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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Militarisation of Space Threatens Security in New Zealand


The recent Rocket Lab launch of US Military 'Gunsmoke-J' was for 'warfare combat targeting' and is among many satellite launches preparing for warfare in Space and on Earth. In the light of New Zealand's higher 'national interest' and values, it is disturbing, but not surprising, that the NZ government gives permission for the US Space Missile Defence Command (SMDC) payloads because they provide lucrative contracts to Rocket Lab and the NZ Space industry.

The New Zealand Space Industry seeks opportunities for NZ economic development in commercial services, environmental and scientific studies, as well as security purposes. However, the US military and warfare industry corporations, like Lockheed Martin, invest in and reward those who serve their warfare agendas, on the assumption that it is purely for Defence purposes.

This is misleading and NZ should not contribute to the military Space warfare industry, according to Laurie Ross, NZ Nuclear Free Peacemaking veteran campaigner. 

Thus, it is recommended that the NZ government refuse approval of future Rocket Lab launches for the Space Missile Defence Command and other branches of the US Military or corporations involved in expanding the warfare industry.

For more info: Laurie Ross    

Friday, June 18, 2021

The Putin you didn't hear in western media



Western media largely ignored Putin's press conference in Geneva.  Here is one exception and watch the BBC reporter get a red face.

Russian President Vladimir Putin answered a question from BBC journalist Steve Rosenberg after the end of talks with President of the United States of America Joseph Biden.

Libya story


SyrianGirl takes us thru the Libya story.

Obama, Clinton and NATO tore the hell out of Libya

Soft-power they call it in Washington

I think 'soft power' really means that Washington only likes to take on people that appear to be too weak to fight back.

Reality is an entirely different matter.

Destroying the night sky


By the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh, Scotland

They express deep objection to the tens of thousands of mini-satellites now being launched for 5G that are fouling the night sky.

Our sacred bond to the heavens is being destroyed.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Letter to San Quentin


My letter below to death row administrator Captain Patao at San Quentin State Prison in California. It is a letter in solidarity with an inmate on death row by the name of James P. Anderson who many believe is innocent. Anderson works hard from jail to link various movement activists and also makes art (including beautiful pendants) that he shares with various organizations working for justice. One of his pieces recently sold for $1,000 in an auction to benefit one of the groups. Anderson has been using a metal prong from an electric cord for years to carve his pendants. It's never been used as a weapon and the jailers long knew he had it. Recently he was charged for 'having a weapon' and was put in the hole for 90 days. The real reason for the punishment by the jail administration was because Anderson is a royal pain-in-the-ass who uses the legal system to hold the prison accountable for their many misdeeds. This is the story of one such case. (I will soon write more about James Anderson and his 42 years behind bars.)

Captain Patao,

I am writing about James Anderson who I assume is under your control.

I've been a phone friend of Mr. Anderson for over two years. We talk frequently about his life and the larger world.

I was distressed when I heard he had been put into more severe detention for the past 90 days. He is now waiting to be moved back to his previous cell.

I was also distressed when I first heard that Mr. Anderson had been found 'guilty' for using a metal bit from an electric plug to do his art work. Something I understand your administration has been aware of for many years and the 'item' had never been used in any threatening way.

It appears to me to be a case of 'creating an excuse' to justify more punishment.

Mr. Anderson has been in jail long enough that he has the crazy idea that he should be treated with respect and dignity.

He's had repeated incidents happen where your staff has stolen his property. In the real word those who steal are supposed to be prosecuted - not the other way around!

He was found guilty for holding the institution to its own professed rules and ideals.

You should know that out here in the land of the free, people are increasingly re-evaluating the entire 'criminal justice system' - from the cops to the courts and to the jails'. We don't like much of what we see.

Your administration is pledged to serve the public and those on the inside.

I call upon you to honor your professed code.

I intend to write about this on my blog.

You've inspired me to speak out.

In peace,

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 389-4606

'Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.'
                ~ Henry David Thoreau

Reorganizing money


It's call 'capital accumulation' by the rich.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In a sharing in Geneva



Joe Biden brought flashcards to his photo shoot with Putin.

I had the need to run some errands today and was able to listen to the NPR (Nat'l Public Radio) coverage of the Putin-Biden meeting. NPR is a bastion of 'liberal politics'. They hated Trump and worked him over the coals. 

I see what is happening in the US as an oligarchic war

Let's say that one side of the US 'deep state' is the east-coast (Washington, New York and Boston) mafia. They are in competition with their criminal associates from places like Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle and others. 

These regional oligarchs have favorites when it comes to electing representatives in Washington. Sometimes they play hardball with each other. They even kill one another when 'necessary'. Like the Texas/New Orleans/Miami mobsters that had JFK killed in 1963. Many of the Wall Street ruling elites were in on it as well. In fact the assassination was organized by Allen Dulles. (JFK had earlier fired him as head of the CIA.) LBJ then appointed the same Mr. Dulles as the director of the Warren Commission whose mandate was to solve the crime of JFK's murder. As we know, no real truth or justice has ever come from that cover-up operation.

But the dog-eat-dog regional power centers do now and then come together to wave the flag. And it is around the issue of continued US (glorious) control and domination of the world that these mobsters usually stand united. At some level they all profit from empire.

I continued following the Putin-Biden meeting on radio once home from my tasks. I was making my lunch while listening to the interviews with John Bolton and Michael McFaul (former US Ambassador to Russia from 2012-2014) as lead experts on Russia. Their take? 'Russia is a one-man state - he's an authoritarian - a czar wannbe. We need to be tougher with Moscow and help get Putin ousted'. 

Like with China, the Modus Operandi of Washington is essentially this:  'Do everything dirty and nasty that you must - act like a terrorist if need be - but get this so-called leader out of that country now. By hook or by crook. The US must be in control. They either submit to us or we will grind them into the dust.'

NPR didn't cover the news conference of Vladimir Putin - with the slight exception of 4-5 words in his own voice and the 'news analyst' filling in all the blanks. Lots of talk about Navalny. Lies about Russian invasions of Georgia, Ukraine and they even seemed to infer that Moscow had taken over Belarus. As usual the US media mouthpieces are always creating fear of Russia being an expansionist power while Washington plays the role of the paragon of democracy. The world loves us!

NPR covered the entire Biden news confab. He stumbled around a bit but all in all held it together better than I had expected. Likely he got a good Vitamin-C jab right before it all began.

So Biden 'pressed Putin' on human rights. They are going to each let their ambassadors return to their respective posts. Some talk about talking about cyber. Lots of 'rules of the road' mumbo-jumbo from Biden. Russia won't follow the rules, Biden said. 

No one tells you that as the US has pulled out of one arms control treaty after the other, they've concocted their own set of 'rules' that everyone should now follow. Globally. I've yet to see a copy of the rules. The US has very devious intentions. 

Washington wishes to rid the corporate oligarchs of the pesky-mosquito called the United Nations where Russia and China have veto power as members of the Security Council. Thus the need these days for a steroidal expansion of NATO into a 'global military alliance'. And even into space. The army of corporate capitalism. 

The plan to replace the UN with NATO is being resisted more everyday.


So Biden went and did his big talk for public consumption back home. He got nothing because Russia, China, Iran and others are demanding an end to 'king of the hill'. A new day has arrived. The US either joins the rest of the world in honest and true partnership or has to go to war against most of the world.

It's now that stark. The war mongers know that much money could be made with a global fight for ultimate power - many of the fundamentalist Christians would embrace the resulting Armageddon.

It will all come down to just how far the US ruling mobsters are willing to push. The unknown factor is the American people, if willing to stop swallowing shit and rise from their long sleep, we could move in a unified direction demanding an end to corporate corruption and control. 

But the liberals would first have to divorce the Democrats. I have my doubts.

This is our real struggle ahead.


Bozo in space....



Jeff Bezos takes a ride into the heavens.

How much did it cost?

How many small local shops had to close due to Amazon's 'glorious rise' to power and domination?

I am tired of these uber-rich fat cats playing Mr. Spaceman and helping to trash the orbits around the Earth with their toys. And punching a bigger hole in the ozone.

And ruining the dark skies with their greed and desire for extra-terrestrial glory.

They see themselves as god-like. 

Actually more like the devil.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Man without a country


This is the world
where I live.
USA born and fed 
(lots of BS)
like any good hog

Grateful for the times 
having lived
in Germany, England, 
South Dakota, Florida, Connecticut, California, Hawaii and now Maine.
Each of those places have a hold on my heart. 
I found it easy to love the people in all these worlds.
I call my back yard an English garden ranch. 
All the influences in our lives
woven into our soul. 

So it was never possible for me to want anything but peace, 
but it has to be ushered in by real honesty, solidarity, and justice.
Otherwise it's a phony ride.
Do the Palestinians have a right to rise up against Tel Aviv and Washington? 
Fundamental question. 
They've been doing it for so long primarily using non-violence. 
But with US dollars the IDF has forever been kicking the hell out of the Palestinian people. 
Did Crazy Horse have the right to defend his people against the US Army? 
Who was the aggressor anyway?
Do Cubans have the right to defend themselves as Washington relentlessly continues the Cold (hot) war against Havana, 
mostly led by the Miami Mafia?
How about Russia, China, Iran, others?
I'm a man without a country. 
In the end I'm happy it turned out this way.


PS confession: It was mostly the United States Air Force (via the taxpayer of course) that paid my step-father to move from one base to the other. I grew up with a large-framed flightline photo hanging on my bedroom wall of military aircraft, right alongside my Crucifix. Yes, bombers and Jesus.

My step-dad from Rumford, Maine - straight out of the papermill - was a photo reconnaissance tech who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. He was stationed in Okinawa during the Korean War and I grew up looking at his photos of bombing damage over North Korea. The US destroyed virtually every building in North Korea, the people had to live in caves and come out at night to work their food gardens. 

I joined the Air Force in 1971 during the Vietnam war. It was there I did 'a 180' and turned into a peacenik. 

Must thank the GI resistance movement at my base in California for the sacred influence.

Monday, June 14, 2021

The mouthpieces of hell....a local angle


I'm not at all shocked that Wall Street and the London financial district, called the City of London, own the mainstream media.

So add BBC to that list above, and all the rest of the corporate media across the west.  Who owns Le Monde? Last I heard it was a weapons dealer.

One man in Maine owns all the papers (daily, weekly) except one (Bangor Daily News). Our local group, called Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks, for five years had a twice-a-month column in the local paper. But we lost it due to our activism.

Our supposed sin? We organized against a $60 million tax break for General Dynamics Corporation which owns Bath Iron Workers.  (At the shipyard the Navy builds destroyers loaded with 'missile defense' systems.) Our campaign forced $15 million to be cut from the final bill that was approved at our state capital in Augusta. Democrats in the Maine House and Senate led the bill thru the legislature. They are the 'liberals'.

The liberals tell us that they care so much about the poor, those whose minds have gone around the twist and are wandering the streets, and those stashed away in prisons. Sadly they say there is not enough money to help the truly in need. Our so-called liberal elected officials are consumed with begging for military production bucks while on their bended knees.

The real corporate goal is to thin the population of black, hispanic, native and poor white people. They are not needed anymore.  It's a war on the lower class ....neo-feudalism.  Don't believe it?  Just ask a robot or AI entrepreneur. The curtain is about to fall.


The newspapers here did just announce that the Navy flight team, the Blue Angels, will be coming to nearby Brunswick on September 4-5 for another airshow. (A protest will be held on the first day.) The only airshow in New England they declare. The cost of the event will be between $600,000-$700,000 and will be a serious contributor to climate crisis. The Pentagon has the largest carbon bootprint on the planet of any one entity. The news article made no mention of the airshow's link to this reality. 

Most environmental groups in Maine won't mention it either.  We reach out to them and they remain mum. Lips locked. Why?

It's all about cash in hand. If you want money for your 'progressive work' then you have to play with the Dems because that party controls the 'entry' to most unions, local foundations, and corporate donors. The Dems don't like it when environmental groups talk about the military.

All the while Rome is burning....where are the Dems? Out in a canoe with the media on Earth Day. 


Sunday, June 13, 2021

All the evidence you need



We should start a contest to see who can guess when V-P Harris assumes the role as lead actor in the White House.

Not that things will be any different.

Now that she is back from Guatemala - her first field test complete - she has reassured the corporate oligarchs that installed her that she will carry out the scripted plan.

All on course.

Biden is soon to retire. 


Sold their souls for a dolla



TYT are working for the US regime change operation, likely being funded by CIA-linked foundation and corporate funds. Their job? Confuse and divide the 'left' - particularly the liberals. They are paid to support Mr. Big's murderous foreign policies.

Mr. Big don't need us much anymore so they are corralling and colonizing the superfluous populations virtually everywhere. 

Fascism in the 'land of the free'.

Call it friendly fascism of the three-piece suit variety.

Why would anyone ever watch the TYT show?

....pure garbage

These two on this show have sold their souls to the devil.

For a buck.


Sunday song