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Thursday, September 15, 2011



Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

It's the plot from Dr Strangelove.
When I was in the Air Force I met a whole bunch of then-junior officers who were really really similar in their outward demeanor to Col Ripper. Since that's the mindset that gets rewarded with promotions and the holders of that attitude tend to WANT to stay in, and it's now 32 years and a couple of weeks since I walked off Sheppard AFB with an honorable discharge in my hot little hand, I'd say some of them have had a chance to worm their way into the Penta-Goons by now.Or worse yet, advisers and lobbyists for the Arms Companies.

And exactly all of them were such that I wouldn't follow them into a whorehouse if they were paying.

So, that's who are handling the command structure side of things, the politicians who want them to have that much power would have to be truly insane.

9/18/11, 1:46 AM  

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