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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Entering Tacoma

The Martin Luther King Peace Walk entered Tacoma today from the south.  It was a clear and sunny one so we had a great view of Mt. Rainer in the distance.  Quite a sight.  All together the walk did 14 miles from near the sprawling Joint Base Lewis-McChord (Air Force and Army) to Tacoma.

We are back to the Catholic Worker House in Tacoma for the night (we also stayed here the night before the walk began).  Just before dinner tonight about 40 homeless people and Catholic Worker volunteers gathered for a meeting that we were able to sit in and listen to.  They were discussing how the Catholic Worker community here (which has eight houses in the neighborhood) can serve the homeless population in a better way.  The message that most stood out was the need to show greater compassion for those who find themselves homeless.  One woman reminded everyone that most of us are just one paycheck away from being homeless ourselves.

During the walk today we passed through a heavy traffic industrial area which meant we had alot of people see our walk banners and signs.  We also passed through the black community where we got about the best reception we've had yet. I heard a story today that the black community in Seattle has dwindled to about 800 people in large part due to the cost of living jumping so high since the Microsoft and high-tech boom.  Many people from Seattle's black community moved to Tacoma which is more affordable for poor and working class people. 

My feet are aching badly and I am dog tired but my spirits are high.  I hope to be asleep by 8:00 pm tonight for some needed rest before we head off for another day of taking it to the streets.


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