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Monday, March 14, 2005


The news these days is all about oil. We are running out of it. Experts estimate that we are now on the downward spiral in terms of oil availability. With the emerging economic development of China and India the global supply will decline very rapidly.

Imagine the consequences to life as we know it today in the U.S. How much will gas cost per gallon? Maybe $5 or $15 or $20 a gallon. Maybe more. How much will electricity and heating oil cost for our homes? Think of agricultural production with the heavy farm machinary and then delivery of food to the grocery stores. All done with oil based equipment. Only the rich will be able to afford to eat.

The U.S. answer to all of this is to begin planning for war in Africa. The Pentagon is now setting up basing relationships throughout Africa in anticipation of making a move on their oil in the near future. Arms sales are up to African countries. This will create more internal conflict which the U.S. will use as justification to intervene. (Click on this link for more on this subject:

Once more, as we look at what is being prepared in Africa today, we see the U.S. willing to destablize another region in order to keep our heavy oil consumption going back here at home. We did the same thing in the Middle East. For years the U.S. destabilized that region with arms sales making it a mess. Then in order to save the people of Iraq, George W. Bush had to invade. Permanent U.S. bases are now being set up there because we can't "cut and run." But the war in Iraq was "set up" long before it happened. We have to learn to watch the left hand as well as the right hand. The shell game is now being run in the Caspian sea region....even watch Canada that sells a lot of oil to the U.S.

The solution to all of this is the development of new and sustainable technologies in the U.S. Things like solar, wind power, and public mass transit (Bush is cutting back on Amtrak as you read this), are alternatives that we must advocate for loudly while there is still a chance. This will take federal investment. The oil/weapons mafia that runs our government wants to drain the oil fields and get every last dime they can as prices inevitably rise. The American people had better wake up to the game very quickly.

Life is not a pretty picture these days. We have two choices. We can close our eyes, hoping it will go away, and leave it to our kids to sort out. Or we can get engaged. The red pill or the blue pill. Which will you take?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that the USA and the entire world need to be engaged in a crash program to find an alternative energy supply other than nuclear. It is mind-boggling that the increase in the use of petroleum products is policy. And even more unbelievable is the American public abetting the process. The consuming public is so condition by special interests that they have no objective understanding of the real status of things in our world.

Thus spake Zarathustra

3/15/05, 1:24 AM  
Blogger Brian Dunbar said...

"other than nuclear"

Right. And you would recomnend .. what? What is wrong with nuclear energy?

We have a high energy civilization to run. Your replacement for fossil and nuclear must be equivlent in price to current solutions and be as efficient to use.

Oh yes, nice card played in the last bit. The consuming public so mud ignorant and damned dumb they don't know what enough to pour piss out of their boot with the instructions printed on the heel. Only the enlighted ones on the Left can save us, for They Know Better. Piffle.

3/15/05, 12:53 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Speaking of special interests, I saw this news story today about petroleum consumption: "A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety looks at the correlation between vehicle models and fatal accidents. The safest cars are large luxury cars, followed by mini-vans and station wagons."

More gas guzzled=more "safety."

Talk about short-sighted.

You can find a link here.

3/16/05, 1:49 AM  

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