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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Friday, October 21, 2022

Stop US nukes coming to Lakenheath in the UK!



CND condemns the return of US nuclear weapons to RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk: join our campaign to stop this extremely dangerous and destabilising development!


Tell the Government: no US nukes on UK soil

US nuclear weapons look set to return to RAF Lakenheath, a base in the UK that is run by the US. Their return will only increase global tensions and put Britain on the frontline in a NATO/Russia war.

The UK government can stop this from happening. If we show enough public resistance we can pressure them in rejecting these plans and prevent these terrible weapons from making us a target.

The US Department of Defense has added the UK to a list of NATO nuclear weapons storage locations in Europe being upgraded under a multi-million dollar infrastructure programme. This means that US nuclear weapons will be coming to RAF Lakenheath. Find out more.

110 nuclear bombs were stored at the airbase until they were removed in 2008 following persistent popular protest. Without public opposition, led by CND, they would still be here today. We stopped these weapons before – will you help us stop them again?

On Saturday, May 21st, 300 CND supporters from across the UK and beyond gathered at RAF Lakenheath to protest this possible return. Our message to the government was made loud and clear: US nuclear weapons are not welcome back in Britain, and we will campaign with all our might to prevent their return.  Speakers also condemned the  government’s failure to come clean to MPs about what is going on – the Ministry of Defence initially told Parliamentary CND that they could neither confirm or deny the reports: that it was US Department of Defense business. CND made it clear that we will show the same persistence in opposing US nuclear weapons sited at the base as we did before 2008 – until they are removed from Britain.


  •     Tell the Government no US nukes on UK soil
  •     Join our demonstration on November 19th at RAF Lakenheath
  •     Contact your MP asking them to oppose the stationing of US nuclear weapons in Britain
  •     Order materials such as leaflets and petitions to raise awareness
  •     Download a poster for display on a stall or in your window

The return of US nuclear weapons to Britain – along with the upgrading of its nuclear weapons across Europe – constitutes a further undermining of prospects for global peace. The US is the only country to locate its nuclear weapons outside its own borders and this major increase in NATO’s capacity to wage nuclear war in Europe is dangerously destabilising and must be opposed. 

Who trains Ukie troops?




Since Russia started its special military operation in Ukraine, the West has not only imposed a series of unprecedented sanctions on Moscow but also provided military and technical assistance to Kiev. 

Although countries which have sanctioned Russia have repeatedly stated that they have no intention to send troops to Ukraine and become a part to the conflict, their contribution to what they describe as Ukraine's defense cannot be left unnoticed. 
They send their instructors to Ukraine and also assist Ukrainian soldiers in traveling to other countries to undergo military training. 
Ukraine's western overseers are increasingly directing the war against Russia. The sheer volume of mercenaries sent to Ukraine by NATO members is also exponentially growing.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

UNAC protest in Brunswick opposing Washington war policies


Seventeen folks turned out today in cold and windy Brunswick, Maine as part of the UNAC (United National Anti-War Coalition) week of protest against US-NATO war on Russia and Ukraine. 

(Click on photos for better view)  

Playing poker on the Titanic


ain't so wise,
no matter what NPR says.
Same goes for Brandon
who has trouble
just reading his
CIA approved lines.
Elections looming,
dark days expected
for the Dems,
the Repubs are nothing
to cheer about either.
We ain't got
many choices here
in the land of the free
and home of the exceptionals.
White House pushes
Russia blame
into virtually every conversation...


Tuesday I attended a public discussion with US, Denmark, and Greenland government representatives about 'cooperative relations' in the Arctic region. 

Was held at Bowdoin College.

Three of our local activists were there, two of us spoke up during Open Mic time.

Former US Senator from Alabama (Doug Jones), Rep. Chellie Pingree from Maine, the Greenlandic Permanent Secretary, a 30-year US AID Senior Deputy (civilian side of the CIA) , and Danish Arctic Ambassador were on the panel.


They met privately before the public meeting. They were talking about resource extraction in Greenland - especially now that the west is recognizing they can't 'regime change' Moscow - though the nasty effort will continue for some time. One Bowdoin geology student confirmed the real agenda after an innocent comment about having been in Greenland last summer digging around and recording locations of rare earth mineral deposits.

US AID is involved to quietly dig into the Greenland population - find out which decision makers need to be paid off and which ones need to be neutralized or eliminated. 

Former Sen. Doug Jones (US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs) bragged about having been a Bowdoin College student 20 years ago. His job was to glad-hand the crowd with appeals for the students to join the foreign service and for 'everyone to vote' in November.

In my brief 'non-question' I stated that Russia has the world's largest border with the Arctic. Due to melting ice the fossil fuel masters want to drill-baby-drill in that region. But Russia must be regime changed first, before being broken up into smaller nations. 

I also stated that Russia being removed from the international 'Arctic Council' made no sense because of its huge border with the region. And I said, when the US invaded Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria nobody kicked Washington out of international organizations.

The RAND Corporation, I said, did a study in 2019 calling for Overextending and Unbalancing Russia. RAND, I said, is predominately funded by the Pentagon. The study essentially says the US will use Ukraine as a tool to destabilize Russia.

I also reported to the audience of 75-100 people (mix of community elders, students, bureaucrats, and active military) that on the same day that Russia launched its 'Special Military Operation' (SMO) the US-NATO began a war game called 'Cold Response' on the Russian and Norwegian border.

After I spoke Doug Jones responded by saying that the US does not want regime change in Russia. I guess he was flying high when Joe Biden declared that Putin was going, going, gone. Jones also said that Russia must respect the rule of law and 'not attack others borders'. Had to restrain myself after that bit of blarney.

Our own Congresswoman Pingree did her usual pandering to liberals by saying nice things about her climate change concerns but then gleefully expounded on the joys of Maine's future role being 'on the front lines' of the western operation to control the Arctic Sea. 

So Washington
tries to stay relevant
appearing fair and
when necessary,

but willing to bust skulls
with spiked baseball bats
if needed to enforce
collapsing empire.


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

No to NATO nuclear exercises


Press statement by Belgian Coalition Against Nuclear Weapons

Today, October the 19th, the Belgian Coalition Against Nuclear Weapons demonstrated against the military nuclear exercise 'Steadfast Noon' that is taking place on Belgian territory. The coalition went to the NATO headquarters in Brussels to express their outrage.

NATO is currently conducting a nuclear air strike simulation exercise. This exercise is organised annually by some NATO member states to train pilots, including Belgians, in transporting and delivering nuclear bombs. Several NATO countries take part, including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. These are the same countries that house US nuclear bombs on their territory as part of NATO's "nuclear sharing". The presence of these weapons in Belgium, their imminent replacement with more modern B61-12 bombs and the holding of such exercises are explicit violations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

This year's nuclear exercise is being organised in Belgium, at the military base of Kleine-Brogel, where US nuclear weapons have been stationed since 1963. It is only since 2020 that NATO has publicly announced the Steadfast Noon exercise. Emphasising its annual nature makes it sound like a routine event. This is how NATO normalises the existence of such an exercise, while also downplaying the use and danger of nuclear weapons.

The countries of the transatlantic alliance are participating in an exercise that prepares them for the use of a weapon that kills hundreds of thousands of people at a time and has consequences that no state can face. The whole discourse around nuclear weapons aims to minimise their consequences and normalise their use (e.g. they talk about so-called "tactical" nuclear weapons, a "limited" nuclear strike, or in this case a "nuclear exercise"). This discourse contributes to making their use more and more plausibel.

The updated "tactical" nuclear weapons which in the near future will replace the current nuclear weapons on Belgian soil, have a destructive power of between 0.3 and 50kt TNT. By comparison, the nuclear bomb that the United States dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, killing 140,000 people, had a force of 15kt! Given the humanitarian consequences of its use on humans, the ecosystem and the environment, and its illegal and utterly immoral nature, nuclear weapons should never be part of any arsenal.

At a time of rising international tensions, with in recent weeks repeated threats to use nuclear weapons, conducting a military nuclear exercise is irresponsible and only increases the risk of a confrontation with Russia.

The question should not be how to win a nuclear confrontation, but how to avoid it. It is time for Belgium to honour its own commitments and comply with the Non-Proliferation Treaty by getting rid of the nuclear weapons on its territory and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

By opposing the continuation of the Steadfast Noon nuclear exercise and rejecting NATO's "nuclear sharing", Belgium could set an example and pave the way for de-escalation and global disarmament.

This no "terrorist wave" - It is an uprising


By Adam Keller


The State of Israel is going

To general elections

But in the election campaigns

There is virtually no mention

Of the main, existential problem

Facing all who live in this country.

The West Bank is on fire,

As are the neighborhoods

Of East Jerusalem.

This is not “a wave of terrorism".

This is an uprising

Of young people

Making a simple

And self-evident demand:

To be a free people

In their country.

Armed with stones

And a few light arms,

Young Palestinians are facing

The strongest army

In the Middle East.

Many of them pay

With their lives

And they are not deterred.

They continue their struggle.

Two soldiers were killed this week.

A young man and a young woman,

Israeli contemporaries of

The Palestinians they face.

These soldiers were not "murdered".

They were not "victims of terrorist attacks".

They fell in the battle to which

The State of Israel sent them.

They fell in an unjust war,

A war for maintaining

An oppressive occupation regime,

A war for the settlers

Who steal Palestinian lands.

A war which is not worth fighting

And certainly not worthy

Of sacrificing one’s life.

The real heroes

Of Israel 2022,

Are the refusers and

Conscientious objectors,

Held behind bars

At the Kfar Yona military prison.

The prison to which the army gave

The Orwellian name "Abode of Justice".

Young men who refuse to wear

The uniform of

An army of occupation and oppression

And prefer to go to prison.

Young women who reject with disgust

The distorted idea that for Israeli women,

Taking part in the oppression of

Palestinian women and men

Is some sort of

"Women’s Empowerment".

They are the last remaining Israelis

In whom one can take pride.

~ Gush Shalom statement, Oct. 18. 2022 

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The West's weaponisation of 'womens rights' to destabilize Iran


Interview with Vanessa Beeley on the 'color revolution' playbook now targeting Iran again

Last night I spoke with RT about the weaponisation of ‘womens rights’ to foment regime change in Iran. I mention the work done by Mnar Adley of Mint Press News to expose Washington’s hands behind the ‘uprising’:

    Western media have treated Masih Alinejad as a representative of the Iranian protests even though she works for the U.S. government and doesn’t live in Iran.

    I have looked into her past for MintPress News along with our staff writer Alan MacLeod to understand how she became the figurehead of a global protest movement targeting Iran with calls for regime change.

    After the tragic death of #MahsaAmini in September, Voice of America Persia anchor Masih Alinejad took part in a media campaign blaming Iranian police for Amini’s death and encouraging people across the world to protest the Iranian government.

    Masih Alinejad is an Iranian-American public figure on the payroll of the US government.

    She’s also a significant part of the U.S. influence-peddling machine that has been pursuing regime change in Iran for decades. Her employer, Voice of America Persia, is part of an international network of propaganda-producing organizations originally created by the CIA.

Story of the ad man


Chronicling his evolution from corporate advertising to non-profit and political advertising work, Mander takes readers on a journey through the origin stories of some of the most memorable anti-establishment campaigns from the second half of the 20th century. Many of Mander’s ads and campaigns for environmental and social justice issues were not only memorable decades ago, they remain relevant today. (For more info: )
As Mander explains in this book, he wrote several ads in the 1980s focused on abortion and reproductive rights for Planned Parenthood, and his team at Public Media Center took aim at the National Rifle Association in support of gun control. In 1966, Mander wrote an ad calling out the absurdity of a then newly-announced Pentagon initiative to drop toys over Vietnam, which resulted in a visit from the FBI.
A trailblazer in the pre-internet age, Mander’s strategies included bold calls to action. In work for the Sierra Club, for example, Mander helped produce print ads that featured letters to legislators readers could clip out and mail, a tactic at the time more commonly reserved for retail coupons. Throughout 70 Ads, Mander explains how these campaigns came to be and offers advice for fellow low-budget, high-impact do-gooders. A personal accounting of his own work gives readers a primer on innovative thinking, while illuminating his inspiring story of aligning personal vision with collective impact. 

Monday, October 17, 2022

BAP statement: The Crisis of Haiti is a Crisis of Imperialism


The Black Alliance for Peace Opposes Biden Administration’s Security Council Resolution on Haiti and Calls for its Veto

October 17, 2022

The Black Alliance for Peace emphatically opposes the Biden administration’s draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council to call for the immediate deployment of a “multinational rapid action force” to Haiti. We have specifically asked two permanent members of the Security Council - the representatives of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation - to veto this resolution.

Western nations, led by the United States, and supported by Canada, the Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean Community, among others, are at the forefront of the push for another foreign military intervention in Haiti. Through a global public relations campaign, they are justifying invasion by pointing to a “humanitarian crisis” (including a new cholera outbreak) that has come about as a result of “gang violence.”

Yet by now, we should know that when it comes to Haiti, we cannot trust the words of Western politicians and the coverage of Western media. In the context of the current “crisis,” politicians and media have worked overtime to shape the discussion of Haiti by highlighting particular details – while ignoring important historical facts.

In the first instance, when calling for a military invasion of Haiti and promoting a narrative of crisis, the western media does not acknowledge that the current “government” in Haiti is unelected and unaccountable to Haitian people. It also fails to acknowledge that one core demand of the people is for authentic Haitian self-determination. Therefore, the last thing the Haitian people want is another “humanitarian” invasion and occupation by the US and the “Core Group.''  

Second, rarely does the media mention that, along with the demand for self-determination, the nationwide protests of hundreds of thousands of Haitian people have also been against the massive economic distress caused by a sharp increase in the cost of living. This increase was a direct result of a major increase in the cost of fuel – an increase decreed by the puppet Prime Minister and dictated by the IMF. 


Third, media coverage refuses to implicate the U.S., France, and Canada in the 2004 coup d’etat which removed the country’s popularly elected president, eventually leading to the current crisis.

Much of what we hear about Haiti today is a distortion - or outright fabrication - of Haiti’s social and political reality. Much of it lacks historical context, especially when it comes to the unrelenting meddling of the foreign agents and institutions, for understanding the Haitian situation. Much of it is based in a deep racism that presumes that Black people are ungovernable while resenting the implications of Haiti’s historical commitment to Black freedom.

As a response to distortions and deceptions surrounding Haiti, the Haiti/Americas Team of the Black Alliance for Peace has compiled a dossier of recent statements, essays, and articles which collectively demonstrate both the imperial origins of Haiti’s crisis and the racist justifications supporting it.

We want to be clear: The crisis of Haiti is a crisis of imperialism.

The Black Alliance for Peace, in alignment with the wishes of the Haitian masses and their supporters, absolutely stands against any foreign armed intervention in Haiti, and continues to demand an end to the unending meddling in Haitian affairs by the United States and Western powers.

~ Haiti/Americas Team of the Black Alliance for Peace

Russia courts Muslim countries as strategic Eurasian partners


By Pepe Escobar (The Saker)

Everything that matters in the complex process of Eurasia integration was once again at play in Astana, as the – renamed – Kazakh capital hosted the 6th Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA).

The roll call was a Eurasian thing of beauty – featuring the leaders of Russia and Belarus (EAEU), West Asia (Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Palestine) and Central Asia (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan).

China and Vietnam (East and Southeast Asia) attended at the level of vice presidents.

CICA is a multinational forum focused on cooperation toward peace, security, and stability across Asia.,Kazakh President Tokayev revealed that CICA has just adopted a declaration to turn the forum into an international organization.

CICA has already established a partnership with the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU). So in practice, it will soon be working together side-by-side with the SCO, the EAEU and certainly BRICS+.

The Russia-Iran strategic partnership was prominently featured at CICA, especially after Iran being welcomed to the SCO as a full member.

President Raeisi, addressing the forum, stressed the crucial notion of an emerging  “new Asia”, where “convergence and security” are “not compatible with the interests of hegemonic countries and any attempt to destabilize independent nations has goals and consequences beyond national geographies, and in fact, aims to target the stability and prosperity of regional countries.”

For Tehran, being a partner in the integration of CICA, within a maze of pan-Asia institutions, is essential after all these decades of”maximum pressure” unleashed by the Hegemon.

Moreover, it opens an opportunity, as Raeisi noted, for Iran to profit from “Asia’s economic infrastructure.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, predictably, was the star of the show in Astana. It’s essential to note that Putin is supported by “all”nations represented at CICA.

High-level bilaterals with Putin included the Emir of Qatar: everyone that matters in West Asia wants to talk to “isolated” Russia.

Putin called for “compensation for the damage caused to the Afghans during the years of occupation” (we all know the Empire of Chaos, Lies and Plunder will refuse it), and emphasized the key role of the SCO to develop Afghanistan.

He stated that Asia, “where new centers of power are growing stronger, plays a big role in the transition to a multipolar world order”.

He warned, “there is a real threat of famine and large-scale shocks against the backdrop of volatility in energy and food prices in the world.”

Hefurther called for the end of a financial system that benefits the “Golden billion” – who “live at the expense of others” (there’s nothing “golden” about this “billion”: at best such definition of wealth applies to 10 million.)

And he stressed that Russia is doing everything to “form a system of equal and indivisible security”. Exactly what drives the hegemonic imperial elites completely berserk.


“Offer you can’t refuse” bites the dust

The imminent juxtaposition between CICA and the SCO and EAEU is yet another instance of how the pieces of the complex Eurasia jigsaw puzzle are coming together.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia – in theory, staunch imperial military allies – are itching to join the SCO, which has recently welcomed Iran as a full member.

That spells out Ankara and Riyadh’s geopolitical choice of forcefully eschewing the imperial Russophobia cum Sinophobia offensive.

Erdogan, as an observer at the recent SCO summit in Samarkand, sent out exactly this message. The SCO is fast reaching the point where we may have, sitting at the same table, and taking important consensual decisions, not only the “RICs” (Russia, India, China) in BRICS (soon to be expanded to BRICS+) but arguably the top players inMuslim countries: Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar.

This evolving process, not without its serious challenges, testifies to the concerted Russia-China drive to incorporate the lands of Islam as essential strategic partners in forging the post-Western multipolar world. Call it a soft Islamization of multipolarity.

No wonder the Anglo-American axis is absolutely petrified.

Now cut to a graphic illustration of all of the above – the way it’s being played in the energy markets: the already legendary Opec+ meeting in Vienna a week ago.

A tectonic geopolitical shift was inbuilt in the – collective – decision to slash oil production by 2 million barrels a day.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry issued a very diplomatic note with a stunning piece of information for those equipped to read between the lines.

For all practical purposes, the combo behind the teleprompter reader in Washington had issued a trademark Mafia threat to stop “protection” to Riyadh if the decision on the oil cuts was taken before the US mid-term elections.

Only this time the “offer you can’t refuse” didn’t bite. OPEC+ made a collective decision, led by Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Following Putin and MBS famously getting along, it was up to Putin to host UAE President Sheikh Zayed – or MBZ, MBS’s mentor – at the stunning Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, which datesback to Peter the Great.

That was a sort of informal celebration of how OPEC+ had provoked, with a single move, a superpower strategic debacle when it comes to the geopolitics of oil, which the Empire had controlled for a century.

Everyone remembers, after the bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, how US neo-cons bragged, “we are the new OPEC”.

Well, not anymore. And the move had to come from the Russians and US Persian Gulf “allies” when everyone expected that would happen the day a Chinese delegation lands in Riyadh and asks for payment of all the energy they need in yuan.

OPEC+ called the American bluff and left the superpower high’n dry. So what are they going to do to “punish” Riyadh and Abu Dhabi? Call CENTCOM in Qatar and Bahrain to mobilize their aircraft carriers and unleash regime change?

What’s certain is that the Straussian/neocon psychos in charge in Washington will double down on hybrid war.

The art of “spreading instability”

In St. Petersburg, as he addressed MBZ, Putin made it clear that it’s OPEC+ – led by Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE – that is now setting the pace to “stabilize global energy markets” so consumers and suppliers would “feel calm, stable and confident” and supply and demand “would be balanced”.

On the gas front, at Russian Energy Week, Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller made it clear that Russia may still “save” Europe from an energy black hole.

Nord Stream (NS) and Nord Stream 2 (NS2) may become operational: but all political roadblocks must be removed before any repairing work starts on the pipelines.

And on West Asia, Miller said additions to Turk Stream have already been planned, much to the delight of Ankara, keen to become a key energy hub.

In a parallel track, it’s absolutely clear that the G7’s desperate gambit of imposing an oil price cap – which translates as the weaponization of sanctions extended to the global energy market – is a losing proposition.

Slightly over a month before hosting the G20 in Bali, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati could not make it clearer: “When the United States is imposing sanctions using economic instruments, that creates a precedent for everything”, spreading instability “not only for Indonesia but for all other countries.”

Meanwhile, allMuslim-majority countries are paying very close attention to Russia. The Russia-Iran strategic partnership is now advancing in parallel to the Russia-Saudi-UAE entente as crucial vectors of multipolarity.

In the near future, all these vectors are bound to unite in what ideally should be a supra-organization capable of managing the top story of the 21st century: Eurasia integration.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Seasons change and so did I....


The view outside our living room window in Brunswick, Maine

Right next to our downsized apartment there is a hiking trail through the woods

Harpswell, Maine

Potts Point in Harpswell, Maine


The colors are ablaze across Maine. All around our house we have glowing trees. 

Tourists are still here - they are called 'leaf peepers' by Mainers.

After 30 years in hot, humid Florida our move to Maine in 2003 was a blessing. My heart has always been amongst the changing seasons.

In addition to the bright leaves my thinking is changing too. After 40 years of calling myself a peace activist,  I now prefer the 'anti-imperialist' identity.

Mark Twain told the New York Herald on October 15, 1900: “I have read carefully the Treaty of Paris, and I have seen that we do not intend to free, but to subjugate the people of the Philippines. We have gone there to conquer, not to redeem. It should, it seems to me, be our pleasure and duty to make those people free, and let them deal with their own domestic questions in their own way. And so I am an anti-imperialist. I am opposed to having the eagle put its talons on any other land.”
My current observation is that a good number of 'peace seekers' have a dwarfed-sized analysis about contemporary foreign policy. Their sign on a street corner might just read 'Peace' of something like 'Peace is patriotic'. Essentially they are not willing to take a stand in this crucial moment we find ourselves chained to.

I want to see an expression that tells me something. Something that names the US as the 'greatest purveyor of violence in the world' or that 'NATO is Offensive'.  Or 'Leave Ukraine and Russia damn-well alone'. You likely get my drift.

This song below has been spinning in my head all day. 'I got, got, got no time'.

Distant roads are calling me. I found myself some wings.



Sunday song



What you ought to know about AUKUS



When AUKUS (Australia-UK-US)  was announced in 2021, its stated intent was the protection and preservation of the existing order. However, many experts have called this into question. 
It is now viewed by many as a challenge to stability and peace for Australia and the region. 
Today’s discussion brings together proponents of peace from the three nations involved in AUKUS – Australia, the USA and the UK. 
Our panel, moderated by Dr Keith Suter, features Bruce Haigh (Australia), Kate Hudson (UK) and Bruce Gagnon (USA).