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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am heading to Washington DC with some friends early in the morning by train. We are going to join the Veterans for Peace protest at the White House opposing endless war.

As I type this the House of Representatives in DC is finishing debate on the Kucinich resolution calling for a pullout of troops from Afghanistan. Looks like they have delayed the final vote on the resolution until later in the day. I'll have to do an update then.

You can get more info about the protest in DC here

There will many local anti-war protests across the country on March 19 - it's good to see folks cranking it back up again. God knows we need to make the case that war spending is killing us at home as we continue to plunder and slaughter innocents in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan.

Bring Our War $$ Home now!

UPDATE: The House of Reps defeated the Kucinich Afghanistan withdrawal resolution by a vote of 93-321. Only eight Republicans voted with Kucinich while 99 Democrats voted along with the Republican majority to continue the war. It's obvious that as long as the Democrats continue to support funding for wars not much can change. You can see the full vote tally here

The interesting thing is just before the Afghanistan vote, the House voted 228-192 to defund National Public Radio. All the Democrats voted against defunding NPR. You have to wonder where they figure they would get the $$ for NPR as long as their party supports spending $170 billion a year on endless war in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan.

The time for non-violent resistance to this madness is upon us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the tally, Bruce. So the majority of congress wants the war, but most Americans don't. Says Congress is out of touch with its constituents.

3/17/11, 8:54 PM  

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