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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Watch this incredible interview with a young soldier who refuses to go to Iraq and renounces his participation in the Afghanistan war. The news man interviewing him could not hide his utter disdain for the brave young man - a real hero in my book.

His point that most soldiers share his opinion but don't have the ability to act as he has done is a telling comment. This kid is a real leader, very smart, and fast on his feet. The talking heads on the news tried to trap him but he kept his focus and did us all right proud!


Blogger Robert said...

Wow.. this guy was articulate, and unflappable. He was fast on his feet and very clear about his feelings and conclusions. Very well stated.

It's a shame this wasn't on Youtube, as I would love to read the comments there about how he handled himself, what he said, and what may back him up....

You could tell the news reader (I wouldn't say reporter or or journalist) had an agenda and expressed his point of view/opinion on the issue through his so thinly veiled assignations...

Thanks for posting this!

4/24/09, 12:05 AM  

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