance for granted and needs to invest in the programs, platforms, and personnel that will ensure that dominance's persistence.......In the case of China, Beijing's investments in cyberwarfare, antisatellite warfare, antiaircraft and antiship weaponry, submarines, and ballistic missiles could threaten the United States' primary means to project its power and help its allies in the Pacific: bases, air and sea assets, and the networks that support them. This will put a premium on the United States' ability to strike from over the horizon and employ missile defenses and will require shifts from short-range to longer-range systems, such as the next-generation bomber."

Black Agenda Report editor Glen Ford writes in an article called Susan Rice is Bad News for Africa that "If you believe that Barack Obama will pursue a policy in the Horn of Africa that is substantially different than that of George Bush, you are in for a deep disappointment. Only weeks after Ethiopia's U.S.-instigated invasion of Somalia almost two years ago, Susan Rice, Obama's choice for Ambassador to the United Nations, endorsed the aggression - an atrocity that has resulted in the displacement of 1.5 million Somalis and impending starvation of 3.5 million more. Rice is a proponent of so-called 'humanitarian military intervention' - but supports a U.S. Somalia policy that created 'Africa's worst humanitarian crisis,' according to the United Nations."

Susan Rice also supported Bush's Iraq attack and was a promoter of the now proven "Iraq had WMD" lie.

Word is out that MSNBC TV news talk host Chris Matthews (Hardball) is thinking about running for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania that comes up in 2010. The seat is now held by Republican Arlen Specter. In New York, there has to be someone picked soon to replace Hillary Clinton as she moves to Secretary of State. Choices appear to now be between Andrew Cuomo (son of the former governor) or Carolyn Kennedy (daughter of JFK). Should be interesting to see what happens.

We have a list serve in the Mid-Coast Maine region. Today I forwarded an article by respected journalist Jeremy Scahill called Obama doesn't plan to end the Iraq occupation to the list serve. One strong local Obama supporter got angry and sent me the following email: "do not bother to send me any more of your bs bruce....give it a freaking rest....the guy hasnt even taken office are every bit as bad as a 'bushie' are the single most closed minded individual I have ever known....and I know tons of people and was active in the 60s and are a sick puppy.... and I feel so sorry for people you have so obviously mislet and especially all those weak minded 'peace people'.......leave me disgust me."

In the well-documented article Scahill lays out the growing evidence that Obama will likely keep tens of thousands of occupation troops in Iraq. The reaction from the Obama supporter indicates that many liberal Democrats are going to be unwilling, no matter how much evidence there is, to see that they have been "mislet" by the president-elect about his intention to end the Iraq fiasco. And it is obvious that anyone who takes their role as a peace activist seriously and offers critiques of Obama's developing policies will come under harsh attacks by these liberals who have swallowed the blue pill.

Friday, December 05, 2008


It's a picture from two winters ago. It's not snowing here yet. We had a very light dusting a couple of nights ago that quickly melted away. We are supposed to get some snow next week.

Today housemate Levi is caulking holes throughout this old house (1790) and there are many of them. I just did some cleaning of the heating units in the downstairs rooms that were loaded with dust. Might as well try to make them more efficient while we are at it.

Two days ago Karen, MB and I were putting insulation on the water pipes in the basement. There is always much to do here.

Ran into friend Richard Clement in Portland last night at our monthly Maine Veterans for Peace meeting. He kind of laughed about our 4-foot hole worth of drafts in the house. He had read about it here on the blog. Well Richard, I can proudly say we think we've got it down to about 3-feet by now.......

Nothing like trying to heat the whole neighborhood. We are just trying to do our bit you know.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


After several days of cutting and pasting names from hundreds of emails to Notepad and then to a Word document my right-hand and arm are worn out. But I'm willing to take the hit for the cause.

The names are still coming in and this morning I've added about 20 more to the list. I'm thinking it will be a good idea to print the whole thing in our next newsletter. A double-page spread.

It was a fascinating thing to see where the names came from. Many from South Dakota which has a total population of less than 800,000. Maine, with a population of 1.3 million was also strongly represented. Des Moines, Iowa (thanks to the Catholic Worker community there alerting their lists) was very strong. WILPF members nationwide responded well. Got one name from Mississippi, a couple from Huntsville, Alabama which is a key location for building these "missile defense" systems, and a smattering of names from other southern states where the peace movement is relatively weak. Upstate New York came through nicely, California was good, and my old stomping grounds in Florida was represented though when you compare their 18 million population with South Dakota and Maine it is remarkable to see how strongly the latter two states peace folks responded. A little positive competition never hurt anyone.

My theory on this - activists in the smaller population states understand solidarity very well. They know how it feels to be small and scattered and they instinctively respond when a call goes out. People in the big population states have alot more going on and calls for signatures on letters are just one more distraction from hectic lives. Chew on that one for awhile. Spit it out if you must.

I packaged up the names, a total of 17 printed pages, and we sent copies Priority Mail to Obama's Washington and Chicago transition offices. Then we also sent copies to Hillary Clinton, Bob Gates, and the chairs of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. Can't help but wonder the sound they will make when they hit the bottom of their trash cans.

OK, I know I am being a bit pessimistic. They will actually be thrown into the recycling bin.

Our timing was not bad. Yesterday all 26 NATO foreign ministers heaped lots of love on the planned Poland and Czech Republic deployments saying they would make "a substantial contribution” to protecting Europe from long-range ballistic missiles.

This of course will only make Russia more convinced that the deployments are part of a larger US-NATO plan to militarily surround and control them. Which of course is entirely true.

With the NATO endorsement, and remembering that Obama's new National Security Adviser Gen. Jones used to command NATO, it will be even harder to get Obama to stop the deployments. Not impossible, just alot tougher.

NATO is a big problem.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Dear President-Elect Obama:

We the undersigned, members and supporters of the Global Network, write to congratulate you on your recent election as President of the U.S. We want to help you in every way possible to promote peace around the world so that our national resources could be used for the tremendous needs we have here at home like health care, education, job creation, dealing with climate change and more.

We specifically write to urge you to reject the Bush administration plan to deploy "missile defense" interceptors in Poland and a Star Wars radar system in the Czech Republic. We know you are aware of Russia's deep concern that these deployments are really aimed at them in spite of Pentagon assurances they are only directed at Iran.

Respected U.S. scientists George Lewis and Ted Postol recently studied these proposed deployments and wrote an article called "The European missile defense folly" that was printed in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in the May/June issue of 2008. In their report Lewis and Postol state that, "Despite claims to the contrary by both Missile Defense Agency and State Department officials, the interceptors that Washington wants to deploy in Poland are fast enough to catch Russian ICBMs launched from locations west of the Ural Mountains toward the continental United States. The location of the interceptor site in Poland is ideal for this purpose."

Russia of course has responded that they will be forced to upgrade their offensive nuclear capability if these U.S. weapons are indeed deployed in Central Europe. The people of Poland and the Czech Republic are in large numbers opposed to their countries being used as U.S. bases and we understand that in recent days over 30 mayors from Czech towns near the proposed U.S. radar base wrote you urging the plan be scrapped.

Expanding U.S. military operations near Russia's borders will only help create a new Cold War and a new arms race that would eventually spread throughout Europe and beyond. Instead of this we hope you will work hard to make nuclear disarmament and a space weapons ban treaty (PAROS) top priorities.

In addition, we do not believe that any president should enact base agreements or treaties (such as these with Poland and the Czech Republic) without the constitutionally required approval of the Senate.

We look forward to hearing from you about how you intend to deal with this important issue. We wish you well and thank you for your attention to this matter of grave concern to us. We pledge to you that we will keep our eyes on the ball.

In peace,

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

· Beth Adams (Greenfield, Massachusetts)
· Joshua Adams (Sacramento, California)
· Michael Adler (Gainesville, Florida)
· Bob Aegerter (Bellingham, Washington)
· Nick Albares (New Orleans, Louisiana)
· Carin Allen (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts)
· Jim Allen (Lanett, Alabama)
· Pam Allison (Amarillo, Texas)
· Anthony Aman (Penobscot, Maine)
· John Amidon (Albany, New York)
· Dennis Apel, Guadalupe Catholic Worker (Guadalupe, California)
· Eli Arlen (Brunswick, Maine)
· Randy Atkins (Gainesville, Florida)
· Dick Atlee (Southwest Harbor, Maine)
· Debbie Atwood (Brunswick, Maine)
· Lorri Auer (Columbia, Missouri)
· Shajia Ayobi (West Sacramento, California)
· Clifton Bain, Action Coalition of Taos (Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico)
· Sheila Baker (Paso Robles, California)
· Norman Balabanian (Gainesville, Florida)
· Harry Baltzer (Huron, South Dakota)
· Russ Banner (Bradenton, Florida)
· Karen Barker, Lakes Region Peace & Justice Group (Laconia, New Hampshire)
· Jeanette Bauer (Ankeny, Iowa)
· Betty & Herb Bazur (Leesburg, Florida)
· Moses Beachy (Goshen, Indiana)
· Mavis Belisle (Dallas, Texas)
· Edith Bell, WILPF (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
· John Benson (Beaver Dams, New York)
· Joan Benz (Melvin, Iowa)
· Bea Bergen (Delray Beach, Florida)
· Anne Berner (Murphys, California)
· MJ Berry (Lincoln, Nebraska)
· Lucille Bertuccio (Bloomington, Indiana)
· Jacqueline Betz (Waldo, Florida)
· Bob & Berta Beveridge (Seattle, Washington)
· Pam Beziat (Nashville, Tennessee)
· Sister Kathleen Bierne (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Jack Biesek (San Luis Obispo, California)
· Verna Birky (Goshen, Indiana)
· Pat Birnie, WILPF (Tucson, Arizona)
· William Boardman (Woodstock, Vermont)
· Leonard B. Bjorkman (Owego, New York)
· Tim Blanchette (Falmouth, Maine)
· Benay Blend, Stop the War Machine (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
· Rev. Bill Bliss (Bath, Maine)
· Maureen Block (Bath, Maine)
· Jerry Bloomer (Hot Springs, South Dakota)
· Sr. Pegge Boehm, PBVM (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Deetje Boler, WILPF (San Francisco, California)
· A. David Bos (Louisville, Kentucky)
· Ronald Bosch, MPH (Greenfield, Massachusetts)
· Jan Boudart (Chicago, Illinois)
· Grace Braley, WILPF (Portland, Maine)
· Ivan Braun (Bronx, New York)
· Cathy Brechtelsbauer (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
· Sally Breen, Peace Action Maine (Windham, Maine)
· Anne & Steve Bremser, High Desert Catholic Worker (Apple Valley, California)
· Kate Anne Brennan (Sunnyside, New York)
· Carol Brewster (Manchester, Maine)
· Lee Breyer (Ellenton, Florida)
· Stefani & Evan Bright (Placerville, California)
· Carol Brightman (Walpole, Maine)
· Thomas A. Brindley, Ph.D. (Huntsville, Alabama)
· Yosef Brody (New York, New York)
· Robin Brooks (Topsham, Maine)
· Melissa & Cort Brown (Dallas Center, Iowa)
· Ronald Brown (Longmont, Colorado)
· Hank Brussleback (Dixon, New Mexico)
· Ann Bryan (Asheville, North Carolina)
· Valerie Bryant (Winter Springs, Florida)
· John Buchanan (Ellenville, New York)
· Dave B. Buehrens (Crozet, Virginia)
· Bernice Bulgatz (Delray Beach, Florida)
· Clarence Burley (Paxton, Massachusetts)
· Dr. Vinie Burrows, Women for Racial and Economic Equality (New York, New York)
· Sherrie Burson (McLean, Virginia)
· Jack & Fay Bussell (Portland, Maine)
· Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation (Oakland, California)
· Jane Cadarette (North Andover, Massachusetts)
· Anna Maria Caldara (Bangor, Pennsylvania)
· Bob Campagna (Mt. Vernon, Iowa)
· Michael Canney (Alachua, Florida)
· Teri Maurer-Carter, WILPF (Wilmington, Delaware)
· Mark Scibilia-Carver (Trumansburg, New York)
· Elizabeth Case (Boston, Massachusetts)
· Lorri Case (Billings, Montana)
· Pete Cavanaugh (Portland, Maine)
· Sue Chase (Batesville, Virginia)
· Mary T. Chatlos (Provincetown, Massachusetts)
· Sushila Cherian (Punta Gorda, Florida)
· David W. Chipman, Ph.D. (Harpswell, Maine)
· Kathe Chipman, M.S. (Harpswell, Maine)
· Br. Walt Chura, Secular Franciscan Order (Albany, New York)
· Citizens Democracy Watch (Florence, Oregon)
· Lois Clark (South Bend, Indiana)
· Howard Classen (Watsonville, California)
· Richard & Rita Clement (Pittston, Maine)
· CODEPINK (Gainesville, Florida)
· Lil K. Cohen, WILPF (West Palm Beach, Florida)
· Peter G. Cohen (Santa Barbara, California)
· Jack & Felice Cohen-Joppa, The Nuclear Resister (Tucson, Arizona)
· Dake Collins (Liberty, Maine)
· Judy Collins (Lanett, Alabama)
· David Colt (Harpswell, Maine)
· Stephen Conn (Point Roberts, Washington)
· Connecticut Valley Chapter of WILPF
· Joe Conroy (Woolwich, Maine)
· Rev. Bill Coop (Brunswick, Maine)
· Georgiann Cooper (Freeport, Maine)
· Tim Copeland (Biddeford, Maine)
· Kathy Corbera (Bronx, New York)
· Frank Cordaro, Phil Berrigan Catholic Worker House (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Robert S. Crandall, Bidwell Riverside Center (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Frances Crowe (Northampton, Massachusetts)
· Joanne Cvar (Waldport, Oregon)
· Cathey Cyrus (Woolwich, Maine)
· Frances & Vasili Czapp (Deford, Michigan)
· Katherine Czapp (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
· Phyllis Cole-Dai (Brookings, South Dakota)
· Donata Daml (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Gail Daneker (St. Paul, Minnesota)
· Larry Dansinger, Resources for Organizing and Social Change (Monroe, Maine)
· Walter Davin (St. Petersburg, Florida)
· Andy Davis, World Fellowship Center (Albany, New Hampshire)
· Linnie Davis (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Mary Davis, EcoPerspectives (Lexington, Kentucky)
· Mickey Davis, Students Beyond War (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Ava & Michael Delorenzo (Portland, Maine)
· Jesse DeLorenzo (Brooklyn, New York)
· Darien De Lu (Sacramento, California)
· Peter DeMott (Ithaca, New York)
· Isabel Denham (Yarmouth, Maine)
· Christine DeTroy, WILPF (Brunswick, Maine)
· David Diamond (Dover, New Hampshire)
· Barbara Dick (Corning, New York)
· Joan W. Drake, WILPF (Washington DC)
· Mary, Christian & Ron Drew-Bosch (Greenfield, Massachusetts)
· Louise Drlik (Montezuma, New Mexico)
· Madeline Duckles, WILPF (Berkeley, California)
· Terre Dunivant (San Luis Obispo, California)
· Jack Dunn (Omaha, Nebraska)
· Elihu Edelson, Veterans for Peace (Tyler, Texas)
· Marjorie Swann Edwin (Santa Cruz, California)
· Anthony & Elisabeth Ehrlich (Barberville, Florida)
· Paul Eichhorn (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
· Leonard Eiger, United Methodist Church Social Justice Ministry (Snoqualmie, Washington)
· Sylvia Eile, WILPF (West Palm Beach, Florida)
· Lynne H. Einig (East Greenwich, Rhode Island)
· El Dorado Peace & Justice Community (Placerville, California)
· Jenefer Ellingston, Green Party (Washington DC)
· Dan Ellis (Brunswick, Maine)
· Embudo Paz (Dixon, New Mexico)
· Ann F. Eno (Westford, Massachusetts)
· Mary Ernst (Falmouth, Massachusetts)
· Renee Espeland, Iowa Peace Network (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Margaret Esslinger (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
· Robert O. Epp (Henderson, Nebraska)
· Jodie Evans, CODEPINK Women for Peace (Los Angeles, California)
· Pamela Murphy Ewers (North Berwick, Maine)
· Clarence Falk (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
· Anne Ferrara (Brooksville, Maine)
· Walter Fircowycz (Houston, Mississippi)
· Candella Foley-Finchem (Glenwood, Iowa)
· Dee Finney (Dixon, New Mexico)
· Cynthia Knuth Fischer (West Chester, Pennsylvania)
· Richard Fischer (Bernard, Iowa)
· John J. Fisher, JustPeace Seminars (Goshen, Indiana)
· Ron Fisher, We The People Now (Falls Church, Virginia)
· Cynthia M. Fisk (Gloucester, Massachusetts)
· Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice
· Ananur Forma (Rockland, Maine)
· Henri André Fourroux III (New Orleans, Louisiana)
· Sandra H, Frank (Toledo, Ohio)
· David & Melissa Frans (Brunswick, Maine)
· Jim Freeman, Native Forest Network (Verona Island, Maine)
· Friday Peace Vigil – 18th year (Concord, Massachusetts)
· Stacey Fritz, No Nukes North (Fairbanks, Alaska)
· Tarah Frost (Sacramento, California)
· Michael Fuller (Windham, Maine)
· Thomas L. Fusco (Brunswick, Maine)
· Ms. Lee M. Gagnon (Walpole, Massachusetts)
· Peg Gallagher (Omaha, Nebraska)
· Rosemary Galli (New York, New York)
· Larry & Lenna Mae Gara (Wilmington, Ohio)
· Deborah J. Garretson, WILPF (Bloomington, Indiana)
· Lydia Garvey (Clinon, Oklahoma)
· Wendy Clarissa Geiger (Jacksonville, Florida)
· Paul George, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (Palo Alto, California)
· Mary Lou Geraets (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Ruth Geraets (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Matthew Gesner (Lawrence, Kansas)
· Paul S. Giaimo (Freeport, Illinois)
· Anne Gibbons (Bronx, New York)
· Carol Gilbert, O.P., Jonah House Community (Baltimore, Maryland)
· Starr C. Gilmartin (Trenton, Maine)
· Kathy Ging, M.A. (Eugene, Oregon)
· Filson Glanz (Durham, New Hampshire)
· Ted Glick (Bloomfield, New Jersey)
· Ernest Goitein (Atherton, California)
· Raelene Gold (Lake Forest Park, Washington)
· Pearl Goldsmith (Delray Beach, Florida)
· Claire Gosselin, WILPF (Boston, Massachusetts)
· Charity B. Gourley (Santa Barbara, California)
· Ellen Grady (Ithaca, New York)
· Bobbi Graff (Delray Beach, Florida)
· Joseph W. Grant (Lawrence, Kansas)
· Audley Green, WILPF (Boston, Massachusetts)
· Jeanne Green, CODEPINK (Taos, New Mexico)
· Michael Greenman, Citizens Intent on Reforming Corporate Accountability (Westerville, Ohio)
· Matthew Gregory (Lincoln, Nebraska)
· Linda Griffith (Dixon, New Mexico)
· Steve Gude (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Chet Guinn (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Darlene Gutenkauf (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Barbara J. Haack (Newbury, Massachusetts)
· Kevin Haake (Lincoln, Nebraska)
· Anne Hablas, Presentation Center (Fargo, North Dakota)
· Cath Haftings (Omaha, Nebraska)
· Elaine Hagedorn, CHM (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Jeanie Hagedorn, CHM (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Cynthia Hale (Corning, New York)
· Kevin & Maggie Hall (Dunedin, Florida)
· Jane Hanna (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
· Clare Hanrahan (Asheville, North Carolina)
· Amy Harlib (New York, New York)
· Mary McDonough Harren (Wichita, Kansas)
· Inez L. Harris (Yankton, South Dakota)
· Ruth M. Harris (Claremont, California)
· Norma J. F. Harrison (Berkeley, California)
· Louisa Hart (Brunswick, Maine)
· Alanna Hartzok, Earth Rights Institute (Fayetteville, Pennsylvania)
· Arielle P. Hawney (Olympia, Washington)
· Linda Haynes (Huntsville, Alabama)
· Aaron Hays (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
· Richard K. Heacock, Jr., Alaska IMPACT (Fairbanks, Alaska)
· Andy Heaslet (St Louis, Missouri)
· Suzanne Hedrick (Nobleboro, Maine)
· Meria Heller (Phoenix, Arizona)
· Dud Hendrick (Deer Isle, Maine)
· Assoc. Professor Jeff Heinle, South Dakota State University (Brookings, South Dakota)
· Valerie Heinonen, O.S.U., Ursulines of Tildonk for Justice & Peace (Long Island, New York)
· Stuart & Joann Henderson (Florence, Oregon)
· Dennis & Tina Henize (Cudjoe Key, Florida)
· Martha Hennessy (Weathersfield, Vermont)
· Jack Hereford (New Haven, Missouri)
· Tensie Hernandez, Guadalupe Catholic Worker (Guadalupe, California)
· Linda Hibbs, People for Peace (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
· Matt Hight (Biddeford, Maine)
· Nancy Hill (Stonington, Maine)
· Sue Hilton (Arcata, California)
· Amanda J. Hoag (Bath, Maine)
· Paul L. Hodel, Friends Peace & Social Outreach Committee (New Haven, Connecticut)
· Russell Hodin (San Luis Obispo, California)
· Bob Hoffman (Batesville, Virginia)
· Herbert J. Hoffman (Ogunquit, Maine)
· Matthew Hogan (Corning, New York)
· Connie Hogarth, Center for Social Action Manhattanville College (Purchase, New York)
· Julian C. Holmes (Wayne, Maine)
· Mary Ann Holtz (St. Petersburg, Florida)
· Rev. Mair Honan (Portland, Maine)
· Stephen P. Horn (Blair, Nebraska)
· Troy W. Horton (Birkenfeld, Oregon)
· Lynn Houston (Satellite Beach, Florida)
· Celeste McCollough Howard (Hillsboro, Oregon)
· Jackie Hudson, O.P. (Bremerton, Washington)
· Mary E. Hunt Ph.D., Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (Silver Spring, Maryland)
· Mary Ihli, Pax Christi (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
· Yoshiko Ikuta (Cleveland, Ohio)
· Conrad Irrgang (Spencer, Massachusetts)
· Island Peace & Justice (Deer Isle, Maine)
· Carolyn Trupti Israel, WILPF (Santa Cruz, California)
· Ithaca Catholic Worker (Ithaca, New York)
· Steve Jacobs (Columbia, Missouri)
· Lee Jankowski (Griggsville, Illinois)
· Fr. Emmett Jarrett, TSSF, St. Francis House (New London, Connecticut)
· Lawrence Jimenez (Los Angeles, California)
· Jennifer Joaquin (South Portland, Maine)
· Andrew Johnson (Silver Spring, Maryland)
· Sister Annrita Johnson (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Carol & Merle Johnson-Miller (Estherville, Iowa)
· Chadwick Johnson (Amherst, Massachusetts)
· Elizabeth Johnson (San Luis Obispo, California)
· Merle C. Johnson (Estherville, Iowa)
· Charlene Jones (Sacramento, California)
· Sally Jones, Peace Action New York (Staten Island, New York)
· Ava Jordan, WILPF (St. Louis, Missouri)
· Sr. Mary Jude Jun (St. Louis, Missouri)
· Olga Chyle Jung (Waterloo, Iowa)
· Thomas M. Juntti (Rapid City, South Dakota)
· Dexter Kamilewicz (Orr's Island, Maine)
· Leah R. Karpen (Asheville, North Carolina)
· Estelle H. Kattelson (New York, New York)
· Nona Keel (Burr, Nebraska)
· Marylia Kelley,Tri-Valley CAREs (Livermore, California)
· Rev. Stephen M. Kelly, S.J., Murray Jesuit Residence (Oakland California)
· Sister Verna Kelly (Aberdeen, South Dakota)
· Joanna Kennedy, BiNational Service of Prebyterian Church (Lincoln, Nebraska)
· Dick Keough (Syracuse, New York)
· Randall Kezar (Kingston, New Hampshire)
· Linda Musmeci Kimball, Citizens for Peace & Justice (Oxford, Ohio)
· Delores Kincaide (Jemez Springs, New Mexico)
· Thomas Kircher (Biddeford, Maine)
· Gwyn Kirk (Oakland, California)
· Nicholas Kirkland (Monroe, Louisiana)
· Toby Klein (Sullivan, Maine)
· Max R. Knauer, III (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Norma J. Knigge (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
· Paige Knight, Hanford Watch (Portland, Oregon)
· Stephen Vincent Kobasa, Trident Information Network (New Haven, Connecticut)
· John Koeferl (New Orleans, Louisiana)
· Doret Kollerer (Occidental, California)
· Theresa P. Koenig (Tarzana, California)
· Coralie Koonce (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
· Maris Stella Korb, Presentation Peace & Justice Center (Fargo, North Dakota)
· Lee Kosow (Corning, New York)
· Jeanne Koster (Watertown, South Dakota)
· Sheri Kotowski (Dixon, New Mexico)
· Jeff Krall (Columbia, Missouri)
· David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (Santa Barbara, California)
· Lorraine Krofchok, Grandmothers for Peace International (Elk Grove, California)
· Judy Kugler (Marietta, Georgia)
· Miriam Kurland (Mansfield Center, Connecticut)
· Rev. Dr. Damon D. Laaker, Lutheran Metro Ministry (Omaha, Nebraska)
· Barbara & Raúl Laborde (Oakham, Massachusetts)
· Bill Laird (Omaha, Nebraska)
· Sister Denise Laffan, Nipponzan Myohoji-Atlanta Dojo (Atlanta, Georgia)
· Susan Lannen (Boston, Massachusetts)
· Steve Larrick (Lincoln, Nebraska)
· Michael Lawton (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
· Isolt Lea (Gainesville, Florida)
· Nydia Leaf (New York, New York)
· Patricia A. Leahan, Peace & Justice Center (Las Vegas, New Mexico)
· Haeng Woo Lee (Princeton Junction, New Jersey)
· Katherine Gaffey Lehman (Sacramento, California)
· Jean Hays, WILPF (Fresno, California)
· Roger Leisner, Radio Free Maine (Augusta, Maine)
· William B. LeMosy (Des Moines, Iowa)
· Ilene Lerner (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
· David W Lewit, Alliance for Democracy (Boston, Massachusetts)
· John E. Lewis, Task Force Against Nuclear Weapons in Space (Traverse City, Michigan)
· Bob Lezer (Freeport, Maine)
· Phyllis Liddiard (Corning, New York)
· Francine Lindberg (El Prado, New Mexico)
· Irene Lipshin (Placerville, California)
· Kay Liss (Jefferson, Maine)
· Ivy Lobato (Belfast, Maine)
· Doris Loder, WILPF (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
· Loukie & Stan Lofchie (Brunswick, Maine)
· Yvonne Logan, WILPF (Webster Groves, Missouri)
· Matt Loosigian (Brunswick, Maine)
· Los Angeles Catholic Worker (Los Angeles, California)
· Bonnie Lounsbury (Auburn, Maine)
· Doug Love (Greenbelt, Maryland)
· Lewis Lubka (Fargo, North Dakota)
· Chris Lugo, Nashville Peace Coalition (Nashville, Tennessee)
· Carla L. Rael-Luhman (Portales, New Mexico)
· John W. Lynch (Daytona Beach Shores, Florida)
· Eric A. Lynn (Walpole, Massachusetts)
· Frances MacDonald (Old Orchard Beach, Maine)
· Kate MacKay (Georgetown, Maine)
· Maine Veterans for Peace, Chapter 001
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· Organizations listed with names for identification purposes

Cc: Sen. Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State-Designate)
Secretary Robert Gates (Secretary of Defense)
Sen. Carl Levin (Chair, Senate Armed Services Committee)
Rep. Ike Skelton (Chair, House Armed Services Committee)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Gen. Jones being introduced by Bush's former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

Obama's National Security Adviser pick, Gen. James Jones, will "impose discipline on the members of the [national security] team," says Zbigniew Brzezinski. "We will see more global political planning under Gen. Jones," Brzezinski predicts.

Brzezinski, who served as Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser and was one of Obama's early supporters, was interviewed yesterday by his daughter Mika on MSNBC's Morning Joe news talk program.

One MSNBC reporter said Obama's foreign policy will be similar to that of George H.W. Bush. Correspondent Chuck Todd reported that Gen. Jones is a close buddy of John McCain and was likely picked for his new role because Secretary of Defense (DoD) Robert Gates insisted on having Jones be part of the team if Obama wanted Gates to remain at DoD.

Gen. Jones, since retiring from the Marine Corps where he served as head of NATO, now sits on the boards of Chevron oil, Boeing Aerospace, and Cross Match Technologies where they are creating “identity management solutions” including, fingerprint and palm scanners, facial recognition solutions, and iris capture devices.

Gen. Jones should fit in well with Obama's call for an expanded war in Afghanistan. In an interview with Sea Power Magazine in November 2002, Jones praised the role of technology and transformation in the advancement of military supremacy: “We will truly be able to accomplish missions like Afghanistan without breaking a sweat,” he said.

Such confidence. You know the old saying, "American power knows no limits."

According to one peace researcher, Gen. Jones Jones is also an advocate of a “Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Initiative,” an “interagency plan to combat terrorism in trans-Saharan Africa using a range of political, economic and security tools.”

The bulk of this strategy is aimed at funding, training, and supplying arms to a professional African security force, which will take directions from the U.S. and NATO.

"Africa's vast potential makes African stability a near-term global strategic imperative," Jones said. "Development of effective security structures in Africa will establish the foundation for future success."

Success for whom you might ask?

One of the first tasks for Jones will likely be to find a country on the African continent to host the Pentagon's new command - Africa Command (AfriCom). Up to this point most African countries have been reluctant to agree to host the command fully understanding the U.S. has designs on the significant resource base on the continent. But with a black president ,with roots in Kenya, it is likely that Obama will lead the U.S. military into greater control of Africa. The Pentagon, during the Bush administration, boldly predicted that "We will be fighting in Africa 20 years from now."

Jones will be a key player in the expansion of U.S. military global operations. Watch him like a hawk.

Monday, December 01, 2008


TV news commentator Chris Matthews of MSNBC described it well. Obama's new "National Security team is a bit left of Bush." After listening to Obama introduce the new team Matthews remarked that the new president was not going to be an isolationist like 1972 presidential candidate George McGovern was when he said he was going to "bring America home." Obama, said Matthews, "is going to be a tough, tough commander-in-chief.”

Obama has picked Sen. Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State; the Republican-Bush family acolyte and former head of CIA Robert Gates for Secretary of War; Eric Holder for Attorney General; Susan Rice as U.N. Ambassador; Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano for Secretary of Homeland Security; and former NATO Commander Gen. James Jones as National Security Adviser.

In his opening comments Obama stated that new team shared his belief that, "America’s values are America’s greatest export to the world." Very telling comment as America's actual number one industrial export product today is weapons.

Another important Obama comment, when introducing Gates was, "He knows we need to make investments to grow our military." This indicates to me that our hopes of significantly cutting military spending will be a difficult task for us to achieve.

During the question period from the media Obama had these things to say: "We cannot have a world where innocents are killed by twisted extremists....We have to maintain the strongest military on the planet...Now is the time for us to regain American leadership in all of its dimensions...Secretary Gates meets the qualification of being an excellent Secretary of Defense...Sen. Clinton shares my core values... I said I’d remove our combat troops [from Iraq] in 16 months but it might be necessary to keep a residual force…..[Gen.] Jones understands the connection between energy and national security….[Jones] will use all elements of American power to defeat challenges to our interests...We are on a glide path to reduce our forces in Iraq. I believe 16 months is the right time frame but I have always said I’d listen to the advice of my commanders……Our mission will be changing…..The situation in Afghanistan is worsening."

So really it is about what we have expected....status quo from the man who ran for president as the change and hope agent. He has put in place a perfect "team" to continue to promote U.S. global military dominance at the very time that our domestic economy is collapsing. This reenforces for me the Bush doctrine that America's role in the world under corporate globalization will be "security export." It appears quite evident that Obama is right in line with that program.

Now the real question is how will the sizeable portion of the left, who supported Obama, respond to these picks and the language Obama used in today's news conference? How much rope will folks give the "new national security team" before they start organizing to oppose the obvious efforts to continue to project "American power" for the interests of corporate capital?