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Thursday, February 03, 2011


That is me trying to find our house. They all look the same on the street today after our most recent snow blast. It took some time but I finally found it....the one with the bumperstickers on the cars.

Seriously though, this is how I felt today - overwhelmed. I spent at least four hours outside shoveling after the last two days of steady snow. Lucky for me, my back has held up but I am worn to a frazzle. Sadly though everyone else in the house is either sick or has some physical issue that keeps them from shoveling with the exception of Laurie who had to go to Portland for an appointment. So I had the whole smear to myself.

I noticed on Facebook a Veterans for Peace friend who lives north of here said she was ready for a spicy rum and hot apple cider after dealing with her snow. So I tried it myself and I can report that now I am feeling little pain.

No politics out of me today. Right now I am going to go find a movie to watch and sit in front of the tube and let my mind shut down. There is always tomorrow.


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