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Saturday, September 12, 2020

The People's Choice in Maine's Senate race


The reviews are in from across Maine and the nation.  People loved Lisa's debate performance last night in the US Senate race's first debate. Donations and comments are pouring in. The debate was sponsored by the two biggest newspapers in Maine and one of the major TV stations.  It also aired nationally on CSPAN.

Here is a sampling from Lisa's Facebook page:

  •  This is my first exposure to your campaign, Lisa Savage for US Senate, and I think you represented yourself well.
  • While I am not a registered Maine voter, I will sing your praises to friends & family who are.
  • Thank you, Lisa Savage for US Senate for being such a level headed & compelling candidate to motivate me to vote this year. Definitely my first choice and will continue to encourage others to do the same.

  • You have won my vote. ❤ Thank you for being a decent, intelligent, independent woman.

  • You did amazing Lisa! In the comments section of the video, you clearly stood out. People really seemed to admire you! Excited to see your numbers jump with the next polls!

  • Great debate from the most principled, honest and fair candidate on the stage. Way to go Lisa! ❤

  • Well done, Lisa Savage! You done us proud!

  • Excellent job on the debate, Lisa Savage! You were on topic, focused on solutions, and you didn't trash-talk the others on stage. Well done!!
  • You were great. The thanks for answering the questions with a focus on what you care most about moving forward.
  • So glad I watched the debate tonight and learned more about you! Strategizing my rank choice voting decisions! Thank you for putting yourself out there!
  • You kicked butt tonight. Great job!!! Before the debate I had never heard of you (I live in a bubble). Now, you have my vote. Democrats and Republicans have had 250 years to get things right and they are not even close. America could be better, much better. Progressive is the only way America will progress.

  • I was blown away by your grasp of issues, focused answers and obvious intelligence and genuineness. Brava, Lisa!

  • Everyone should recognize that you are the candidate we need for the problems we are facing. They can spin anything to the tribal team fans but the only genuine article up there was obviously you.
  • Anyone in Maine, convince, inform, campaign & canvass for Lisa Savage for US Senate. Phonebank for her, bring Signs or make some. Tell everyone that she's not a spoiler & with Ranked-Choice Voting, she is safe. & establish that the reason Lisa Savage is the only electable one because Sara Gideon & Susan Collins are backed by Corporations & will never bring the changes we so desperately need now. Lisa has the policies that will solve the problems, she only needs your help. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

NSA spy bases in the UK


This is the third in a series of Global Network videos about the US program to establish 'down link' bases around the world to intercept all communications and to assist in the targeting of Pentagon attacks.

The last video was about the NSA spy base in Australia called Pine Gap.

This video, by GN board member Will Griffin, takes us to the United Kingdom where we learn about two similar bases - Menwith Hill in Yorkshire and Croughton near Oxford.

See all other GN space videos here

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hedges: Primacy of corporate power


Journalist Chris Hedges spoke to the Peoples' Convention - August 30, 2020.

He lays it down like only he can do - not shaving any edges.

It's a clear speech, he speaks truth with a force that comes from watching other nations disintegrate internally.  His warnings often do not go heeded because most people fear having to recognize what Hedges has to say.  They don't really want to be in the middle of the coming shit storm - maybe it will go away or we'll get a knight in shining armor to save us....they hope.

The mistake is to think one can somehow escape the coming collapse.  But we can't run from it - we all will feel it.

This summer's political convention atmosphere (with a touch of professional wrestling thrown in for good measure) is evidence to me that the corporate ruling elites have constructed a brilliantly effective public relations campaign.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue have put their high-paid smarts together and decided the best way for the ruling oligarchs to benefit from the coming collapse is to turn the great unwashed against one another.  

How many so-called 'progressive' groups are really working for the public?  Many are Democratic party front groups, with paid staff and marching orders to push Biden and Dems nationwide.  One local kid in Maine told that he is being paid $20 per hour by one well-funded Dem campaign.  That's alot of bread for doing door knocking for a candidate.  

Both Republican and Democrat compromised leadership are reading off a script.  Mom and pop sitting around the TV (afraid of going outside) have nothing left except to take sides with our brain-washers.  It's very sad.

I don't see enough of a fighting spirit in the public.  They have a tired, angry, depressed, fearful look in their eyes.  My volunteer efforts lately to hold banners for Lisa Savage are putting me out by the American people.  If you want to see America just hold a sign on a corner.  Most of them are driving by.  Not many are walking but that will change soon enough too.

Some folks do get it.  While we banner many honk, wave or flash peace signs back at us.  Lots are timid though about acknowledging that something is going wrong. One woman slowly and gingerly hung her hand out the window the other day and gave us a finger wave.   

It reminds me of peace walks.  Usually I organized them this time of the year.  I put together five of them in Florida - the biggest was the Walk for the Earth from the Everglades to Tallahassee in the north.  Seven weeks long.


Here in Maine I've organized five of them as well.  Always led by Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist monks and nuns.  Brilliant people - they carry love, action and spirit to people around the world.  We've had great walks in Maine with a very dear and dedicated team over the years.  Because of covid any thought of a well organized peace walk this year is not possible.  Maybe next year.  But for now I am standing on the corner holding banners that ask the people what they truly stand for.  

I love doing this more than any other part of my work.  I want to see and feel the people.  And bring them the spirit that you are not alone.


Wednesday, September 09, 2020

First Maine U.S. Senate debate on 9/11

See this very impressive cover endorsement article from The Mainer - an arts, music, politics, culture monthly out of Portland.  Check it out here

I'm told a 15 year old did the cover artwork drawing of Lisa.  Very well done I'd say.  

In the last week, as people approached the end of summer with the traditional Labor Day weekend, the numbers of Lisa supporters, donors and volunteers has grown dramatically.

Letters to the editor supporting Lisa are increasing statewide as well as other media coverage.  Today the Bangor Daily News did a story about the four US Senate candidates positions on health care.  You can find that one here.

The eyes of the nation will be on the Maine Senate race largely because it will be a Ranked Choice Voting election.  Voters will be able to rank the four Senate candidates meaning the old 'spoiler' tag that usually applies when progressive candidates run won't work this time.

It's been a pleasure to be able to do volunteer work for Lisa.  She's a great person and friend.


Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Trump on weapons companies

End the Korean war now!



You can sign the petition to end the Korean war here

 You can add your own organization as an International Partner in this important campaign here


Monday, September 07, 2020

Free Julian Assange


Prior to Julian Assange’s full extradition hearing, hundreds of protestors gathered outside The Old Bailey to demand his freedom. 

Prominent speakers including Kristinn Hranfsson, John Pilger, and John Shipton among others spoke about the importance of a free press.

Navalny Poisoning – The Real Target Is Russian-German Nord Stream 2 Pipeline


By Tony Cartalucci

US-NATO continue building “momentum” behind Navalny incident – hope to end Nord Stream 2 pipeline before facts emerge, the pipeline is completed, and as all other options have so-far failed.  

Alexei Navalny is the ideal opposition figure for any incumbent government – he is ineffective, unpopular, and transparently compromised by malign foreign interests.

According to a poll carried out by the Lavada Center – a polling organization funded by the US government itself  via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – a mere 9% of all Russians look favorably on him and his work, with most Russians unaware of who he even is.

Germany was the one place the US and NATO needed Navalny to be the most – and in a condition of poor health the US and NATO needed him to be in.

His continued existence and his monopoly over Russia’s equally unpopular opposition ensures that an effective opposition never takes root in grounds choked by his presence.

For Moscow – Navalny’s continued existence is not only not a threat, he occupies space where a real threat might otherwise emerge.

For the United States and its NATO partners who have dumped millions of dollars and political capital into Navalny’s dead-end opposition in Russia – Navalny’s continued existence is an underperforming investment at best.

“Coincidentally” just as the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline nears completion – a pipeline project that will expand Russia’s hydrocarbon exports, increase revenue, and provide cheap energy to Europe in a business deal that would also help draw Europe and Russia closer diplomatically – Navalny was “poisoned.” 

He wasn’t just “poisoned.” He was allegedly poisoned with nerve agents called “Novichoks” alleged to be available only in Russia. Navalny was rushed by a shadowy NGO with opaque funding called “Cinema for Peace” to Germany – of all places.

Delivered right to the heart of what is surely one of Russia’s most important economic and diplomatic projects at the moment – it is the perfect excuse for the US and NATO to pressure Germany to abandon Nord Stream 2 – an objective Washington has struggled and failed to achieve for years.

The US and NATO wasted no time accusing Russia even with no evidence presented that Russia was responsible – not to mention lacking any conceivable motive for the alleged “assassination” attempt of such an unpopular opposition figure at such a crucial time for Russia, its economy, and its ties with Western Europe and Germany in particular.

German state media, Deutsche Welle (DW), in an article titled, “Navalny, Novichok and Nord Stream 2 — Germany stuck between a rock and a pipeline,” indirectly lays out not only the real motive behind Navalny’s alleged poisoning, but the most likely culprit as well.

The article admits just how close to completion Nord Stream 2 is, noting:

Many are looking to Germany, whose Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a prominent example of selective cooperation with Russia despite concerns about the country’s approach to human rights both domestically and internationally.

The Nord Stream 2 project, which is more than 90% complete, aims to double Russia’s supply of direct natural gas to Germany. Running under the Baltic Sea, the pipeline bypasses Eastern European states, sending gas from Russia’s Narva Bay to Lubmin, a coastal town adjacent to Merkel’s constituency in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

It’s noted that the pipeline bypasses Eastern Europe where the US has repeatedly toppled governments and installed client regimes hostile to Russia – complicating Russia’s delivery of hydrocarbons to Western Europe – Ukraine being a recent example.

The DW article then admits:

Critics do not view Nord Stream 2 as purely a business affair, instead calling it a major win for Russia’s image and standing at the international level. The Navalny poisoning, which draws strong parallels to the 2018 Novichok attack on a former Russian double agent that the United Kingdom has accused the Kremlin of orchestrating, further complicates Germany’s efforts to keep politics out of Nord Stream 2.

“After the poisoning of Navalny we need a strong European answer, which Putin understands: The EU should jointly decide to stop Nord Stream 2,” tweeted Norbert Röttgen, an outspoken Russia critic in Merkel’s conservative party.

His voice carries particular weight, as Röttgen chairs the Bundestag’s Foreign Affairs Committee and he is currently running for the party’s leadership.
It doesn’t take an expert in geopolitics to have understood that an attempt on Navalny’s life would have provided a mountain of political ammunition for the US and NATO in its ongoing attempts to sabotage Nord Stream 2 and prevent “a win for Russia’s image and standing at the international level.”

This is the most compelling reason why the Kremlin would not have ordered it – especially so close to completing Nord Stream 2.  

It must also be remembered that Navalny was flown directly to Germany after the alleged attack.

Germany was the one place the US and NATO needed Navalny to be the most – and in a condition of poor health the US and NATO needed him to be in. With Nord Stream 2 over 90% complete – there is little time left to threaten, coerce, and pressure Germany to otherwise abandon the project.

The alleged presence of “Novichok” nerve agents – had the attack been the work of the Kremlin – would have been a smoking gun and a virtual calling card left – all but guaranteeing immense pressure from across the West and in particular – pressure placed on Germany to cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

The DW article covers what the US has already done to pressure Germany, noting:

The Trump administration wants to sell Germany its own gas, which critics say is more expensive than gas from Russia. Sanctions have bipartisan support in Washington, and the US has already imposed them against companies laying pipe in the Baltic Sea, prompting the Swiss-Dutch company Allseas to pull out of the project in 2019. More sanctions are awaiting the US president’s signature.

Then DW quoted Sarah Pagung – a specialist on German-Russian relations for the German Council on Foreign Relations. The article would note her saying:

“We can’t rule [the canceling of Nord Stream 2] out as an option, but it’s unlikely,” Pagung told DW, although she said Germany could use the Navalny poisoning as an “opportunity” to shift its position on the pipeline without appearing to be caving to US pressure.
DW all but spells out the true motive of Navalny’s alleged poisoning and his “serendipitous” delivery to Germany for treatment – to serve as a catalyst for the cancellation of Nord Stream 2.

Since Moscow has absolutely nothing to gain from this – it is the least likely suspect.

Since it not only fits into the US and NATO’s openly declared agenda of coercing Germany into cancelling the Nord Stream 2 project, it also fits a pattern of staged attacks and fabricated claims used by the US and NATO to advance their collective foreign policy – they are the most likely suspects.

Consider the much worse and absolutely verified crimes against humanity the US and NATO are guilty of – with the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 2011-onward military interventions in Libya and Syria as just two examples. Poisoning Navalny – a failed investment as a living, breathing opposition figure and turning him into a martyr – is a relatively small act of false-flag violence to create a difficult impasse for the German government regarding Nord Stream 2.

The fact that the US and NATO are rushing to conclusions without evidence – as they’ve done many times before when pushing now verified lies – only further incriminates both as the most likey suspects in Navalny’s poisoning.

For Navalny himself – his fate – if he was actually poisoned – is tragic. The very people he worked for and whose agenda he served seem to find him more useful dying than healthy in terms of advancing Western foreign policy against Russia.

There are too many “coincidences” surrounding this incident:

  • The attack itself at such a sensitive time for Russia, its economy, and its ties with Germany in particular; 
  • The fact that Navalny was flown by a shadowy NGO to Germany itself; 
  • The fact that the US has been openly trying to sabotage the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline all along and; 
  • The fact that the “attack” was allegedly carried out in such a clumsy, ineffective, and incriminating way specifically to implicate Russia.

For a US and NATO who have sold the world entire wars based on “evidence” and “accusations” of everything from nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq to lies about viagra-fuelled rape squads in Libya – one more lie about an unpopular Russian opposition figure poisoned in Russia, picked up by a dubious NGO, and placed down right in the middle of German-Russian relations and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline the US and NATO are desperate to stop – fits a disturbing but all-too-predictable pattern.
The question is why are people still falling for it? Will Germany fall for it, or at the very least, cave – costing itself economic opportunities in exchange for a deeper and more costly role in US-NATO aggression against Russia? Only time will tell.


~ Tony Cartalucci writes for Land Destroyer

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Sunday song