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Thursday, March 10, 2011


State troopers unloading riot gear in Madison, Wisconsin

  • More than 8,000 people have once again taken control of the state capital building in Madison, Wisconsin and the governor has called in the state troopers. The ACLU in Madison reports that riot gear has just been unloaded and it looks like the governor is going to go for head busting. Look for troops mounted on camels next.
  • Wired is reporting that weapons corporations are using prison labor in the U.S. (at 23 cents an hour) to help build Patriot (PAC-3) missiles for Raytheon. Prisoners are also making cable assemblies for the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15, the General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin F-16, Bell/Textron’s Cobra helicopter, as well as electro-optical equipment for the BAE Systems Bradley Fighting Vehicle’s laser rangefinder. Now you can see why the corporations want to get rid of unions. Why pay workers living wages with health benefits when you can build more jails, move the unemployed into these jails, privatize the prisons, and then get your slave labor to build weapons to kill people in other countries so you can then steal their natural resources. It's called slavery or feudalism. Folks better get hip to what is going down real soon.
  • The latest media distraction is to promote mega-rich man, mega-egotist Donald Trump for president. He is daily being interviewed on the mainstream media where he is offering promises that if he was elected he'd return America to its #1 status. Some polls are showing that he would today run even with Obama in a national election.
  • According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, a majority of Americans prefer cutting defense spending to reduce the federal deficit rather than taking money from public retirement and health programs. The poll found 51 percent of Americans support reducing defense spending, and only 28 percent want to cut Medicare and Medicaid health programs for the elderly and poor. A mere 18 percent back cuts in the Social Security retirement program, Reuters says.

    In addition, a new Bloomberg poll asked Americans if they would support pulling all troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The poll found an overwhelming 66 percent would favor this action, while only 30 percent oppose it.


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