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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I spent the last 12 hours writing a 5,000 word article for a Japanese progressive magazine that is due this week. I've just finished it and sent it off to our board member Atsushi Fujioka in Kyoto, Japan so he can check it out. I am worn out but feel good about it. Usually I write short, snappy things. I like to get right to the point. So 5,000 words is alot of talking for me.

I also had a call from a reporter today from The Observor newspaper in London. They wanted to talk about Bush's plan for weapons and nuclear power in space. Last week BBC radio called to interview me about plans for the nuclear rocket. What is going on in England? I did also get two calls from reporters from the web-based this past week on U.S. plans for nuclear power in space but few major U.S. papers ever call. They are basically on lock-down as the major corporations have taken them over.

The American journalists usually want to know things like "are you going to protest the plutonium launch?" "How many people do you expect?" It is like they are doing recon work for NASA or something. The international reporters ask "What is the U.S. really up to anyway?" "What are they really going to do in space?" A whole different ballgame from the international media.

I've learned over the years that we have to create our own media. That's why I have been making so many videos in recent years. I learned this from Karl Grossman who made two space videos for the Global Network years ago. We have to create our own media if we want to get the word out. We can't rely on the corporate media. If we get some coverage, great. But don't sit around waiting on it. Go make your own. Say it the way you want to say it and then go out and promote it. People are looking for alternative voices and ideas. I got a note from a friend in New York today who said he saw our Arsenal of Hypocrisy video on Free Speech TV. Randy Atkins in Florida, who did the production work on the video and did a great job at that, signed a deal with Free Speech TV for them to play it tons of times for a whole year. We are hearing from people all over the country who have seen it and then order copies to pass around. It's wonderful to see how it works. Gives me hope.

Running out of gas tonight. Need to get to bed. My sister in California says she is reading the blog now and turned a friend of hers at work onto it too. Hi Karen. Good night all. Sweet and peaceful dreams.


Blogger Stephen said...

I agree with you about creating our own media.

I e-mailed my local community radio station, and offered to talk to one of their hosts about BMD.

Now, I'm to be interviewed on April 1st (ha!) about the subject.

Wish me luck.


Stephen M

3/4/05, 5:14 PM  

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