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Saturday, October 27, 2012


The South Korean government and Samsung (the lead Navy base contractor) are now working 24 hours a day.  This means that all night long the cement trucks roll into Gangjeong village and the people must be there to try to block their entry.

The people are tired and are getting little sleep.  They are feeling worn down.  Several have been taken to the hospital as they have been injured by the hordes of police who have been brought in from the mainland to push them away from the construction gate.

There is an urgent need for more people to go to Jeju to help offer support to the villagers.  There is urgent need for people to call the South Korean embassy in your country and tell them to stop the Navy base construction.  There is urgent need to help spread the word about this fight.

This video tells more about the story.

Visit the web site Save Jeju Now.

Boycott Samsung.


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