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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Three people from Okinawa and one from Japan, on their way to Jeju Island, were denied entry into South Korea today when they landed at Incheon airport.

The South Korean government, controlled by corporations like Samsung, has drowned democracy in that country.  They are doing all they can to keep the upcoming World Conservation Congress, that will be held on Jeju Island with 10,000 delegates coming from around the globe, from hearing a peep about the Gangjeong village Navy base fight.

But like the grass growing between the cracks of concrete, nature cannot be denied.

One delegate to the WCC reports this morning on Facebook, "There will be an emergency motion [concerning the environmental impact of the Navy base] that will be presented on the floor in plenary. Many are working on it."

The right-wing South Korean government will have to deny entry to all 10,000 delegates to the WCC if they want to nip this grassroots eruption of democracy in the bud.  They can't kill the spirit.

You can help by signing a petition that Mayor Kang of Gangjeong village will deliver to the WCC.  In fact there are two petitions.  They are here and here.

Help spread the word.  This is a fight to protect our Mother Earth.  All her children are urged to join this important struggle for sanity and life.


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