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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


George W. was quoted in the news today as saying it is "simply ridiculous" that the U.S. is ready to attack Iran. He then went on to conclude that "And having said that, all options are on the table."

Bush is actually going to have Israel do the bombing but the U.S. will provide satellite technology to direct the attack. After all, now that Israel is going to give back some Palestinian land, Bush had to give Sharon something in return. "Ok, Ariel, you can blow up Iran," Bush likely said. "Just don't do it while I am in Europe."

When I was a kid I wanted to be an FBI agent. I wanted to fight organized crime. I took an FBI correspondence course when I was about 14 so I could get a head start on my new career. In it I learned about finger prints -- how to read them, etc. I also learned a bunch of definitions that I have long ago forgotten. Except for one. Modus operandi....method of operation. Every criminal has one.

So what is the M.O. of those in power today? They lie, they cheat on elections, they steal the public tax dollar, they mislead foreign governments, they plan takeover of the world on behalf of their corporate overseers. (There is more they do but I can't think of it right now.) But I think this is most of the worst of it..... Oh yeah, they invade other countries on false pretenses.

So when Bush says we won't be invading Iran I find it hard to believe him. It is a matter of trust. My detective instincts tell me to keep an eye on him. Park outside the White House to see who comes and goes. Who is he hanging out with? Stuff like that.

The Belgian peace group, For Mother Earth, did a preemptive strike today while Bush was in their country. They went to the Brussels headquarters of one of Bush's primary collaborators in crime, Lockheed Martin. A bunch of them in Bush masks went into the lobby of the HQ building and started playing some music. That was the diversion while 15 more of them in G.W. masks went upstairs and took over the office of Lockhhed Martin. They began asking questions of the office staff, interrogating them about recent crimes against humanity that the corporation had been perpetrating along with Bush. No arrests were made and they were evicted after about 30 minutes.

I am still gathering evidence of Bush crimes. Surely what he has already done is worse than pulling a Monica Lewinsky? In my little detective notepad I have written the following so far. See what you think - maybe you can help me gather evidence:

* Bush proposes cutting $489 million of clean-up funds at the Environmental Protection Agency
* The U.S. now ranks 17th in the world in high school graduation rates
* The U.S. is 49th in the world in literacy
* Jobs are leaving the nation like crazy being replaced by virtually nothing except Burger King hamburger flipper jobs
* Bush is a homophobe
* Bush cheated on two national elections
* Bush and Condi knew about 9-11 before it happened
* The water quality in America is dramatically worsening
* The air quality in America is dramatically worsening
* The cars in America are getting dramatically bigger while public transit is being defunded by Bush
* Bush allowed a pretend journalist, who runs male prostitute websites, into his press conference and picked him to ask a question
* Bush orders the torture of innocent people who have no access to legal counsel
* Bush is deploying "missile defense" systems that can't even get off the ground

Anyway, it's getting late. The list could go on. Really, please help me gather evidence for Bush's criminal prosecution. I think he did it.


Blogger Brian Dunbar said...

" Jobs are leaving the nation like crazy being replaced by virtually nothing except Burger King hamburger flipper jobs"

Hunh. My own 10 person evening job just hired ... 3 new people in the last two months. Day job can't find enough assembly floor people and we have many many open jobs. You can't sneeze in NE Wisconsin without finding a help wanted sign wacking you in the head. My former trucker friend reports he could leave his employer today and go to work tommorrow anywhere - shipping firms are turning away business.

And jobs are going overseas like crazy being replaced by burger flipping jobs? If that's the reality in your home town, time to move.

3/3/05, 12:56 PM  

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