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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure.

Monday, February 21, 2005


I'm very confused. We were told the French were the bad guys, old Europe, by Bush and his team of crazy people, but now Bush is sucking up to France's Chirac. Are we to eat french fries or freedom fries?! I can't take this uncertainty!

Bush is in Europe trying to repair his image with the Europeans. Will one trip where he plays nice and pretends he doesn't want to invade any more countries really do the job?

Let's be honest here. What Bush really is after is one thing. He is in BIG TROUBLE in Iraq and he is begging the Europeans to help bail him out. Bush needs Europe to send more troops so he can let the American National Guard and Reserves get back to their home towns, their families, and their regular jobs before he has a total troop revolt on his hands. Bush needs Europe to help pay for the occupation in Iraq and he also still is trying to round up European allies to help pay the enormous cost of Star Wars.

Then there is Iran. Bush wants to bomb them and Europe wants to negotiate. The Europeans have so much leverage over Bush. What about global warming? What about U.S. torture of innocent people in prisons in Iraq and Cuba? What about Europe's rejection of genetically modified food, and Bush's agri-business promotion of it? Can Europe really trust that Israel is serious about real justice for the Palestinians? How can this new "Berlin wall" between Israel and the Palestinian people be a postive step for peace?

This whole European trip is about public relations. Bush is weak around the world and he knows it. He's painted himself into a corner with his cowboy talk and now has to find his way out.

This Bush weakness might be news to some in the U.S. where the media allow him to get away virtually without a scratch when he lies to the American people. But it should be an awakening moment for the progressive community.

What this means for progressives back home in the U.S. is that NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP PRESSURE ON CONGRESS. Our international friends are doing their part. I loved the picture in the paper this morning of protests in Belgium yesterday that greeted Bush. Sign after sign listed the dates of U.S. military invasions around the world. The whole world is onto this gangster country of ours.

So instead of feeling like we are in eternal darkness we must light a flood of candles that will shine a light onto this weak and trembling George W. Bush. He has to to eat french fries, instead of crow, and I'm sure he is not enjoying it at all.


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