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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Saturday, October 08, 2022

Kiev's terrorism expanding



- Ukraine strike on Crimea Bridge complicates both civilian and military logistics to Crimea, the former more so than the latter; 
- The bridge attack is likely to be followed by anticipated offensive operations by Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia toward Melitopol; 
- The bridge attack + Melitopol offensive is meant to isolate Crimea; 
- Ukraine's offensive will leave its forces overextended, depleted and vulnerable to Russian forces who have throughout the duration of Ukraine's offensives preserved their manpower and equipment

Crimea bridge blown by Kiev regime - U.S. pushing WW III




Crimean Bridge Blast Leaves Three People Dead, Preliminary Data Says

On Saturday morning, the traffic and railway service have been suspended on the Crimean Bridge.

A truck has been blown up on the Crimean Bridge, the National Anti-Terrorist Committee has reported.

"Today, at 6:07am, a truck was blown up on the motorway section of the Crimean Bridge from the Taman Peninsula, which caused seven fuel tanks of a train traveling to the Crimean peninsula to go up in flames. Two motorway sections of the bridge have partially collapsed. The arch over the land part of the bridge has not been damaged," the report says. The cause of the explosion is now being investigated.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed to create a government commission in connection with the emergency on the Crimean Bridge, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday.

Crimean head Sergey Aksenov said that the ferry crossing in Crimea is ready for launch and will start working from Saturday. He added that, according to what one can see, one motorway section of the Crimean bridge - from Kerch to Taman - is intact.

The movement of ships in the Kerch Strait did not stop despite a fire on the Crimean Bridge, the Russian Federal Agency for Sea and Inland Water Transport (Rosmorrechflot) said.

Crimea rejoined Russia after nearly 97 percent of voters supported the move in the March 2014 referendum. After the reunification, Russia began building a railway bridge to connect the peninsula with the mainland. The Crimean bridge is the longest in Europe, as it makes up almost 12 miles. 

See photos and more on the truck bomb blowing the bridge here, here and here

The Kiev Nazi regime claims credit for the terrorist attack

Latin Waves in Canada interviews Bruce Gagnon



Host Stuart Richardson interviews Bruce Gagnon, co-founder and coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, he fights the reach of corporate greed into space. 

We give a historical perspective on the Russia/Ukraine conflict, how events escalated since 2014 and how/why the US/NATO is prolonging this war. the US is not helping Ukraine flight Russia, the US is using Ukraine to fight Russia. How this war impacts the people of the world and the evil and apathy of our leaders misguided priorities. 

We speak about the lack of a Peace movement while we flirt with nuclear war and the failings of civil society and people of the faith community. 

I give an open invitation, if your promoting peace in anyway let me know at and I will work with you.


Friday, October 07, 2022

U.S. control of space?



Former US President Lyndon B. Johnson dreams of American control of space and the world below.

Thursday, October 06, 2022

Space Week Webinar: Dangers of WW III & Space war - Reports from around the world

Webinar Information:

Saturday, October 8

2:00 pm EST (New York)
11:00 am (Los Angeles)
8:00 am (Hawaii)
7:00 pm (London)


* Dr. Dave Webb (UK) Overview of current space warfare system
* Agneta Norberg (Sweden) Sweden: A platform for US war on Russia
* Koohan Paik Mander (Hawaii) Clash of Paradigms: Pacific Peoples vs. Pentagon Robots
* Subrata Ghoshroy (Boston) From ANZUS to Quad, US policy to contain China
* Tamara Lorincz (Canada) With the Militarization of Space by NATO and NORAD, What Are the Possibilities for Peace in Space?
* Bruce Gagnon (Maine) Moderator

Speakers to be followed by audience Comments, Questions & Answers

All are invited

Join Zoom Meeting: (Just click the link on October 8 to enter the Webinar)

US-UK-NATO going off the rails in desperation



NATO members are attempting to keep Russia from being involved in the investigation to discover the perpetrator(s) of the Nordstream 1 & 2 pipelines sabotage.


After all Nordstream-2 was paid for by Russia and Germany. How can Russia be excluded?

What is US-UK-NATO trying to hide from the world? 

What ever happened to the so-called 'Rule of law'?

There is some serious corruption going on here.

The people of the world need to speak up about this.

Just today we learned that Zelensky in Kiev is requesting that the US bomb Russia with nukes. Crazy? Yes, for sure. 

"We need preventive strikes so that they in Russia know what awaits them if they use nuclear weapons..." Zelensky said during an online conference at the Australian Lowy Institute. 

See more here and here.


France busted for crimes in Africa



New Italy PM Giorgia Meloni takes a dig at the French President for his past remark on Italy where he called the country “disgusting, cynics, and irresponsible”. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Up next: War with China


Speech by KJ Noh (California-based scholar) at the Friends of Socialist China webinar 'China encirclement and the imperialist build-up in the Pacific', held on 24 September 2022. 

The event addressed the rising aggression of the US and its allies in the Pacific region, including the Biden administration’s increased support for Taiwanese separatism; Western power projection in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Straits; the hysteria surrounding China’s security agreement with the Solomon Islands; the AUKUS nuclear pact; developments in Korea and Japan; and more.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Pipeline Terror is the 9/11 of the Raging Twenties


By Pepe Escobar

There’s no question that future unbiased historians will rank Russian President Vladimir Putin's address on the Return of the Baby Bears – Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia – on September 30 as a landmark inflection point of the Raging Twenties.

The underlying honesty and clarity mirror his speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference, but this time largely transcending the trappings of the geopolitical New Great Game.  

This was an address to the collective Global South. In a key passage, Putin remarked how “the world has entered a period of revolutionary transformations, which are fundamental in nature. New development centers are being formed, they represent the majority.”

As he made the direct connection between multi-polarity and strengthening of sovereignty, he took it all the way to the emergence of a new anti-colonial movement, a turbocharged version of the Non-Aligned Movement of the 1960s:

“We have many like-minded people all over the world, including in Europe and the United States, and we feel and see their support. A liberating, anti-colonial movement against uni-polar hegemony is already developing in various countries and societies. Its subjectivity will only grow. It is this force that will determine the future geopolitical reality.”

Yet the speech’s closure was all about transcendence - in a spiritual tone. The last full paragraph starts with "Behind these words stands a glorious spiritual choice".

Post-post-modernism starts with this speech. It must be read with utmost care so its myriad implications may be grasped. And that’s exactly what tawdry Western spin and a basket of demeaning adjectives will never allow.

The speech is a concise road map to how we got to this incandescent historical crossroads – where, to venture beyond Gramsci, the old order refuses to acknowledge its death while the new one is inexorably being born.

There’s no turning back. The key consequence of a largely documented fact – “a hybrid war is being waged against Russia because it stands in the way of the neo-colonial world order” – is that Russia is getting ready for an all-out collision with the Empire of Lies.

Alongside top Eurasian powers China and Iran. Imperial vassals in this case are at best collateral damage.

Moreover, it’s quite telling that Putin’s speech followed India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar, stressing the "pillaging of India by the colonial power" at the UN General Assembly.

Putin’s speech and Russia’s resolve to fight the – hybrid and otherwise - war against the collective West set up the Macro Picture.

The Micro Picture regards the see-saw in the battlefields in Ukraine, and even the blow-up of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines: a desperate gambit, a few days before the result of the referendums and their official recognition on September 30.  

Where’s Osama when we need him?

As working hypotheses swirl on how the deed was done, a few things are quite clear.

Russia had absolutely no motive to destroy billions of dollars of Gazprom’s energy infrastructure: they could always use it as leverage; and they could just turn it off – as they did, because of the sanctions dementia - and re-route the gas to Asian customers.

A White House “led” by a senile teleprompter reader, mired in a black politico-economic void, was most certainly clueless.

The prime suspect is a rogue National Security/State Department faction – part of what is known in the Beltway as The Blob. Call them Straussians or neo-con fanatics, these are the players who are conducting a US foreign “policy” whose central premise is the destruction of Russia – with the European “allies” as collateral damage.    


An inevitable – certainly unforeseen - consequence is that in this new twist in the War of Economic Corridors, all bets are off: no pipeline or undersea cable, anywhere in the world, is now safe and may become fair game in retaliation.

So the blow-up of the twin pipes - NS and NS2 – is 9/11 remixed Pipeline Terror. With no Islamist with a Kalashnikov hiding in an Afghan cave to take the fall.

Financial losses will involve quite a few weighty players. The shareholders of Nord Stream AG are Gazprom (51%); Wintershall Dea AG (15.5%); PEG Infrastruktur AG, a subsidiary of E.ON Beteiligungen (15.5%); N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (9%) and Engie (9%).

So this is an attack not only against Russia and Germany but also against major European energy companies.

NS2 is an engineering marvel: over 200,000 pipe segments coated with 6” of concrete, each weighing 22 tons, laid out on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

And just when it seemed that all was lost, well, not really. The engineering marvel theme resurfaced: the pipes are so strong they were not broken, but merely punctured. Gazprom revealed there’s an intact string of NS2 that may “potentially” be used.

The bottom line is that reconstruction is possible, as Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak stressed: “There are technical possibilities to restore the infrastructure, it requires time and appropriate funds. I am sure that appropriate opportunities will be found.”

But first, Russia wants to conclusively identify the perpetrators.

Henry Kissinger, sore loser

US establishment oracle cum notorious war criminal, Henry Kissinger, could not get rid of his trademark Return of the Living Dead act, saying Russia has “already lost the war” because its capacity to threaten Europe with conventional attacks, which it had enjoyed for decades or even centuries, “has now been demonstrably overcome.”

Moscow was not “threatening” Europe with anything conventional or otherwise; it was trying to do business, and the Americans blocked it with a vengeance, even resorting to Pipeline Terror.

This American tactical victory was achieved in only seven months, and cost next to nothing. The results may seem impressive: US hegemony over the whole EU spectrum is now undisputed, as Russia lost its economic leverage. But that will only deepen Moscow’s resolve –as stressed by Putin’s speech – to take the fight against the Empire and its vassals to the limit.

On the Ukraine battlefields, that means forcing them to the negotiating table on Russia’s terms. And then force them to agree to a new European “indivisibility of security” arrangement.

And to think that all that could have been accomplished with a simple phone call in late 2021, when Moscow sent letters to Washington proposing a serious discussion.  

In fact, it’s the US that has “already lost the war”: at least 87% of the world – including virtually the whole Global South – has already concluded this is a rogue, rudderless empire.

“Losing”, Kissinger-style, also means that in only 7 months, Russia annexed 120,000 km2 - or 22% of Ukrainian territory - that produces nearly 90% of GDP and has over 5 million citizens. Along the way, the allied forces basically destroyed the Ukrainian army, which they continue to do 24/7; billions of dollars of NATO equipment; accelerated the demise of most Western economies; and evaporated the notion of American hegemony.

As for Stupidistan Unplugged, the Oscar goes to Secretary Blinken, who gave away the game by saying the blow-up of the twin pipelines was a "tremendous strategic opportunity".

Just like 9/11 was a "tremendous strategic opportunity" for indiscriminate invasion/bombing/killing/plunder across the lands of Islam.

Shock'n Awe is back

The EU is on the way to surefire Trade Devastation. From now on, any possibility of energy trade with Russia would have to be a consequence of the collapse of both NATO and the EU. That may happen, but it will take time. So what next?

The EU cannot rely on Asia: far away and impossibly expensive in terms of LNG liquefaction and re-gasification costs. Any pipeline – for instance, from Kazakhstan - would be crossing Russia or coming from China via Russia. Forget about Turkmenistan; it already ships its gas to China.

The EU cannot rely on West Asia. Turk Stream is fully booked. The whole production of the Persian Gulf is already bought. If – and that’s a major “if” – there was more gas available, it would be a small amount from Azerbaijan (and Russia might disrupt it). Iran remains sanctioned by the Empire – a fabulous own goal. Iraq and Syria are still plundered by the US.

That leaves Africa – where, as it stands, France is being unceremoniously kicked out, nation after nation. Italy may eventually pipe gas to German industry from Algeria, Libya and the Cyprus-Israel fields. There will be an absolutely mad scramble for Saharan gas fields and gas in central Africa – from Uganda to South Sudan.

The Baltic may be a NATO lake, but Russia could easily decide to make waves, for instance transporting LNG in barges to German ports via Kaliningrad – which is ice-free during winter. If Lithuania would try to block it, Mr. Khinzal could settle the issue by presenting his business card. Russia could also use the Gulf of Finland, not a problem for those massive Russian icebreakers.

This means Russia could easily destroy the competition - as in absurdly expensive LNG coming from the US. After all, St. Petersburg to Hamburg is only about 800 nautical miles; and from Kaliningrad, only 400 nautical miles.

The whole chessboard is about to be radically changed before the arrival of General Winter. 9/11 led to the bombing, invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Pipeline 9/11 is leading to a Shock’n Awe on NATO – to take place in Ukraine. Blowback is back – with a vengeance.

~ Pepe Escobar is a veteran journalist, author and independent geopolitical analyst focused on Eurasia.

Sachs angers corporate media - blames U.S. for pipeline sabotage



"I confess I am on the side of peace.." - Jeffrey D. Sachs (Columbia university economics professor)

This statement by Sachs will likely put him on the corporate media black list. He's gone too far.... 

Monday, October 03, 2022

EU: Sabotage by elite leadership




EU Risks Financial Crisis, Disintegration If It Continues To Pour Billions Into Ukraine, Say Experts


The Biden administration has pledged to provide $1.5Bln a month to Kiev to keep the Ukrainian economy afloat and is pushing the EU to commit to a similar package, Bloomberg has reported. Meanwhile, the EU is facing a severe economic slowdown, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has warned.

"Since the beginning of the 'Ukraine issue' back in 2008 to 2014, it was clear to me that the Anglosphere has used it as a Trojan horse to check both EU [Germany] and Russia," says Paolo Raffone, a strategic analyst and director of the CIPI Foundation in Brussels. "The EU leadership is fundamentally working against European interests, abiding by the policy dictated by the US/UK/NATO. No doubt the EU will be saddled with the greatest share of rebuilding Ukraine that will be, together with Poland, a US/UK strategic fiefdom in Eastern Europe to separate the EU from Russia and therefore stymie Germany's heft as a regional and global player. [This is] just like the 1901 Mackinder theory."

The Biden administration has vowed to support Kiev with $1.5Bln a month in economic aid and has approved $4.5Bln in grants for Ukraine to cover the country's needs until the end of the year. The White House has held talks with EU officials pressing them to follow suit to keep Ukraine's economy afloat, Bloomberg wrote on Sunday, citing people familiar with the matter. According to the International Monetary Fund, Ukraine needs roughly $5Bln per month to cover essential services.

Meanwhile, the EU has yet to deliver on its commitments of nearly 9Bln euros ($8.8Bln) for Kiev: the bloc paid out only 1Bln euros last summer. Another 5Bln euros have been allocated but not yet paid out to Ukraine; the rest of the sum remains stuck over formal and financial issues.

The aforementioned delays are understandable given that "Europeans are now in total disarray over funding subsidies to their consumers and industry for relief from the impossibly high energy bills that are now being sent out by electricity suppliers," Gilbert Doctorow, an international relations analyst, said.

"Most EU countries can’t raise the hundreds of billions through issuance of bonds - as Germany is about to do - because of their weaker economies and high public indebtedness," Doctorow says, casting doubt on the EU's ability to meet Washington's demands regarding Ukraine. "The EU governments will soon be facing non-payment movements from their citizenry and cannot afford to be seen to be delivering cash money to Kiev."

The EU is facing nothing short of "a continent-wide recession", Bloomberg noted on 28 September, predicting a "harsh winter" for Europe’s households, chemical producers, steel plants, and car manufacturers. "If the coming months turn especially icy and the bloc’s 27 members fail to share scarce fuel supplies efficiently," the European economy could contract by as much as 5 percent, according to the Bloomberg Economics' estimates.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal revealed that European manufacturers are increasingly shifting their business to the US as the energy crunch bites. To complicate matters further, the sabotage attack on the Nord Stream pipeline system put a rocket under energy prices and cut Europe's access to additional volumes of affordable fuel.

According to Raffone, the split among EU countries is already a reality. To illustrate his point he refers to Berlin's unilateral decision to allocate 200Bln euros ($194Bln) to shield the country's population from surging energy prices. Other EU governments are struggling to solve their crises on their own. Meanwhile, if Italy's new government fails to steer the country out of the fiscal crisis, the nation's economy could detonate and cause the EU's disintegration, Raffone alleges.

Even though technically the EU can "feed" Ukraine regularly, it would be politically disastrous under the present circumstances, he warns.

"How will politicians explain that huge funds can be made available to Ukraine but not to support the EU citizens?" the strategic analyst said. "The attempt to justify such a choice, recalling the famous 'EU values', is dangerous because the EU Treaties never speak of 'values'. The risk is to ignite a series of 'EU exits'."

Without NATO weapons the war would be over


Thousands of protesters gathered on Berlin streets Saturday to oppose Germany's interference in the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, which led to energy crisis, stagnant economy and souring prices.

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Space week events underway


Around 100 young Engineering students participated in this program. Condemned the NATO Expansion to Sky and the supporting of Ukraine government with Supply of war Material.

Many lecturers participated in this Program.

Prabhakar Jalluri
Visakhapatnam, India 
In Bath, Maine yesterday we had 27 people from across the state gather at Bath Iron Works (General Dynamics) for Keep Space for Peace Week. 
As it turned out it was family day at the Navy shipyard so legions of workers and their families came to walk through the yard and climb aboard an Aegis destroyer. 
One woman in a car stopped and yelled at us for 'exposing' her children to a peaceful protest.

I carried a sign outlining the 2008 test called Operation Burnt Frost where an SM-3 interceptor missile was fired into space and knocked out an aging US military satellite by an Aegis destroyer. This proved that these missiles onboard the warship could also function as an 'anti-satellite weapon' (ASAT).

Sunday song