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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. @BruceKGagnon

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Sign Petition: No Weapons to Nazi Regime in Ukraine

To: U.S. President Trump and Canadian President Trudeau

Stop U.S. transfer of offensive weapons and military training for the puppet regime in Ukraine. Stop Canadian arms sales and funds for ammunition to Kiev.

Why is this important?

Since the U.S.-directed coup d'état in Kiev, Ukraine in 2014 more than 10,000 have been killed as the puppet government in Kiev has been attacking its own citizens in eastern Ukraine. Nazis (now part of various security departments in the Ukrainian government) have been trained, armed and directed to attack Russian ethnic citizens living in the Donbass region near Russia.

US Special Forces from Fort Carson, Colorado are repeatedly sent to western Ukraine to train Kiev's military.

Schools, hospitals, day care centers, churches, airports, rail stations, and civilian residences are repeatedly attacked by Ukraine's nationalist forces.

Canada is also now increasing its military support for Kiev's terror operation against its own citizens.

Sign the petition here and please share.

Friday, July 05, 2019

It's all the rage....

Homeless Rage in America

By Mike Hastie

Yesterday I was driving in Portland, Oregon,

when this homeless woman stepped in front

of my car and just started to scream.

I had my camera on the floor next to my legs,

so I grabbed it real quick and took this picture.

Being a photojournalist, I simply wanted proof

of what I was witnessing.

Sitting next to me was Brian Willson,

who witnessed U.S. atrocities in Viet Nam.

In the back seat was a Nicaraguan woman by the

name of Ulda.

She was visiting the U.S. for the first time.

When she was a small child she remembers eating

only banana roots, because her family didn't have food

to eat because of the U.S. funded Ronald Reagan War.

In the past two years, 200,000 people have moved

to Portland from all over the country.

Rents have gone sky high, just like other cities across

the nation.

Homelessness is an avalanche--tents popping up

like wild flowers everywhere.

Streets are littered with trash everywhere.

Arguments on many street corners.

You can feel the stress everywhere.

Anyone reading my words knows exactly what I am

talking about.

In fact, I doubt if I could say anything in this post that

people don't already know by heart.

It's happening!

You can't spend 50% of U.S. tax dollars on the violent military,

without eventually turning this country into an economic

war zone.

So, Mike, what's your point?

My point?

The world is finally getting even.

The Scream is finally being heard.

And, to think, I once thought being in

Viet Nam would never come home to roost.

Picture taken July 1, 2019

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Donbass still on fire

By Erwan Castel in Alawat blogspot

In a war, an attrition strategy “is a strategy in which the objective is to wear out the fighting forces and enemy reserves…"

During his meeting with the OSCE leader, the new [Ukrainian] President Zelensky said on June 13 about the conflict in Donbass: “For me, this is the main goal: stop the war, stop the shooting... ”

In fact, exactly the opposite has occurred; Since the inauguration of the new US puppet of Kiev, a new murderous military escalation has been launched by Ukrainian forces [armed, trained and directed by the US] on the entire Donbass  [Russian ethnic eastern part of Ukraine] front, placing the clown-president on the same murderous path as his predecessors Turchinov and Poroshenko.

And during these early days of July, the Ukrainian forces continue their terrorism against the Donbass, with new deadly attacks against [the self-defense] soldiers of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, and also against the civilian population that they defend.

Of course, we are, fortunately, far from the butcheries experienced in the wars of the past, as for example during the Somme offensive of the first world war or the fire bombing of Dresden during the next world war.

However, it is now clear that Kiev, with a criminal genocidal intent, is trying to bleed the Donbass Russians, applying a strategy of slow hemorrhage all along the 470 kilometer front, and a policy of terror on the residential areas that are close to it.

Thus, north of Gorlovka, on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, the Ukrainians again bombed residential areas of the village of Zaitsevo, destroying new civilian homes.

According to the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in charge of the conflict in Donbass, between April 2014 and June 9, 2019 there have been 3,332 deaths among the civilian population of Donbass, with more than 7,000 injured. And since then, civilian casualties are experiencing another significant increase, about twenty civilians have been injured during this month of June.

    On the military side, the Ukrainian forces continue to violate the Minsk agreements on a daily basis, causing significant losses in the ranks of the Republican defense forces. Thus during the month of June between 35 and 50 militiamen have been killed on the front and dozens of others wounded by a Ukrainian strategy that seeks: on the one hand to hit precisely targeted republican positions using their artillery or anti-tank missile systems; and on the other hand to maintain offensive pressure by multiplying the “contact zones” by a systematically occupying the neutral zone situated between the lines.

In addition to bombing residential areas and Republican defensive positions, Ukrainian forces are still seeking to occupy the “gray area” between the lines, making it shrink a little more each month for three years now.

Of course, this strategy is also not inconsequential for the Ukrainian “Combined Forces Operation”, which also regularly suffers significant losses in its operations against Republican defensive positions, either by our defense forces or by the minefields that dot this “gray area”.

On July 1, in the Mariupol sector, a unit of Ukrainian naval infantry carrying out an offensive reconnaissance had 4 killed and 6 wounded during the Republican response.

Elsewhere, on the northern front of the Donetsk People’s Republic, another Ukrainian unit had to abandon an advanced position near the Gorlovka defenses.

Although the Ukrainian losses are numerically larger than those of the Republican forces, it is necessary to put them however in perspective of the existing balance of power which is about 4 for 1 in favor of Kiev and the duration during which the Ukrainian army reinforces new modern equipment and procedures.

Kiev is therefore playing the clock and the numbers, continuing to cause a slow hemorrhage of Donbass, large enough to weaken in the medium term the defensive forces whose reserves are obliged to reinforce the contact zones created by the Ukrainians (to compensate for the reaction time that has become non-existent), but too weak to provoke Russian intervention and/or to revitalize military operations on the ground, which would lead to excessive Ukrainian losses and internal and international political protest.

In the 6th century BC, the Chinese general and strategist Sun Tsu already said that “the war needs victories but does not like the duration”. This theorem is still valid and we observe here and there, when a Blitzkrieg cannot bring victory, to develop battles or even wars of attrition to which are generally added other attributes, sanitary, economic, political and media, or more recently cybernetic for example.

Russia, faithful to its measured diplomacy and its sense of proportional response, reacts to this war of attrition suffered by the Donbass, and avoiding military intervention as much as possible, with increased and progressive support of the populations of Donetsk and Lugansk, which it accompanies, and assists the modernization and military standardization, the socio-economic project and their integration within the Russian Federation first administrative, as in the recent opportunity to access Russian citizenship.

Reprinted from here

Sign the petition 'No Weapons to Nazi Regime in Ukraine' here

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Trump in Korea

Can Trump Achieve Peace With North Korea? from Rising Up With Sonali on Vimeo.

GUEST: Hyun Lee. U.S. National Organizer of the group Women Cross DMZ.

BACKGROUND: President Donald Trump made history on Sunday when he became the first sitting US president to step into North Korea, accepting an invitation by leader Kim Jong Un. Meeting Mr. Kim in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), he stayed on North Korean territory for only about a minute before returning to the South Korean side.

After what had appeared last year to be major progress in US-North Korean relations, ties between the two nations soured. But Trump and Kim, who claim to have a personal affinity for one another, seem ready to revive a detente.

It is not yet clear what the terms of the detente will be. Some are speculating that rather than requiring North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons technology, the Trump administration may only require a nuclear freeze.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Lastest Space Alert at printer

  • Nancy Randolph (from Topsham, Maine) and I finished the latest edition of Space Alert.  It now goes to the printer and it will be in the mail around July 9. It's always a collaborative and fun process with Nancy as we put this newsletter together.  I gather the articles, photos and cartoons and Nancy does the design and layout.  We kick it back and forth a few times before it is finished. 
  • Nancy told me today that she was somewhere over the weekend and some folks were talking about the recent arrests at Bath Iron Works just 10 miles up the road from Brunswick.  Some were criticizing us daring to block traffic and disrupt the destroyer 'christening'.  They felt some types of  'free speech' are just out of bounds. She told them basically that free speech is most needed when it goes against the prevailing mythologies. I thanked Nancy and said that alot of people say they support 'free speech' but actually they only want to 'allow it' when it agrees with them.  When they don't agree with the issue at hand is when they think you've gone 'out of bounds'.
  • We had more articles than we could use this time.  I want to thank Will Griffin (The Peace Report) for most of the photos from the Russia trip.  It was also great that he could go from Russia to Finland to represent the Global Network at peace events there opposing US-NATO war games underway in the northern Nordic region.  The war games were aimed at Russia.  The US is pressuring the hell out of Finland and Sweden to join NATO and allow their military to be subordinated to the Pentagon - the tip of the spear.
  • This Space Alert has a triple-focus.  Our Russia trip, Trump's Space Force proposal now before Congress, and the need to shut down the steroidal NATO war machine.  NATO has been used by the US to circumvent the UN's authority in order to unilaterally pursue multiple wars around the world. There will be lots of anti-NATO organizing this fall at the time of the next big meeting of NATO in London on December 3-4.  We also tried to weave in other key issues into the paper like conversion of the military industrial complex, climate change, and growing poverty as Washington shakes down the public to pay for endless war on behalf of corporate interests.  Mr. Big always wants more.
  • If anyone would like to help us distribute some copies of the newsletter please let us know.  We can mail them to you and all we ask in return is help covering the postage.  Let us know how many you want and we will send them.  Please share the link to the online version of Space Alert at the GN website here

Monday, July 01, 2019

The choir doesn't know this song.....

Just over fifty years ago, the first satellite was spun into orbit. Space filled us with optimism and awe. But were we in fact just staking out a new war zone? Space weapons feature prominently in science fiction, but how close are we to seeing real weapons systems in space? Today, 1000 active satellites are officially recorded as circling the earth. Most countries use satellite technology. And 45 nations own their own orbiting satellites. By shutting down a few satellites, the infrastructure of an entire country or continent can be paralyzed.

Now, the United States is the Master of Space. It dominates as the owner and user of space systems, both civilian and military. "Full spectrum dominance" - control and dominance of land, sea, air and, more recently, space, is still the goal of some within the U.S. Defense Department. But what are the realities behind these aims? Trying to track down what the Defense Department is spending on space weapons projects is a tricky business.

When Hitler had the first V2 missile launched in 1944, the weapons race in space officially began. Masters of Space is the saga of the emerging competition between the major industrial nations to control space and the fine line between space-faring and space warfare.

With unprecedented access to present and former US military personnel, and insights from anti-weapons activists, as well as military analysts, Masters of Space explores space as a "new arena for war".

Masters of Space is directed by Denis Delestrac for Lowik Media and Coptor Productions.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

He's gone Injun....

Walking amongst the needles
The wind talking to Tatanka through the pines
Remembering the people
whose faces appear in the sacred rocks
Let’s not forget them
They know how to live on this land

I’ve been here since the early 60’s
when we pulled into Rapid in a blizzard
The smell of the sweet grass
the pounding of the drum
the keening voices
the howling wind
crawled inside me
My heart is still at Wounded Knee

I recall telling the southern
suburban school kids
in the 80’s about the people
Drawing lines on the chalkboard
linear thinking,
is killing
our spirit
and our mother

My son visited in the womb
but it’s in his blood now too
It passes from one to another
The love for the people
the love of nature
Even if you don’t know it

My heart gets big when I see the hills that
look black from a distance
The view from the wind swept butte
reminds me that this land
will always belong to all our relatives

The arrogance of the white way
drops dead in time

Like they say in the movies,
he’s gone Injun 


Sunday song