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Monday, January 16, 2012


High-tech gadgets built on the backs of workers: South Korea’s richest conglomerate uses banned and highly-toxic substances in its factories, without informing and/or protecting its workers. As a result at least 140 workers were diagnosed with cancer, of which at least 50 young workers have died. Despite clear evidence, Samsung denies its responsibility and publicly discredits the sick and deceased, as well as their relatives. Samsung has a history of over 50 years of environmental pollution, trade union repression, corruption and tax flight. Samsung’s power in South Korea is so great that many citizens speak of the “Samsung Republic.”

Samsung is also the lead contractor on the Navy base construction project on Jeju Island in South Korea. Their workers have been harshly cruel to the people of Gangjeong village, a 400-year old fishing and farming community who are non-violently fighting to save their way of life.

Boycott all Samsung products. Tell others to boycott Samsung as well.

You can vote Samsung as the worst corporation in 2012 here


Anonymous Andrew MacEwen said...

I googled "Boycott Samsung" because the idiots have "gone green" and are so inconsiderate to their customers they've stopped issuing hard copies of the ir user manuals, and this is the nonsense I find? You Marxist jackass.

2/8/13, 6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it marxist to highlight dangerous working conditions?

9/3/13, 4:28 PM  

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