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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Philippines President Benigno Aquino has welcomed the arrival of the country's newest warship. It will be used in territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Al Jazeera's Marga Ortigas reports from Subic Bay, where the ship is docked.

In this clip the reporter mentions that the Navy would look into fitting the ship with a "missile defense" system when they could "afford" to do so.  That's the big question as the Filipino people are in need of jobs, health care, education and more and exorbitant spending on "modern" US weapons technology aimed at China is not exactly a good way to create social progress.

Amid reports that several US P3C Orion spy planes and a warship are patrolling Philippine seas in the guise of military aid and protection, Kabataan Partylist Rep. Terry Ridon said the activities being conducted by the US military constitute “serious breaches in the country’s national sovereignty” and should be immediately investigated by Congress.

“First, US troops conduct joint military exercises in the country. Next, they dump toxic wastes in Subic and damage Tubbataha Reef nonchalantly. Then the US goes and asks for access in our naval bases. Now, their warships and spy planes are patrolling our seas! The last time I checked, the Philippines is not part of US territory, yet the US military is acting as if we’ve already been annexed to the US,” Ridon exclaimed.


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