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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Solidarity with the Uhurus

St. Pete for Peace [Florida] stands in 100% solidarity with the Uhuru Movement who came under attack on Friday by the FBI and Justice Dept for alleged ties to a Russian citizen trying to interfere with U.S. elections. The charges are as tired and preposterous as they are serious. 

Anti-Russia hysteria has been sweeping the U.S. for years, and our efforts – and countless others - have been significantly touched by it, so it is not shocking to see what is happening to the Uhurus, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing or infuriating to watch our friends in St. Petersburg get persecuted for their beliefs.

Uhuru Chairman Omali Yeshitela was taken away in handcuffs, the Uhuru House in St. Petersburg was raided, and at least 3 other Uhuru members, including Jesse Nevel are reportedly under investigation.

In 2003 we began working with the Uhurus and we have always had complete respect for their leadership, advanced knowledge and principled stance on Western imperialism, free speech and liberation.

The DOJ may find a way to make a case that the Uhurus earned money from somebody who has connections to the Russian government, but that’s not a crime, even it were true. And accusations that the Uhurus could ever be bought off to influence a U.S. presidential election are naïve.

Given that former National Security Advisor John Bolton, former CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former CIA Director James Woolsey recently admitted, on camera, to U.S. interference in other countries elections, the charges against the Uhurus are even more duplicitous.

Watch a member of Uhuru House speak at a press conference responding to these charges here

What is BRICS?



Professor Richard Wolff informs us of the powerful economic partnership of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (B.R.I.C.S) and how U.S. reaction to Russia's invading of Ukraine is impacting their partnerships. 

"They are the engine of the world economy in a way that was once said of Western Europe, North America and Japan. And it's moved in large part to the BRICS." - Richard Wolff

Friday, July 29, 2022

This is how Kiev troops treat their own citizens in the Donbass




In the days leading up to Russia and the LPR forces fully taking control of Lysychansk we met a mentally challenged man that was arrested & he claims Ukraine mentally tortured him. In this report we show you his story.

Patrick Lancaster is a US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist. 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Japanese Hawks visit Taiwan to coordinate war


 By Kiji Noh

As we see Taiwan turn into a flashpoint with Nancy Pelosi's visit, here are some big picture perspectives and facts:

Taiwan was stolen from China and turned into a Japanese colony.  It was returned to China after WWII in the Cairo Declaration, but the current LDP Japanese government is packed with  (Nippon Kaigi) ideologues that believe in remilitarizing to reconstitute the Japanese Empire.  They understand the way to do that is 1) annul their peace constitution and 2) fully remilitarize by 3) aligning themselves with US plans to contain and take down China ("Pacific Pivot"/"Indo-Pacific Strategy"). Taiwan is a key area for them, geo-strategically and historically.  They are planning to be involved in a war over Taiwan, and the US wants and encourages this. 

High level US strategy ("grand strategy") is to trigger a war with China (see Rand's "Thinking through the unthinkable"; ASB)  

Elbridge Colby (US author of the 2018 National Defense Strategy) fleshed this out in more explicit detail in the "Strategy of Denial" where he said that the US cannot compete with China economically, or even in an arms race. A recycled "domino theory" of China's global imperial ambitions, Colby believes that US credibility is on the line.   It must instigate a war, preferably over Taiwan, preferably in a manner where the blame can be placed on China to rally (create "a binding strategy" with) the rest of the world (in an "anti-hegemonic coalition") against it.  Infowar and geo-informational delegitimation is key.  

Jake Bebber, summarizes:

To ensure America’s freedom, security and prosperity, the United States must maintain a favorable military-economic balance of power with respect to key regions of the world. Asia’s demographic and economic weight clearly place that region as the most important to American interests, and therefore the cornerstone of American policy must ensure that Asia is not subjected to regional hegemony... it is critical that the United States preserve its differentiated credibility related to denying China regional hegemony...This demands that force structure and capabilities be prioritized around identifying and defeating China’s best strategy to achieve regional hegemony.... For both ideological and military reasons, Taiwan is the prime target of China’s focused and sequential strategy...There is a good probability that denial defenses might fail in part or completely, requiring the coalition to adapt and seek to recapture Taiwan or the other allied and partner nations.

Therefore, considerations must be given on how to influence and shape the resolve of the people and bind them to the outcome of the war. A component of strategy must be to force China to fight in ways that change or reinforce the coalition’s threat perception. China will be made to reveal its aggressiveness, ambition, cruelty, unreliability, power, and disrespect for the honor of other states, which in turn strengthens the resolve of coalition members. The premise of the binding strategy is that military and other material power is employed to create “political, perceptual effects that matter in war.” Thus, military planning must sometimes serve political purposes that shape the war to unfold in such a way that key decision makers and populations “increase their valuation of the stakes at hand.”

President Biden's privy war council, CNAS (whose members occupy 18 top cabinet positions) believe that a) the US can win a war with China b) that Japan (& Korea) should play a key role in fighting this war ("binding strategy").  


Action steps: 

Biden in Israel - a big nada, zero


What (if anything) did Biden leave to Israelis & Palestinians?

Upon arriving
In Israel,
President Biden
Voiced verbal
Support for
The Two State Solution -
But immediately
Made it clear that
He would do nothing
To get this solution

Biden had very little
To offer to
The Palestinians.
Not even reopening
The US Consulate
In East Jerusalem -
A measure he had
Explicitly promised.

Biden took off
To Saudi Arabia,
His main destination,
Leaving behind
Millions of Palestinians
Under continuing
Brutal oppression.

Defence Minister Ganz
Who aspires to
Become  Prime Minister
Declared that he would not
Negotiate with
The Palestinians
But only seek to
"Reduce the conflict".

But is it really possible
To reduce the conflict
And ask the Palestinians
To endure the occupation
And wait patiently
For another
American President
Or for a true
Government of Change
In Israel?

This illusion
Might blow up
In all our faces.

Gush Shalom statement, July 26, 2022 


Palestinians [should] start aggressively lobbying all nations, globally to work towards a one-state solution. One person, One vote, No religion.What will happen? They will not get a one-state solution. No way for that. But if  Palestinians start lobbying all nations towards a one-state solution, and some countries start taking this idea seriously, this might make Israel agree to a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders.  That is how Zionists think. From the Zionist point of view, losing the West Bank is like getting your leg or arm be cut off. but losing the Jewish Majority is like getting your head cut off. So if you threaten them with decapitation, they might agree to an amputation instead.

Adam Keller

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Example of effective issue linkage


I'd like to congratulate the organizers of this upcoming August 6 event in Minnesota.

I am impressed with how they linked the horrid memory of Hiroshima/Nagasaki with the current conflicts today that very well could be the trigger for the next nuclear war.

Instead of half-stepping they also called Ukraine just what it is - a US-UK-NATO proxy war on Russia. Sadly many 'peace groups' across the west are misinterpreting the current war against Russia.  I've shared articles and videos for months that clearly reveal the true intention of the western warmongers. They want regime change in Moscow and Beijing. The west started this war.

The white oligarchic west is fighting to hang onto to its centuries long control and domination of the global south - Middle East, African continent, Indo-Pacific, Latin and South America. These populations (representing the most people on our tiny spinning orb) have had enough of the corrupt western run capitalist system that results in barbarism and slavery.

Russia and China have developed the ability in recent years to stand up to the Neo-con bullies who now run the show in Washington, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and squeaky London. So it is natural that the fading white west pulls out its favorite card - create more division and chaos.

Thus any nation that dares utter a peep of criticism or opposition toward the west is cancelled. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Libya, Yemen and many other nations well know this modus operandi of the western criminal cabal. 

Washington has its agents - puppets sprinkled around the globe - particularly visible in Europe. The CIA, after the end of WW II, used the Gladio terror program to ensure that most governments across Europe had its agents in charge. These governments (under US bankster direction) have continued their colonial domination of most of the global south.

Some 'progressive leaders' are afraid to speak out and tell the entire truth about what is actually going on today. 

During my 44 years of professional organizing (United Farm Workers Union, urban social justice organizing and then peace movement) I've seen lots of groups come and go. I understand how the funding world basically works. I have a clear picture about who gets $$$ and why. I have a decent picture of who the funders are and how they use the $$$ to 'guide the message' of the movement(s).

So there are social, economic and political reasons why some peace movement leaders feel the necessity to dump on Russia before daring to criticize Washington for creating the pretext in Ukraine that could lead to a red-hot exchange with Russia. I get lots of newsletters in the mail from groups around the world and it astounds me how many of them say little to nothing about the US role in Ukraine. They make little apparent connection between current US provocative foreign policy and the nuclear war that they so abhor. 

These strategic organizing mistakes mean one key thing - the public (who these groups are supposed to serve and educate) is left to get much of their information from corporate hired media lackeys. So such groups have failed in their #1 mission. They should be sharing the truth, helping to show how our own government is the instigator and director of this coming conflict between US-UK-Israel-NATO and Russia, China, Iran, etc. 

People in the global south know that the coming war by the west is about the oligarchs in those nations making a last ditch effort to hang onto their money, power and control. They are being cancelled. Call it karma.

You've got to pick sides in this world. I'm not a pacifist but have many tendencies in that direction. It's my connection to the spirit world which guides me. 

There is a demon out there - the global south has been trying to reason with the demon for centuries - but the warlords can't listen. Mr. Big is blinded by his greed and disconnection from nature. How are the western oligarchs to be restrained before they do even more harm? Do nations have the right to stand up to the demon?

Russia has been invaded for hundreds of years by those who want her resources. By the end of WWII, 27 million Soviet Union citizens died at the hands of Hitler's Nazi army. Russians have had enough of the western raiders. They reject NATO expansion and all the chaos that comes with it.

Tao He writes: 'The primary motive of British imperialism in China in the nineteenth century was economic. There was a high demand for Chinese tea, silk and porcelain in the British market. However, Britain did not possess sufficient silver to trade with the Qing Empire. Thus, a system of barter based on Indian opium was created to bridge this problem of payment.  The subsequent exponential increase of opium in China between 1790 and 1832 brought about a generation of addicts and social instability.  Clashes between the Qing government and British merchants ultimately escalated into the infamous Opium Wars.' [Big family fortunes
were made in UK, France, US by the opium trade. Franklin Roosevelt's family made money in the opium trade, as did John Kerry's. Columbia University, Harvard and Yale were built with opium trade profits.]

China has not forgotten about western colonization.

The story goes on and on....

We are approaching the decisive moments of the Ukraine war where it is estimated that by the end of August Russia should have the Donbass liberated. But just west of the Donbass, the US-supplied HIMARS long-range missile launchers could still be fired from Kiev-controlled lands. What should Russia do then? These HIMARS are predominately aimed at civilians in the Russian-ethnic regions of eastern Ukraine.

Videos are uploaded virtually every day of Ukrainian troops requesting to be allowed to retreat before they are killed. Zelensky (and his CIA bosses) tell them to dig trenches and keep fighting. The Russians know this war in being directed by Washington. Moscow understands that negotiation is not on the Neo-con agenda. The western oligarchs must have victory or nothing else. They are willing to burn the people of the world if they have to do so. 

That is how fascists work.


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Budapest protest: We want peace!



Speech by Endre Simó, president of the Hungarian Community for Peace at the peace demonstration in Budapest on July 25, 2022

When a government says peace and acts against it, the least we can do is to protest against it and demand that it unequivocally and irrevocably represent the peace interests of the Hungarian people!

I am glad that here in Nyugati Square, communists and people with other worldviews stand together for the peace of Hungary and demand that the government keep its election promise!

They promised that they would not let our country be plunged into war. And now we see more and more concessions being made to those who do not want peace in Ukraine, but war against the Russians.

It has not been a week since our Minister of National Defense voted in Brussels to send more weapons to Ukraine. We Hungarians do not give weapons to Kiev, but we finance the arms shipment of our allies worth 500 million euros with Hungarian taxpayers' money.

In its decision of March 7, the government authorized the settlement of NATO forces in Transdanubia and their passage through our territory and airspace. Since then, the license has been extended to the entire territory of the country. At the NATO summit in Madrid, our Prime Minister also agreed to increase the number of NATO forces stationed in Eastern Europe, including in our country, by almost eight times.

The government gave NATO and its leading power a free path to deliver weapons and ammunition to Ukraine through the territory and airspace of our country.

He did not veto NATO expansion with Finland and Sweden, although he did with Ukraine.

On July 15, Olivér Várhelyi, the Hungarian Commissioner of the European Commission, assured the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Smichal, of her unwavering military and financial support.

On July 7, Lt. Gen. Romulus Ruszin-Szendi, the commander of the Hungarian army, held a secret meeting in Kiev with Valery Zaluzhnyiyi, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army. On the Ukrainian side, his visit was evaluated as Hungary supporting Ukraine against Russia.

The President of our Republic, Katalin Novák, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, bases her international negotiations on curbing Russian aggression.

Viktor Orbán also echoes the voice of Russian aggression. Who knows why he turned a blind eye to what the Kiev regime carried out against the people of Donbass for eight years, taking the lives of 13,000 Russians.

At Tusnádfürdő on Saturday, our Prime Minister encouraged the European Union to act as a peacemaker between Russia and Ukraine. He just forgot to say what he was doing for peace.

After all, the government regularly votes for anti-Russian sanctions, and then we go to Moscow to beg for gas!

"Our NATO and EU allies don't let us do what we want, they keep blackmailing us," the Hungarian government defends itself against the people, who can hardly even buy bread anymore.

Why should we allow this? It is not yet clear enough how much damage the EU policy is causing us? Isn't it enough that one million Hungarians have lived in poverty up until now? Do we need those who haven't had a cold to catch a cold?

Kerosene lamp instead of electricity? Do we want to lose our pants while pushing the cart of the EU and NATO?

Prices have gone so high that only those whose salaries are raised by 33 percent can defend them! The ministers. And for others, the government's message is that "this is not the time for a wage increase".

While the government has no problem making a living, many millions of Hungarians face impoverishment. What was natural yesterday will be luxury tomorrow. Heating, lighting and healthy food will be luxurious.

Of course, only if the people agree! As I see that there is a danger of social destabilization due to the rapid devaluation of wages and pensions that follow the prices. Provided that we stick to the bad while there is better!

The name of the good solution is reconciliation with Russia.

Normal trade instead of sanctions, building relations instead of reducing relations, building bridges instead of digging ditches, cooperation instead of confrontation!

There is a world that does not want to subordinate us, but considers us as equal partners. Why should we refuse? Wouldn't there be a higher order of values than serving foreign interests and risking war for the sake of those whose map is this landscape?

We Hungarians are not used to letting them subjugate and oppress us! We want to be independent and neutral in both directions! We want to live in good relations with both the East and the West! We want to develop, progress, prosper, according to the moral commandment of mutual respect, equality, and peaceful cooperation!

We have to act, we don't have to wait until the vortex of Western politics, which is immature for compromise, swallows us up! Only those who truly serve the national interest, the interest of their own people, can find a way out of the crisis!

That is why we, the Peace Community, warn our people and the government not to allow the West to undermine the security of Hungarian society with its anti-Russian behavior and rejection of Russian security demands. If our own allies refuse to come to terms with Russia, we have to come to terms with it without them! This is dictated by our national interest!

The Hungarian Community for Peace appeals to people, social and political organizations and communities: let's create a Peace Forum to protect the peace of our country and strengthen our national sovereignty. Please, those who value the peace and independent future of our people, indicate your intention to join forces so that together we can form the Forum for Peace movement!

May our noble service be accompanied by the support and love of our people and nation! 

Macron buys Russian oil via UAE



Call it Hypocrisy 
Call is bait-and-switch
Call it fool the fools
Call it phony-ism 
Call it a shell game.
Any way you put it,
France 'betrays' the EU sanctions,
likely not the only country
doing so.
It's all a game
a deadly game
a criminal game
an evil game.
The goal is get 
But the EU leaders
first worry about 
regime change 
at home.
Just like Draghi in Italy,
or Boris in London.
Whose next?
Macron works his 
magic tricks,
hoping not to fall victim
to the revolutionary anger
of the workers and the poor.
But are the EU 
mis-leaders really
in control of their own nations?

How does one spell
Who is
pulling the strings
inside the 
EU capitals?


Monday, July 25, 2022

Pelosi heating up possible war with China




Nancy Pelosi could do a zoom meeting, saving 12 hrs of travel & jet fuel, or she could precipitate WWIII.

Any bets on which choice the Biden-CNAS-Blue team warhawks are likely to make?

The US military is considering “moving aircraft carriers or sending fighter planes for close air support” as part of a potential trip by US house speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the Washington Post reported Saturday.

The Wall Street Journal wrote, “And now that both she [Pelosi] and Mr. Biden have raised the prospect of a military threat, any decision to stay home would look like a retreat under Chinese pressure. Mrs. Pelosi almost has to take the trip now.”

The simultaneous escalation against Russia and China comes three weeks after New York City’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) released a 90-second public service announcement (PSA), giving instructions to city residents on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack on America’s largest city. 

The video begins with the narration, “So there has been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why, just know that the big one has hit.”

Google & AI Ethics



Google Engineer Blake Lemoine joins Emily Chang to talk about some of the experiments he conducted that lead him to think that LaMDA was a sentient AI, and to explain why he is now on administrative leave.  

Sunday, July 24, 2022

History lesson: What happened in Georgia in 2008?



All filmed in South Ossetia, January 2018. 
Phillips is a journalist from Britain and has been reporting from this part of the world for many years.
Interesting fact: After the short Georgian war was over the very first US elected official to venture to the capital Tbilisi was then Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE). Biden went to deliver promises that the US would continue funding the Georgian military. The US goal was to use Georgia in much the same way Washington and Brussels are using Ukraine today in their on-going attempt to destabilize Russia. 

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