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Monday, July 09, 2012


Dr. Song Kang Ho's 100th day in prison. People all over Jeju Island and Seoul are holding posters remembering him.  He has been relentless in his non-violent opposition to the Navy base destruction in Gangjeong village.
Dr. Song was featured in a documentary video done by Al Jazeera that can be seen here
The South Korean government, pressured by the U.S. to build this Navy base, is afraid of non-violent resisters like Dr. Song.  The government lies when it says the villagers support the base.  The government lies when it says the base will not harm nature.  The government lies when it says the base is not intended to help the U.S. "control" China.  The government lies when it says that Dr. Song is a criminal.
You too can show solidarity with Dr. Song by sharing his story with others.   


Anonymous Mariko KUROKI said...

Dear Bruce K.Gagnon

Just now I saw "Dr Song Kang Ho's 100day in prison by Al Jazeera.

The villagers in Gangjeong are strongly fighting the military base
Their activities toward the police and the military construction encourage me a lot.
But I wonder what I can do for them...
What's the better way to stop the military.I want to do something for them.
I'm Fukuoka in Japan.So I can't join the villagers.
Only hope they never never give up destructig the base.

Thank you for the Gangjeong villagers' news every time.


7/11/12, 6:57 AM  

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